Udaariyaan 28th March 2022 Update Upcoming Spoilers

Udaariyaan 15th April 2022 Fateh accuses Angad Spoilers

Udaariyaan 28th March 2022 Update Upcoming Spoilers Buzzo tells Fateh that Rupy is not going to forgive him and if he really had to forgive him he would have done it a long time back. Tejo is depressed listening to Buzzo’s words. Buzzo tells Fateh and Tejo that there is no point in waiting further. He tells them that his car is ready with full petrol and suggests the couple run away. Buzzo also offers them to give some money for survival. Rupy and Satti listen to Buzzo’s suggestion for Fateh and Tejo which astonishes them. Fateh and Tejo are also startled. Will Fateh and Tejo run away or will Rupy forgive them?

Swaran Ghar upcoming track – Ajit slaps Vikram:

Yug, Nakul, and Vikram are furious and clueless about how did their father make Ajit the guardian of Swaran Ghar. Vikram who is already furious due to his debt tells that his father had gone crazy which is why he did this. Swaran is about to slap Vikram but he firmly holds her hand in rage. Vikram asks Swaran if she found the truth bitter. Ajit slaps Vikram tightly on her behalf and Vikram falls hard on the ground. Yug and Nakul run to pick him up.


Vikram gets infuriated. Swaran learns that her sons had called Kanwal a thief when the latter didn’t give them the wanted share of the sold out business. She gets to know the facts from her helper Neelima. Swaran reacts in anger on knowing this and throws her children out of the house. She doesn’t want to tolerate them knowing they had shattered Kanwal’s heart so much and became a reason for his death. How will Vikram react after Ajit’s slap? Will Swaran support Ajit’s actions?

Parineetii upcoming spoiler – Rajeev-Parineet get married:

Despite Rakesh’s evil attempts Rajeev and Parineet get married. Rakesh comes with the police to send Rajeev to jail. Rakesh tells the police that Parineet had agreed to marry him and tells Rajeev to divorce Parineet.

Rajeev decides to reveal the truth and says that Parineet had agreed to marry Rakesh because he had threatened her that he will kill Rajeev if she didn’t marry him. Rakesh tries to take away Parineet but Rajeev pushes him. Police arrest Rakesh and he threatens Rajeev that he will come back soon. Rajeev assures Nupur and Simar that he will never fight with Parineet and will fulfill all the promises he made. Rajeev picks up Parineet in his arms while entering their house. Will Rajeev and Parineet be able to lead a happy married life or will Rakesh come back with another conspiracy to separate them?

Thapki upcoming spoiler – Thapki’s albums:

Thapki meets Purab and asks him about how much money they still have to pay. Purab informs Thapki that 2 installments have been paid and now 20 crores are remaining to pay. Thapki asks Purab if they launch two more albums in 10 days will they have enough money to pay back. Purab smiles and holds Thapki’s hands. He tells her that if she is with him then everything is possible. Thapki smiles. She starts her singing practice but starts coughing. Purab gives Thapki a bottle of Kada using Jaya’s recipe and says that she doesn’t have to worry about anything as he is always with her. Thapki drinks the Kada and starts singing. Purab volunteers to play Harmonium and asks Thapki to continue singing. Will Thapki help Veena Record from getting sold?


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