Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th March 2022 Written Update Shocking news

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th March 2022 Written Update Shocking news

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th March 2022 Written Update Shocking news Prisha sees that sticks for holika dahan are less. After seeing everyone busy with work, she leaves towards the store room to bring the sticks herself. Yuvraj enters the store room secretly behind Prisha. With an evil intention, Yuvraj locks the storeroom from inside. Prisha gets shocked and angry seeing Yuvraj. She asks him why he came here. Yuvraj tells Prisha that he came because he was missing her. He tells Prisha that she is looking good in a lehenga. Prisha feels disgusted and asks Yuvraj to stop his nonsense.

She also asks Yuvraj how dare he enter her house. Yuvraj walks towards Prisha and pours his anger at Prisha. He grabs Prisha’s arms and asks her if she ever missed him or thought about him. Prisha gets herself out of Yuvraj’s grasp and asks him why she will or should miss him. She also asks Yuvraj how he is related to her. Yuvraj angrily breaks the stuff and tells Prisha that he is her friend. He reminds Prisha that she fell for him first in the past and he always saved her from all the troubles. Yuvraj tells Prisha that she always got stuck in problems because of her own family members like Mahim, Venky, Vaijayanti and Rudraksh.

Yuvraj tells Prisha that Rudra as per his wish, sometimes makes her oxygen of his life and sometimes gets ready to get her hanged till death. He also tells Prisha that she always considers him as a bad person and throws him away after using. Prisha tells Yuvraj that he always helps her only for taking advantage of her or for getting any benefit out of her. She threatens Yuvraj to get out or she will call Rudra. Yuvraj harrasses Prisha and shuts her mouth. Prisha bites Yuvraj’s hand to escape from him. She tries calling Rudra by shouting his name but Yuvraj smartly and evilly makes Prisha unconscious.


He texts Rudra from Prisha’s phone asking him to start holi veneration till she returns with his surprise. Rudra combs his hair and thinks Prisha was right that his pony didn’t look good. He reads the message sent by Prisha’s phone and believes it, unaware of the truth. Yuvraj witnesses Khurana Mansion’s servants arranging sticks for Holika Dahan. He lights a cloth potli outside the Khurana Mansion to divert everyone’s attention. Everyone runs to blow off the fire lit by Yuvraj. Yuvraj uses the distraction and places/hides unconscious Prisha inside the sticks arranged for Holika Dahan. Yuvraj thinks if Prisha can’t benefit, he won’t let anyone else get Prisha.

Ruhi comes all decked up for Holika Dahan and asks Rudra’s opinion about her look. Rudra praises Ruhi’s look and tells her that she looks just like a beautiful fairy. Ruhi hugs Rudra and calls him the most handsome. Sharda comes and praises her children’s looks. Vasudha and GPS also reach Khurana Mansion. Khuarnas greet and meet Srinivasans. Saaransh says now their family is complete. Everyone wonders where Prisha is. Rudra says Prisha has gone outside. He tells everyone that Prisha went to get a surprise for him. Rudra sees time and feels worried for Prisha. On the other hand, Yuvraj hides the unconscious Prisha completely inside the Holika Dahan sticks.

He thinks his plan will be successful and wishes Happy Holika Dahan to unconscious Prisha. Rudra feels worried when Prisha doesn’t pick up his calls. Servants come and tell everyone that they went to blow off the fire caused at the compound. Ruhi says she is feeling very happy celebrating the holi with everyone for the first time. Saaransh tells Ruhi everyone else is also happy for celebrating holi with her for the first time. Sharda teaches Ruhi how to perform Holika Dahan Pooja. In his thoughts, Rudra asks Prisha where she is as she is missing seeing Ruhi performing Holika Dahan Pooja for the first time.

Everyone performs Holika Pooja one by one. At last Rudra performs Holika’s pooja. After the pooja completion, Rudra stands with the mashaal to light the Holika Dahan sticks. He grows worried for Prisha. Sharda asks Saaransh to distribute prasad to everyone after Ruhi. Saaransh says okay. Rudra recalls telling Prisha that he wants to burn all her Priya Sharma clothes to forget/throw away past bad memories. He asks Saaransh to bring the potla of Prisha’s old clothes kept under his bed. Saaransh starts leaving to do Rudra’s work but Sharda calls him for her work.

Stuck Saaransh gives Ruhi the same work that Rudra gave him. Ruhi agrees to help Saaransh. Saaransh thanks Ruhi and she leaves. Ruhi searches for the Potli. She finds it and tries to pull but gets pushed back herself. She opens the curtains behind her and gets shocked to see Prisha’s too many old photos in Rudra’s room. She wonders how this is possible. On the other hand, Yuvraj feels happy seeing Rudra lighting the Holika Dahan sticks unaware of the fact that unconscious Prisha is inside it. Before fully lighting the holika sticks, Rudra sees a dupatta inside the sticks. He recalls that he gifted this dupatta to Prisha.

Rudra tried pulling the dupatta. Everyone wonders what Rudra is doing. Sharda tells Rudra that he should not put obstacles in guru dakshina. Rudra ignores everyone and keeps digging between holika sticks. He gets shocked seeing unconscious Prisha inside. Ruhi climbs on Rudra’s bed and finds Prisha photos cute. She wonders if Rudra and Prisha became friends without telling her. She takes some photos with her to question Rudra and Prisha. Rudra jumps very near the fire and tries taking Prisha out of the burning holika sticks. Tense Rudra wonders how Prisha came inside the holika sticks.

Everyone runs to Rudra. They ask Rudra what he is doing. Rudra tells everyone that Prisha is inside the burning holiks sticks. This shocks and scares everyone. Everyone shouts and asks someone to bring water. Everybody gets worried for Prisha. A servant gives fire extinguishers to Rudra and GPS. Both of them blow off the fire using the extinguishers. Rudra takes our Prisha and carries her outside in his arms. Whole family tries to wake up Prisha. Yuvraj sees all this and thinks that Prisha has a good connection with God that she gets saved all the time. He tries leaving to not get caught. Guard catches Yuvraj but gets fooled easily.

Ruhi hears everyone worried for unconscious Prisha. She wonders why everyone is calling her mother Priya as Prisha. Rudra says he will kill the person who did this to his Prisha. Ruhi gets shocked when Saaransh calls her mother as his mother. In the next episode, Prisha will reveal to everyone that Yuvraj wanted to kill her. Everyone will get worried about not finding Ruhi at home. Prisha will say that she suspects Yuvraj behind Ruhi’s disappearance. Everyone will get worried for Ruhi.

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