Fanaa 31st March 2022 Written Update Agastya Exposed

Fanaa 31st March 2022 Written Update Agastya Exposed

Fanaa 31st March 2022 Written Update Agastya Exposed Pakhi’s screams and Agastya wakes up hearing it. He gets worried and runs to sacred Pakhi. Agastya hugs Pakhi and asks her what happened, why she screamed. Pakhi points towards the dressing mirror. Agastya gets shocked seeing Pakhi’s photo with a bullet shot on her forehead pasted on the dressing mirror. His shock increases when he sees a threat written on a mirror with red color. Pakhi acts scared and asks Agastya to see what is written on the mirror. In between, she takes chances to smirk when Agastya isn’t looking at her.

He reads the threat asking him to reveal his whole truth to the police within 72 hours. Pakhi smirks and recalls pasting her bullet shot picture and writing a threat on mirror to scare Agastya. She gets scared when Agastya says that he knows this writing. Agastya goes to bring his mobile to cross-check the handwriting on the mirror. But before Agastya could do it, Pakhi acts scared and rubs the threat note. Agastya stops Pakhi. Pakhi asks Agastya who did this. She also asks Agastya why someone wrote this, when he didn’t commit any crime.

Agastya calms Pakhi and asks her to not be scared as he is with her. He explains to Pakhi that business rivals often do these cheap things as they feel jealous of success. Worried, Neelima and Mona come running to Agastya’s room. They ask them what happened. Pakhi acts crying and scared and asks Neelima and Mona to look at the mirror. Neelima and Mona get worried seeing Pakhi’s bullet shot picture on the mirror. Mona asks what this is. Irritated, Agastya angrily asks Neelima to take Pakhi outside with her. Pakhi smirkingly looks back at scared Agastya. Agastya is seen calling Yug.


Later, Neelima tries calming scared Pakhi, unaware of the fact that she is just pretending fear. She wonders who did this and why. Mona asks, is someone safe in this house or not. As Agastya comes there, Mona angrily asks Agastya to honestly tell her what he has done. Agastya angrily asks Mona to shut up and asks her if she will believe anyone saying anything. He says someone did prank on them and he will soon find the person who pranked them. Mona asks Agastya how he will find out this prankster, if he was sleeping peacefully when someone wrote a threat note in his room. She tells Agastya that he won’t be able to do anything and asks him to honestly reveal what wrong thing he has done.

When Neelima asks Mona to get quiet, Mona asks her to tell why someone is targeting Agastya again and again, if he didn’t do anything wrong. Agastya angrily and irritatingly leaves from there. Later, Pakhi enters Agastya’s room and uncovers his secret room eye-sensor. A flashback shows Pakhi cropping Agastya’s eyes from their last night selfie. Flashback ends. Pakhi tries scanning Agastya’s eyes’ image in front of the sensor. For a second, she gets disappointed that Agastya’s eye image didn’t work. But suddenly, Agastya’s secret room door opens. Pakhi gets shocked seeing a lot of led TV’s with her video recordings, switched on, on them.

She sees how Agastya used to keep a watch on her since her childhood. Pakhi sees a chain hanging from the wall and wonders what it is for. She gets bombshelled seeing a lot if CD’s with her life recordings in them. Pakhi feels a jolt on discovering that Agastya has kept a full record of her every moment of life. She screams asking how low Agastya will stoop. Pakhi also screams, “I hate you Agastya”. In her anger, she will ask why Agastya forcefully wanted to be the God of her life. She convinces herself to calm down her anger and keep it hidden in herself, till she gets Agastya punished for his crimes.

On the other hand, Agastya is seen scolding Yug how he didn’t see someone entering his house and writing a threat. Pakhi decides to play similar evil tricks on Agastya that he played with her. She says now Agastya won’t have his own control on his life anymore. Yug tells Agastya that he is telling the truth, even security didn’t find anyone entering or exiting his house. Pakhi gets shocked hearing Agastya’s voice from outside. She hears Agastya threatening Yug that he won’t tolerate any carelessness as he did many sins to get Pakhi and to keep her happy. Agastya asks Yug to find out who wrote a threat note in his room.

Before Agastya enters his secret room, Pakhi secretly vanishes from there. A threat piece is seen left behind on the chair, in Agastya’s room. Pakhi from outside starts hearing Agastya and Yug’s conversation. Agastya orders Yug to get hidden cameras applied in every nook and corner of his house as soon as possible. Yug says okay boss. Pakhi gets worried hearing this. Later, an employee named Vishal tells Agastya that someone urgently wants to meet him. Agastya tells Vishal that he is busy and can’t meet anyone for the next 15 minutes. Sameer enters Agastya’s cabin and Agastya calls him in.

Sameer apologizes to Agastya for disturbing him when he is busy. He tells Agastya that he did all, Visa that his men asked him to. Sameer requests Agastya to not do something similar or anything to his daughters that he did with him. He assures Agastya that he won’t ever tell anything about his reality to anyone. Sameer asks Agastya to kill him if he by chance makes any mistake. He once again requests Agastya to not do anything to Shanaya and Pakhi. At the same time, Agastya sees a shadow outside his cabin and pretends innocence. He acts requesting Sameer to not feel worried as nothing can happen to Pakhi and Shanaya till he is alive.

Pakhi enters Agastya’s cabin and Agastya tells her that Sameer is worried. Pakhi calms Sameer and asks why he came to the office. Sameer tells Pakhi that he came to meet her and Agastya. He leaves telling Pakhi that he has to get photographs clicked for Visa. Agastya pretends care and signs Sameer to call him if he will need any help. Pakhi feels angry thinking how Agastya is innocently pretending to be caring towards Sameer. She wonders how Sameer would have suffered all this. Agastya asks Pakhi why she came to the office when she was tense. Pakhi tells Agastya that she thought of taking a leave but she was recalling the morning threat and was feeling a little scared too.

Agastya tells Pakhi that nothing can happen to her till he is there. He promises Pakhi that he will soon catch the person, who wrote a threat note in his room. Pakhi tells Agastya that she is actually feeling scared for him. She tells Agastya that he should be careful about himself too. Agastya assures Pakhi that he will soon catch the person who threatened him. Pakhi tells Agastya that she made a juice and brought it for him as he has been hungry since morning. She intentionally drops the juice on Agastya while making him drink it. Pakhi acts apologetic and innocent. Agastya tells Pakhi that it’s fine, he will get his clothes changed.

Agastya leaves to change. After this he is seen in a conference room, leading a meeting. He introduces his new product which will be launched in the next two months. Agastya explains to everyone that his new spying device will help police, army and military in their spying work a lot. Agastya’s employee starts the presentation on Agastya’s orders. Everyone gets shocked seeing Pakhi’s videos playing instead of the product presentation. Agastya also gets jolted seeing this. Pakhi enters Agastya’s conference room and pretends to be shocked seeing her videos played on the projector.

She asks Agastya what is all this going on. Similar threat note from morning appears on the screen. Agastya reads the note asking him to reveal his truth to the police as now he has only 70 hours left. Agastya angrily asks Vishal what is all this doing in his presentation. Agastya’s employees start discussing who is threatening Agastya using his wife’s pictures and videos. Agastya gets angry with all threats and discussions of employees about what wrong thing he did, that someone is threatening him. Later, Agastya shouts at Vishal asking him how somebody can put his wife’s pictures in his presentation with a threat note and no one saw who did it. He asks Vishal to bring the security supervisor to him.

Pakhi pretends to be scared and asks Agastya how someone got her videos that could be shot only inside her home. She also asks Agastya how dare someone hid cameras in her house. Pakhi says this is a big and punishable crime and whoever did this will be a disgusting person. She also says that this type of disgusting person should rot in prison. Pakhi asks Agastya to find out the person behind this disgusting act. Scared Agastya leaves telling Pakhi that he will find out. Pakhi recalls how she secretly copied her videos and threat note in Agastya’s presentation pendrive, without letting his CCTV catch her.

Agastya reaches Sameer and scares him thinking that he copied Pakhi’s videos and threat note in his presentation pendrive. Sameer tells Agastya that he didn’t touch his laptop or threaten him. Angry Agastya grabs Sameer’s collar and asks him if he thought that he wouldn’t be able to catch him threatening him. Sameer again and again tries telling Agastya that he didn’t do anything. From office, Pakhi calls Ishaan and tells him that Agastya has got any doubt on them till now. She asks Ishaan if he is able to track Agastya as she already fitted a tracker in Agastya’s wrist watch. Flashback shows Pakhi fitting a tracker in Agastya’s wrist watch last night.

Ishaan sees Agastya threatening and scaring Sameer. He tells Pakhi about it and his location too. Ishaan asks her to not get scared. He says he doesn’t know what Agastya and Sameer are talking about but wants to help Sameer. Pakhi gets angry hearing that Agastya is scaring her father by grabbing his collar. She tells Ishaan that she is coming there. Ishaan asks Pakhi to control her anger and not come here as Agastya will get suspicious this way. Pakhi asks Ishaan what if Agastya does something to Sameer as even he can’t also come in front of Agastya. Pakhi disconnects the call asking Ishaan to send her his exact location as she is coming.

Ishaan gets worried. Pakhi’s car breaks down in between the way. She even can’t find any taxi or rickshaw nearby. Pakhi starts running to save her father. On the other hand, unaware of reality, angry Agastya throttles Sameer. Sameer says he can’t breathe. Pakhi and Ishaan get shocked seeing Agastya’s dangerous side, from a distance.

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