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Spy Bahu Thapki Pyaar Ki Fanaa Colors Top 3 Spoilers

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Spy Bahu Thapki Pyaar Ki Fanaa Colors Top 3 Spoilers Thapki upcoming track Purab-Thapki separation Hansika and her mother are arrested for troubling the Singhania family. Purab and Thapki have an emotional union. Veena Devi is ashamed of her actions and apologizes to Thapki. Thapki forgives Veena Devi and insists on having a new beginning. Veena Devi decides to make Thapki her heir and accepts her as her disciple and daughter-in-law. Thapki is filled with joy and thanks Mata Rani for fulfilling all her wishes. Veena Devi decides to introduce Thapki to the media and declare that from now on she will be the voice of Veena Records. Purab and Thapki have a romantic moment while getting ready for the event. Veena Devi and Thapki are having media interaction when Jaya and mamji come to the event. Jaya stops the event and insists Thapki come home along with her. Jaya is adamant to take Thapki away and doesn’t tell the reason to Purab or Veena Devi. Is it the end of Purab-Thapki’s love story or Jaya is playing a prank on Thapki? Keep reading.

Fanaa upcoming track – Pakhi’s father returns:
Agasthya hugs Pakhi and wishes her a happy birthday. Everybody cheers seeing them happy.
Agasthya reminds Pakhi that her 22nd wish is still left to unbox. Pakhi sadly tells Agasthya that her one wish can never be fulfilled. Agasthya lovingly holds Pakhi and tells her to look at something. Sameer enters the hall. Pakhi and her mother are shocked and surprised to see Sameer alive. Sameer is filled with tears seeing Pakhi and his family members. Pakhi is stunned for that moment with tears rolling from her eyes. How will Agasthya handle Sameer now? Will Sameer be able to show Agasthya’s true face to Pakhi? Keep reading.

Spy Bahu upcoming track – Sejal gets ready for the mission:
Sejal is selected for the secret mission as she is considered the best among all. She starts training rigorously. Yohan paints Sejal’s image and burns it. He is raging in anger to seek revenge from Sejal. During the Holi celebration, Yohan accidentally drops a plate full of red color on Sejal. Sejal is blinded by the color and struggles to wipe it off her face. Yohan watches Sejal in confusion. Will Yohan take his revenge from Sejal through Holi or Sejal will be able to escape Yohan’s trap? To find out stay tuned and keep reading this space for more such upcoming tracks.



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