Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th March 2022 Written Update Happy union

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th March 2022 Written Update Happy union

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th March 2022 Written Update Happy union Saaransh cries profusely and requests unconscious Prisha to wake up and not leave him alone. Ruhi overhears Saaransh addressing Prisha as his mother. She wonders why Saaransh is addressing her mother as his mother. Sharda also tries waking up unconscious Prisha by telling her that she can’t die as they got her again after a long time by God’s grace. Vasudha and GPS also try waking up unconscious Prisha by telling her that her parents are calling her. Ruhi gets shocked hearing all this.

Rudra asks someone to call an ambulance. He hugs Prisha tightly and says that he won’t let anything happen to his wife. This shocks Ruhi badly. She sees Prisha’s old pictures that she got from Rudra’s room. She recalls Rudra’s anger towards Prisha and how everyone told her that Rudra and Prisha were friends 5 years ago. Ruhi deciphers that Prisha was Rudra’s wife and Saaransh’s mother earlier. She feels disappointed thinking that everyone hid the truth from her and lied to her. Ruhi thinks who she is, if Prisha is Saaransh’s mother. She wonders if she isn’t Prisha’s daughter. Ruhi cries profusely on discovering some parts of the truth.

She runs away, without anyone’s notice. GPS informs everyone that an ambulance is arriving in 5 minutes. Everyone cries profusely for Prisha and tries waking her up. Saaransh brings water, which Rudra sprinkles on Prisha. Prisha gains consciousness and everyone gets a little relaxed. She says she is fine. Everyone thanks God. Rudra hugs Prisha tightly. Everyone asks Prisha how she got inside the Holika sticks. GPS tells Prisha that they lit Holika unaware that she was unconscious inside it. He also tells Prisha that Rudra realized that she was inside and brought her outside. Shocked, Prisha reveals to everyone how Yuvraj harassed her inside the store room and made her unconscious to fulfill his evil motives.


After hearing the truth, Rudra gets very angry. He says he will kill Yuvraj. Prisha and family calms Rudra and convinces him to let law/police handle and punish Yuvraj. Rudra calms down and calls the police. He tells police about what Yuvraj did and asks them to arrest Yuvraj. Rudra tells the police that he will send his complaint against Yuvraj to them in writing. Everyone gets worried when Prisha reveals that she is feeling a little pain in her leg. She asks Saaransh to not take tension now as she is fine now. Saaransh requests Prisha to never leave him alone. Prisha promises Saaransh that she will never leave him alone.

Everyone wonders where Ruhi is as they haven’t seen her for a long time. Saaransh tells everyone that he sent Ruhi to Rudra’s room to bring clothes potli, but she took much time and didn’t return. Everyone runs and searches for Ruhi in the whole house. When they don’t find Ruhi anywhere in the house, they suspect Yuvraj behind Ruhi’s disappearance. Rudra says if this is true he will surely kill Yuvraj. He calls the inspector and gets to know that Yuvraj didn’t get caught. Rudra says he feels that Ruhi is somewhere in the house only. Everyone again leaves to search for Ruhi in the Khurana house.

On the other hand, police wait for Yuvraj to return, so that they can catch him. From a distance, Yuvraj sees police outside his house. He understands that Rudra sent police behind him. Yuvraj gets angry and decides to ruin Khurana’s holi and Rudra-Prisha’s relationship. Prisha and Rudra hear Ruhi’s cries from the store room. They run inside the store room. Prisha asks crying Ruhi what happened and why she is sitting and crying in the store room. Ruhi angrily asks Prisha to not call her daughter as she is not her daughter, because she is Prisha Khurana in reality. Rudra and Prisha get shocked hearing that Ruhi got to know Prisha’s real identity.

Other family members also come to the store room. Ruhi tells everyone that all of them lied to her. Everyone feels guilty and bad for hiding the truth from Ruhi and for lying to her. Rudra tries talking to Ruhi but she doesn’t let him come near her. Saaransh tries talking to Ruhi but she doesn’t allow him, telling him that he also lied to her even when she used to call him elder brother. Ruhi tells everyone that she won’t talk to anyone as everybody lied to her. She says she will leave Khurana house. This shocks everyone. Rudra asks Ruhi what lies they told her. Ruhi shows Prisha’s pictures from 5 years back, when she used to live with Rudra.

She tells everyone that she got these photos from Rudra’s room. Ruhi tells Prisha that she isn’t her mother, Priya Sharma but Prisha Khurana, Rudra’s wife and Saaransh’s mother. Ruhi asks Prisha if Saaransh is her son, then who she is. She asks who and where is her family if Rudra and Prisha are Saaransh’s family. Everybody grows more guilty hearing all this. Ruhi says it’s not Ruhi’s family and she doesn’t belong to Prisha. She tells Prisha that she has hurt her badly. Everyone’s guilt increases. Ruhi says she won’t talk to anyone now and will leave Khurana house. This worries everyone.

Ruhi says she won’t live with Khuranas and Srinivasans now. Prisha picks up Ruhi in her arms and hugs her tightly. She tells Ruhi that she won’t go anywhere as she is her daughter. Prisha asks Ruhi to never say all this as she is her life and she is living for. She tells Ruhi that she was her only family for the last 5 years. Prisha reveals to Ruhi that she was almost dead 5 years ago but became alive when she (Ruhi) took birth and came into her life. She also tells that Saaransh and Rudra were her family 5 year ago also but her new life started with her birth. Prisha tells Ruhi that Rudra and Saaransh thought that she died 5 years ago but got to know about her being alive when they came to Rohtak.

She reveals to Ruhi that Rudra and she were angry with each other because of a lot of misunderstandings between them. Prisha reminds Ruhi that she also tried bringing her and Rudra closer and to clear their misunderstandings. She also tells Ruhi that her and Rudra’s misunderstandings got cleared a few days ago only. Prisha further tells Ruhi that they thought and decided to tell her the truth soon. Ruhi tells Prisha that she is lying as she could have told her the truth when they came to Delhi. Rudra tells Ruhi that Prisha didn’t tell her the truth because he was very scared. He tells Ruhi that he felt scared thinking how she would feel or react on knowing such a big truth.

Ruhi asks Rudra what big truth he wanted to tell her. Rudra reveals to Ruhi that he is her real father. Ruhi gets shocked hearing this. Ruhi asks Rudra if he is really her father. Rudra tells Ruhi that he didn’t know this truth while they were in Rohtak. He also tells Ruhi that he got to know this truth a few days ago and sent her mother to prison because he got very angry with Prisha (Ruhi’s mother). Rudra further tells Ruhi that he did all this because there was a big misunderstanding between Prisha and him, which got cleared now. He reveals to Ruhi that he and Prisha are not angry with each other now.

Saaransh tells Ruhi that even he got to know the truth of being her brother a few days ago only. He also tells Ruhi that because of accident, bomb and washroom issues, they failed to reveal the truth to her. Saaransh further tells Ruhi that they held a special holi party for her to reveal the truth (good news) to her. Ruhi watches Prisha. Rudra tells Ruhi that she gave a new life to him too. He asks Ruhi to see how she changed him into a happy person again. Saaransh tells Ruhi that it was he who brought her to Delhi for Rudra’s happiness. He reveals to Ruhi that Rudra used to miss her a lot. Ruhi asks Saaransh why he didn’t reveal the truth to her earlier.

Rudra tells Ruhi that maybe it was what their fate wanted. He tells Ruhi that he always used to feel a connection with her in Rohtak. Rudra also tells Ruhi that he would have expressed his love to her if he would have known the truth. He further tells Ruhi that he has junior Rudraksh in Saaransh but always wanted baby Prisha. Rudra tells Ruhi that with a cute fairy-like daughter, he got her as his baby Prisha. He says now he can tell everyone that he has his daughter, Ruhi Rudraksh Khurana. Including Ruhi, everyone smiles hearing this. Rudra tells Ruhi that now they are a happy family.

Prisha reminds Ruhi that she always wanted/wished for a family like this and now got it too. Sharda says now she has got a granddaughter. She also tells Ruhi that she is a form of Mata Rani and her blessings on her family and house. Vasudha and GPS say that she is an angel in her family’s life and they can never hurt her. Saaransh requests Ruhi to never get angry with her family. Whole family tells Ruhi that they love her a lot, which no one else can. Ruhi gets very happy. She calls Rudra her daddy and asks him to hug her. Rudra hugs Ruhi tightly. Everyone gets overwhelmed seeing such an emotional moment between father-daughter. Whole family hugged each other.

Rudra says this whole holi will be memorable for him as he got his daughter in this. Ruhi agrees to celebrate this special Holi. She gets happy and says that she was very lonely but now got her father. Ruhi says she now has a full happy family and they will always remain together like a happy family. She takes a promise from Rudra and Prisha that they will never fight with each other now and get separated ever.

In the next episode, Ruhi and Saaransh will be seen lying between Rudra and Prisha on the bed. Ruhi and Saaransh will challenge each other that they will first color Rudra and Prisha. Saaransh will throw water on Rudra and Prisha, while Ruhi will throw color on Rudra and Prisha at the same time. Evil Dev and his friends, will enter Khurana’s holi venue with colored and covered faces to teach a lesson to Ruhi. Dev will take out a special balloon for Ruhi.

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