Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2022 Written Update Pranbir over

Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2022 Written Update Pranbir over

Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2022 Written Update Pranbir over Ranbir is upset that Prachi didn’t value his love and decided to stay away from him. Prachi values him and also his relation with his parents. She doesn’t want him to break his ties with Pallavi and Vikram. She tells him that she doesn’t want to go away with him and have a new life. This hurts Ranbir a lot. Ranbir holds her face and cries, stating that she is free from him now, he has freed her from all his hopes, she is totally free from his end. He gives her share of happiness. On the other hand, Rhea and Aaliya meet Nick and give him a big task of killing Prachi. He asks them who do they want to get murdered.

Rhea hands over Prachi’s picture and tells that Prachi is her sister, who is now her enemy. Nick is shocked to know this. Later, Shahana informs Prachi about Rhea’s conspiracies. Prachi tells that if what she said is true about Rhea, then the latter will see her rage. She doesn’t want to spare Rhea. Rhea tells Aaliya that she is going to become a devil from a darling sister. Aaliya feels proud of emotionless Rhea.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir asks Prachi to stop involving Rhea in between. He wants to know who she loves, for who is she fighting. He asks Prachi if she wants him. Prachi cries. He tells that once she tells him that she wants him, then he will take her away from the family, he will leave his family and end the fights. He asks her to take a call and then they will leave. He goes mad by her silence. He tells that he is madly requesting her. He hits his hand on the wall and hurts himself. Prachi comes in front to stop him. He tells her that its already tough to love her, now she shouldn’t make it tougher to live his life. He feels terribly shaken. Prachi runs after him when he angrily walks out.


Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2022 Written Update Pranbir over:

Prachi runs after Ranbir. Shahana tells that Rhea has won. Dida tells that its actually happening good, Ranbir has got angry on Prachi and showed his real emotions, even Prachi’s emotions will be out. She tells Shahana that they will be keeping a puja in the house to get happiness, Ranbir and Prachi will be happy when they unite, Rhea will leave the house along with Aaliya. Ranbir walks on the road sadly and thinks of Prachi’s words. He recalls her rudeness when she slammed the door on his face and pushed him away. Prachi also cries in her room, while thinking of Ranbir. She realizes that she has hurt him a lot. Ranbir regrets that he lost her faith. He is too broken and shattered. He wants to prove that he is a true person.

Prachi tells that its too much that happened today. He also calls it enough. He tells that she did a lot, he can request her to accept his love, but he can’t beg to him all the way, he will prove his innocence, but not become a culprit in her eyes. He just thinks of her. They both weep. Other side, Aaliya and Rhea meet Nick and remind him that they met him before. Nick tells that he remembers them. He asks Aaliya the purpose for his coming. Rhea tells that she heard that he got arrested for robbery. Nick asks them not to fire Preeti, she knows nothing about his crime.

Aaliya reminds that she helped him with the money and came to take back the favor. Nick tells that she came too early. Rhea tells that she will give him a big amount for the work she is assigning now. She asks him if he will murder someone for six lakhs rupees. Nick asks whose murder. Prachi spends some time on the terrace and thinks of Ranbir. She talks to her baby in her womb. She tells that Ranbir has changed, he isn’t the same now. She feels the baby’s response. She tells that the baby might not like whatever she told about his dad. She tells that a baby has a relation with mom first.

She asks the baby to just be like her, and not become like his dad. She promises to take care of the baby. She asks the baby to look after her. She tells that she will live with her baby always. She thinks the baby will come in the world and that will be the most beautiful day of her life. She wants to tell Ranbir about the baby. She feels he cares for her and sometimes he doesn’t care. She is confused about him. Ranbir comes across Dida. Shahana asks Dida to talk to Ranbir and Prachi, they both are upset and need her. Dida tells that they need everyone. She wants to go and give the saree to Pallavi for the puja. She thinks to explain Pallavi her mistake and show her the right path.

Ranbir also comes on the terrace and gets to see Prachi. Prachi asks him why did he stay back on her saying. He asks why shall he answer her, did she answer him when he asked him. She tells that she couldn’t go with him. He asks her if she didn’t want to go. She tells that she can’t go away from the family, she knows that bad feeling of getting distanced from the family. He tells that she always understands all the relations well, except their relation. He regrets that she doesn’t care for him, she cares for the entire world, when she came back home, he thought she came back for their love, but he was wrong, she forgot their love, she has snatched his peace and happiness.

He tells that she got what she wanted, he is in a bad state, she would get confidence seeing him ruined. He declares that he will always be the same even if she hurts him. He doesn’t want to be with her. He shouts that he is done with her, he will work and live for himself, he won’t care for anyone. She asks him to talk tomorrow because he is drunk now. They end up arguing. He tells that her excuse about her care towards parents was good, he was mad to leave his parents for her sake, but she is really smart. He tells her that he had truly loved her, and she just joked on the name of love. He asks her not to cover up. He challenges that he will prove his innocence, but not to get her love and acceptance, he can’t live with the dirty accusations on him.

He tells her that she is free from his end, he will not stop her and let her do anything, as she wanted, he has given her the happiness of her share, finally, she will be happy to stay alone. She is shocked by his words. He leaves her and goes away. Shahana gets upset witnessing their fight. She hugs Prachi. Nick sees Prachi’s picture. Aaliya tells that he has seen Prachi in their house. Nick asks why do they want Prachi dead. Rhea tells that they won’t answer him, they will help him commit the murder and he won’t get caught. She asks him to come home and kill Prachi, by mixing his entry with the crowd.

She tells that its an easy task. He laughs and tells that its not an easy task, it’s a murder, if he gets caught, then he will get jailed for entire life. He asks her to explain how is it an easy task. He tells that he isn’t a professional killer, he didn’t get educated and drove a taxi just to be his own boss, he can hide their secrets, but what will happen if they get caught. He takes the task and demands eight lakhs. Aaliya tells that she will just pay seven lakhs. He tells that he will present the murder as an accident. Rhea tells that he shouldn’t make any mistake. She asks him to come home and commit the crime. He asks her to meet Prachi for the last time, he will be killing Prachi tomorrow.

Shahana asks Prachi not to think much, Ranbir said that in anger. Prachi tells that Ranbir was saying the truth, he has hurt her in anger, he doesn’t love her. She doesn’t want to feel bad. She tells that she will remember that he doesn’t care for her, Ranbir has freed her from their relation and love, he doesn’t need her now. She feels mad that she was thinking to unite with him, but its good that she didn’t initiate it. She wants to restrict herself. Shahana tells that Ranbir is innocent, he is stuck. Prachi tells that she knows him, he isn’t innocent, he is just acting great. Prachi goes on an ego trip and accuses Ranbir. Stay tuned.

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  1. Prachi should tell Ranbir that she is pregnant and Rhea should get punishment if no logic than series should flopped show is very boaring now no improvement of pranbir relationship do it now . other wise show is super flopped

  2. Wat the fack.we going in facking circles.
    for the last 7 mths it is the same facking shit.when will this jackarse prachi stop beibg a fool she rritating the shit out of viewers now.
    when will ranbir n prachi unite next 20 yrs? why cant fackibg ektaa n she no brain writers write a better story.when willthe unite n prachi tell ranbir about the baby.
    trp will be low again.

  3. It is time prachi changes her stubborn and sickening attitude. Enough is enough. Sid can come in and clear it all and claim Rhea. After all he is still married to lousy Rhea. Story is dragging and boring to watch. Stop it please.

  4. Really frustrating same old sickening attitude by Prachi. At least Pragya was humble and remained in complete love with Abbi even after being treated badly by him and his family. Pragya had allot of femininity in her.
    Prachi with her pathetic attitude will chase viewers away.


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