Fanaa 28th March 2022 Written Update Big hint for Pakhi

Fanaa 1st April 2022 Written Update Pakhi shot

Fanaa 28th March 2022 Written Update Big hint for Pakhi Pakhi enters the kitchen and asks Sameer and Agastya if they are fine. She also asks what took them so much time in the kitchen. She further asks about the ice pack. Agastya tells Pakhi that he was making a tense Sameer understand to not worry as he is with them. He gives the ice pack to Pakhi and she leaves. Agastya signs and warns Sameer that his eyes are watching all his moves. Later, Agastya asks the doctor to check Sameer once. Pakhi asks what happened to Sameer.

Doctor checks Sameer and tells everyone that Sameer’s BP is very high at present. Agastya pretends innocence and asks Sameer if he is not taking care of himself. He says that he brought Sameer without complete treatment for Pakhi and Prema’s happiness. Agastya asks the doctor if he can send Sameer out of town for some time for the betterment of his health. Doctor permits Agastya to do so and leaves. Sameer refuses to go anywhere. Agastya suggests Sameer to take Prema with him to his London house.

Pakhi stays silent, when Agastya asks Pakhi if he isn’t right as she is there to take care of Shanaya. Prema says they can’t go so far. She also says that she and Sameer can go nearby for a change. Pakhi says according to her Agastya is tight, Prema and Sameer should go to Agastya’s London house. Agastya says he is going to arrange Sameer and Prema’s tickets as well as Visa’s. Sameer feels worried and nervous. Agastya and Pakhi take a leave. Sameer feels angry thinking that he has become helpless due to Agastya.


Agastya tells Pakhi that they need to take special care of Sameer. Pakhi thanks Agastya for taking care of her family this much. Agastya tells Pakhi that her family is his family too. Pakhi sends Agastya home, telling him that she has work to complete. She calls someone and tells the person on the other side of the call that she is reaching in 15 minutes. Later, Mohit visits Pakhi secretly. Pakhi asks Mohit if he told anyone about their meeting. Mohit tells Pakhi that he didn’t tell anyone till now. He says he is also shocked and surprised with Sameer’s miracle return. Mohit says he is relaxed thinking that at least Sameer is safe.

Pakhi tells Mohit that she wants his help to apply hidden cameras to her maternal house. Mohit asks Pakhi the reason behind her request for this. Pakhi tells Mohit that Sameer is tense and hiding something from everyone. She says that she feels that Sameer is in trouble and finding it difficult to share his worry with anyone. She recalls Agastya asking scared Sameer that any third can’t know what is going on between them. Pakhi tells Mohit that it seems that both Agastya and Sameer together are hiding something from them. She says she wants to know the truth.

Pakhi also says that maybe Agastya and Sameer are hiding something to keep families safe but she wants to know the truth anyhow. She tells Mohit that Agastya did much for their family and she doesn’t want to trouble Agastya by asking him all this. Pakhi says she wants to do all this by herself. She asks Mohit if he will help her. Mohit agrees and tells Pakhi that they will have to do it secretly. Pakhi tells Mohit that she will handle everything else. Later, Neelima stops Agastya while entering the house. She asks Agastya to tell her the truth, if he is behind Shanaya’s accident.

Agastya shocks Neelima by telling her that he is behind Shanaya’s accident. He asks Neelima what he could have done otherwise. Agastya tells Neelima that Sameer didn’t listen to him and went to the police station. He says he asked Sameer to not reveal the truth but he didn’t listen. Agastya tells Neelima that he had to make Sameer understand his way. He also tells Neelima that he already took such a big risk for her. Agastya further asks Neelima to not expect anything else from him. Pakhi comes and asks Aagastya and Neelima, why they look so tense.

Neelima tells Pakhi that she got tense on knowing about Shanaya’s accident. Pakhi tells Neelima that Shanaya is fine now. She also tells Neelima that it was good that Agastya was present nearby Shanaya’s accident place. Pakhi asks Neelima if she can call her parents for dinner before they leave. Neelima tells Pakhi that she does need anyone’s permission as it’s her house too. Pakhi leaves. Neelima gives an angry glare to the unregretful Agastya. Pakhi on call invites her family for dinner at Raichand house. She sends a voice note to Mohit telling him that she invited Prema, Sameer and Shanaya for dinner and requests him to handle the rest of their plan.

Pakhi feels bad for secretly working on this plan. She thinks she has to know what Agastya and Sameer are hiding from everyone. Next morning, a scared Sameer tells Prema that it doesn’t look good to visit daughter’s in-laws and have dinner there. Prema asks Sameer to not make excuses as they are surely visiting Raichand’s for dinner. Pream asks Shanaya if she will be able to walk as she has promised Pakhi. Shanaya tells Prema that she can and is not a kid anymore. Sameer tells Prema that going somewhere on son-in-laws money doesn’t look good. Pream says she also doesn’t like it but had to agree to Agastya’s insistence. She says even the doctor advised the same and she can’t compromise his (Sameer’s) health.

Sameer gets more worried with Prema’s adamance and support with Agastya’s decision. Shanaya and Naveli are seen discussing something viral. Neelima asks Shanaya about her current condition. Shanya tells Neelima that she is fine now. Agastya makes Sameer sit. He tells Prema that he has started the Visa process and asks her help/support for a day’s formality. Pakhi asks Prema to not stay inside the house in London and instead excurse all its famous places. Neelima feels guilty seeing scared and worried Sameer. Mona taunts Pakhi and her family and tells them that they are lucky to get a son-in-law like Agastya.

Her words make Pakhi and her family feel humiliated. Agastya indirectly reminds Mona that she never gave him the credit for enabling her to excurse the whole world. Mona feels irritated and humiliated. Pakhi gets Mohit’s message and leaves making an excuse to check food preparation. Pakhi gets shocked on reading Mohit’s message. The message reads that there is something shocking in her house. Pakhi asks Shanaya if she brought the medicine that she needs to take before having food. Confused, Shanaya recalls Pakhi asking her to do drama with her today. In the flashback, Shanaya asks Pakhi to give her details of her drama plan. Pakhi tells Shanaya that she needs to say yes to everything she will say. Flashback ends.

Shanaya says she forgot her medicine at home. Pakhi acts to scold Shanaya for being careless. Agastya stops Pakhi and says he will send someone to bring Shanaya’s medicines from her home. Pakhi says that she will go as someone else won’t be able to find medicine at home. Agastya starts going along with Pakhi but the latter asks the former to be with her parents. Agastya checks the live footage of hidden cameras that he has secretly got applied/set in Pakhi’s home. He gets relaxed knowing that no one is at Pakhi’s home. Pakhi reaches her home.

Mohit tells Pakhi that except the bathroom, their whole house has hidden cameras fitted in it. He shows some hidden cameras already fitted on show pieces and mixer grinder to Pakhi. Pakhi gets shocked on knowing this. She says she felt something jumbled up since Sameer returned (2 days ago). Mohit tells Pakhi that these hidden cameras have been fitted in their house for a long time. He proves this to Pakhi by showing her the camera wires covered with dust. Both brother and sister wonder since when the hidden cameras were hidden in their house and who did it.

Mohit increases Pakhi’s shock by telling her that her room has a large number of hidden cameras in it. He shows Pakhi that her green teddy bear (Mr. Snuggles) has the biggest camera fitted in one of his eyes. Pakhi says Agastya gifted him Mr Snuggles. She wonders who would have been doing all this as this is a big crime. Pakhi asks Mohit if the person who fitted the hidden cameras in their home can still see or hear them. Mohit tells Pakhi that he took out all the cameras and made a setting which will make the criminal see their home empty. Pakhi asks Mohit to find out who did all this and is keeping a watch on them for years.

Mohit tells Pakhi that it’s not easy as the person who is behind all this is very clever. He says the clever criminal used a very good technology due to which he is finding it very difficult to find out where the footage of their house is going. Pakhi thinks to take Agastya’s help but stops on recalling Agastya’s anger. She says Agastya will kill the person keeping an eye on them if he gets to know about it. Mohit tells Pakhi that they don’t need to take Agastya’s help. He also tells Pakhi about his plan. Mohit says he fitted a camera on the vase behind her. Pakhi goes near the vase with Mohit’s hidden camera attached to it.

A beep sounds can be heard. Pakhi asks Mohit about the beep sound. Mohit signs Pakhi to come to him quietly. He signs Pakhi to read his text. Pakhi reads Mohit’s text asking her to be silent. In the same message, Mohit explains to Pakhi that such beep sound arises when there is another camera hidden in the home, which they didn’t find till now. He asks Pakhi to keep quiet as the criminal may still be able to see them. At last, Mohit tells Pakhi that they need to find that camera as soon as possible. Tense, Pakhi looks here and there.

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