Pandya Store 30th March 2022 Star Plus Spoiler Updates

Pandya Store Rishita accuses Shiva 6th May 2022 Spoilers

Pandya Store 30th March 2022 Star Plus Spoiler Updates Pandya Store upcoming track – Pandya family’s Holi Rishita reveals that on one side the members of the Pandya family are celebrating Holi with great spirit and on other hand, her family is joining in the celebration as she is pregnant. Vijay Badlani tells Suman that though she doesn’t like him but still he wants to celebrate with his daughter as he is soon going to be a grandfather. Rishita is heartbroken when Dhara insults her father. Dhara says that Vijay is only pretending to join in the celebration as he has always given their family a number of problems. Will the Pandya family break due to the bitterness between Dhara and Rishita?

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar upcoming track – Dia’s marriage:

Dia wants to give a surprise to her family. She says that Nimmi aunty has found out a boy of her type. Dia says that he is exactly the way she wanted and the one with whom she will spend the rest of her life. Dia agrees to the proposal and tells to fix the marriage date as soon as possible. Armaan reaches Dia’s house and is surprised to see Dia’s marriage being fixed. Anjali places the boy’s hand in Dia’s hand. Armaan is jealous. Will Armaan be able to express his feelings to Dia?


Woh Toh Hai Albela upcoming track – Krishna’s trick:

Sayuri is praying in the temple when Krishna sees her there. Krishna feels that Sayuri has hurt his family so she should also go through that pain. Chiranjeev is also praying in the same temple. Krishna closes the temple doors. Chiranjeev and Sayuri are trapped inside the temple and cry out for help. Krishna is shocked when Rashmi tells him that Sayuri had gone to meet Chiranjeev and has not reached home yet. Saroj Choudhary gets a call and shouts Indrani’s name loudly. Saroj takes her family members towards the temple. Chiranjeev pacifies Sayuri. How will Saroj and Indrani react to Chiranjeev and Sayuri’s closeness?

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na upcoming track – Devraj’s personal secretary:Devraj Singh Rathore asks Krisha what is she doing in his office. Krisha informs Devraj that she is his new secretary and that is why she is present here. Devraj turns his face in disappointment. Krisha informs Devraj that she is not his assistant but the main secretary. Devraj hands Krisha the offer letter and she gets to know that she is selected for the assistant secretary’s job. Krisha wonders who is Devraj’s personal secretary when a stylish lady enters the office. Who is this fashionable lady? Is it a new trap for Devraj Singh Rathore?


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