Kumkum Bhagya Prachi versus Rhea 4th April 2022 Upcoming

Kumkum Bhagya Rhea outrage 12th May 2022 Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi versus Rhea 4th April 2022 Upcoming Shanaya tells Prachi that Rhea is the real culprit. Prachi says that if what Shanaya is telling is true then Rhea will see her bad side that she herself has never seen. Rhea blames Prachi for making her evil and swears to turn into the devil from a darling sister. Rhea wants Prachi to bear the consequences of her bad personality. Rhea and Prachi have turned hot-headed. Is it an indication of a big storm? Who will win, Prachi or Rhea?

Fanaa upcoming spoiler – Agastya chokes:
Pakhi prepares a dish for Agastya and feeds him. Agastya eats it happily. Pakhi excuses herself to wash her hands and leaves. Agastya starts shaking and feels suffocated. Pakhi cries and remembers how Agastya tried to suffocate her father. Agastya chokes and falls on the bed but Pakhi shows no mercy. Pakhi wants Agastya to feel the pain of suffocation that he tried to give her father. Will Agastya mend his ways and confess his mistakes? Will Pakhi and Ishaan’s plan bear fruits?

Meet upcoming spoiler – Mrs. Meet’s drill:


All the trainees come on the ground for the practice. Hawa Singh is about to start the drill in 10 seconds but Mrs. Meet is missing. Hawa Singh is prepared to bash her. Mrs. Meet comes running for the drill overcoming all the obstacles in 5 seconds. She greets him. Hawa Singh is shocked to see Mrs. Meet in the training. The drill starts and the candidates perform their exercises. Hawa Singh falls in the mud and Mrs. Meet warns him that he has just fallen in mud now but once she becomes a police officer she will throw him in jail. What will Hawa Singh do to stop Mrs. Meet from becoming police?

Imlie upcoming spoiler – Imlie returns:

Aryan lets Imlie break their marriage and leave. Imlie removes her ornaments and goes away. Aryan tells everybody to not stop her. Aunty Blue tells Narmada that the wedding mandap is ready and suggests to let Gudiya marry Aryan as she loves him since childhood. Gudiya agrees. Aunty blue tells Narmada to listen to what she is saying. She tells Gudiya to sit in the mandap. Imlie comes back again and tells them to stop. Everybody is shocked to see Imlie. Has Imlie decided to not let go of Aryan? What made Imlie change her mind?


  1. so this fackibg show is about Rhea her evilness n prachi ego and fighting ranbir .
    n now fighting rhea.
    this show gas gone to the dogs.
    so ranbir is a nothing in the show?

  2. lmao kumkum bhagya still low cant reach 2.6 again unless ranbir and prachi unite now.
    Wat the fack.we going in facking circles.
    for the last 7 mths it is the same facking shit.when will this jackarse prachi stop beibg a fool she rritating the shit out of viewers now.
    when will ranbir n prachi unite next 20 yrs? why cant fackibg ektaa n she no brain writers write a better story.when willthe unite n prachi tell ranbir about the baby.
    trp will be low again.

  3. Your writer sucks can u please put the loving couple and there baby together so they can a happy life and only the grand mother and father see the baby let Rea get kill instead and her aunt go to jail along with the mother change your writer or lose us

  4. There is no sense in going on giving bull shit comments.
    It is time we all decide to stop viewing and naturally their TRP will go down and end comes. Otherwise they will serving us bul…… and we will be fooled.p


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