Fanaa 1st April 2022 Written Update Pakhi shot

Fanaa 1st April 2022 Written Update Pakhi shot

Fanaa 1st April 2022 Written Update Pakhi shot Ishaan feels angry seeing strangulating Sameer. He also feels helpless for not being able to help Sameer because it can ruin his and Pakhi’s plan to make Agastya expose himself. Pakhi gets shocked seeing Agastya’s dangerous side. She gets worried about Sameer and Ishaan notices this. Pakhi ties her saree and runs to a nearby store. She picks up a scarf and ties it while running towards Agastya and Sameer. Agastya doesn’t stop because of his anger and misunderstanding, thus keeps throttling Sameer.

Pakhi stops and picks up a stone. She takes out a paper from her back and wraps the stone in it. After this, she immediately throws the stone wrapped with paper towards Agastya. The stone hits Agastya’s head and his grip on Sameer breaks. He looks backwards and downwards at the stone that hit him. Sameer uses the opportunity to run away and Pakhi hides. Agastya looks here and there to see who attacked him. He picks up the stone wrapped in paper and unwraps it. He gets shocked to read the threat written on the paper. The threat note tells Agastya that very less time is left and it’s time to bring his reality in front of the world.

He throws away the stone and the threat note in anger. Ishaan feels thankful that Pakhi didn’t come in front of Agastya. Ishaan wonders what was written in that paper which Pakhi threw intentionally at Agastya by wrapping it over a stone. Agastya understands that it wasn’t Sameer who was threatening him. He wonders who is the person, who knows his whole truth. Agastya gets worried and angry and turns towards his car. Pakhi uses the opportunity, removes her scarf and walks towards another side in anger. Sameer returns home breathing heavily and scared. He asks Prema if she completed the whole packing.


Prema asks Sameer what happened and asks him to sit, seeing him breathing heavily. Scared, Sameer asks Shanaya to take out their big suitcase as they need to leave from here without leaving any of their stuff behind. Shanaya and Prema get confused and worried seeing Sameer’s condition. Pakhi also reaches there and Sameer hugs her tightly. Prema asks Sameer why he is crying and looking so panicked. Anxious Prema asks Pakhi to tell her what happened that made Sameer panicked. Pakhi stutters and tells Prema that Sameer may have gotten restless because of stress.

She asks Prema to take Sameer in his room as the doctor told that it could happen if his BP will increase. Sameer caresses Pakhi and Shanaya and leaves with Prema. Shananya tells Pakhi that this is happening often with Sameer these days. She asks Pakhi to tell her what has happened to Sameer as she is getting very tense now. Pakhi feels very angry and helpless. She lies to Shanaya that maybe Sameer is tense because of some reason. Pakhi tells Shanya that everything will get better soon. She asks Shanaya to see if Sameer is fine now and Shanaya leaves. An enraged Paakhi decides to force Agastya to live in fear every moment, just as he has forced her father to live in fear every moment.

At night, at the dinner table, Pakhi smirks seeing Agastya scared and lost in thoughts. Naveli asks Agastya why he looks so tense. She also asks Agastya who these people are, who are threatening them and targeting their family. Naveli further asks Agastya if he did something about it. Pakhi asks Naveli to not take tension as Agastya went to the police station today and soon they will find out who is threatening them. She asks Agastya if he went to the police station. Understanding Agastya’s silence, Pakhi understands that Agastya didn’t go to the police station. She tells Agastya that she thought he went to the police station directly from the office.

Agastya leaves from the dinner table without having food and Pakhi smirks. From the room, Agastya calls Yug and asks him if he will do something when something wrong will happen to Pakhi. Yug tells Agastya that after looking at all the office videos, no one suspicious is found. Agastya tells Yug that whoever hacked their system would have entered inside to put the pendrive in the laptop. He asks Yug to not make any excuses and check all the records immediately. Agastya also asks Yug to be careful as Inspector Virat should not come out of prison. He further asks Yug if he set up all the cameras at home or not. Yug replies that he has set up all the cameras at home.

Before Agastya could ask anything else from Yug, Pakhi enters the room with a bowl. She asks Agastya to have ice-cream because he left the dinner table without having dinner, due to stress. Agastya tells Pakhi that he doesn’t feel like having ice cream. Pakhi tells Agastya that she would have been happy if he would have eaten the ice-cream. Agastya agrees to have ice-cream, if Pakhi makes him eat it. Pakhi starts feeding ice-cream to Agastya and smirks. She starts leaving to wash her hands but stops hearing Agastya coughing and choking. Pakhi recalls how badly Agastya throttled her father. Flashbacks of Sameer feelings breathless and present scenario of Agastya choking are shown together.

Pakhi thinks that she would have never thought of hurting Agastya even in her dreams. She says that she is forced to steep so low to teach Agastya a lesson. Pakhi thinks if Agastya understands now, how a person feels when he/she feels breathless. She also thinks if Agastya understands now how it feels to suffer the same pain, which he gives to others. Pakhi calms herself and runs to Agastya. She pretends to worry and calls Neelima to come quickly. Pakhi tells Agastya that nothing will happen to him as she is with him. Later, the doctor is seen examining Agastya. Doctor tells everyone that there is nothing to worry about. He reveals that Agastya felt breathless as he ate something which he is allergic to but is fine now.

After the doctor leaves, Pakhi starts pretending to be worried about Agastya. She asks Neelima how Agastya got an allergy as he didn’t eat anything today. She asks if Agastya got an allergy because of ice-cream as he ate it only. Pakhi acts scared and says that she brought this ice-cream for herself today. She asks if the person who is threatening them mixed something in ice-cream. Pakhi pretends guilty and apologizes to Agastya again and again. She says now even food items didn’t remain safe in this house. Neelima asks Pakhi to calm down as she isn’t at fault in all this.

She says she can’t understand who is behind her children and is targeting them. Neelima says who this person is and why he/she is threatening them. In his thoughts, Agastya blames himself for putting Pakhi in danger. He fears thinking what would have happened if Pakhi would have mistakenly eaten the spiked ice-cream that he ate. Pretending Pakhi asks Agastya to be in front of her eyes 24 hours, from now onwards. She tells Agastya that she will surely find who is behind all these threats. Agastya tells Pakhi that he is happy that he ate the spiked ice cream instead of her. He also tells Pakhi that he would have not been able to see her in pain. Agastya also asks Pakhi to stop crying as he is fine now.

Pakhi hugs Agastya and asks him to rest. Next morning, Agastya asks some bodyguards if they understood what they need to do. They reply yes and Agastya says great. Pakhi comes and asks Agastya who these people are. Agastya tells Pakhi that these two guards will remain with her always till the person threatening them gets caught as he can’t take any more risk. Pakhi tells Agastya that she can take care of herself on her own. She asks Agastya to keep these guards with him as he needs them too. Agastya doesn’t agree with Pakhi. Both Neelima and Agastya convince Pakhi to keep the guards with her for her safety. Mona says nobody cares about their security.

Neelima explains to Mona that people who receive threats need security. She calls Mona selfish for thinking about herself only. Agastya asks them not to worry as he has got security arranged for the whole house. He asks Pakhi to not herself go outside for Sameer’s shopping. Agastya also asks Pakhi to make a list and send some servants for Sameer’s shopping. Pakhi says Sameer is her father and nobody else knows his preferences. She says she will herself shop for Sameer and asks Agastya to come shopping with her. Pakhi tells Agastya that they can’t stop living due to anybody’s fear and they have bodyguards too. Agastya gets convinced with Pakhi’s suggestion and wish.

She leaves worriedly to get her bag. On the other hand, Ishaan tells Shubham that Pakhi called to inform that Agastya kept two bodyguards for Pakhi. He says that Agastya’s habit of becoming God in the lives of others will not go away. Ishaan worriedly says this can put their whole future plan in danger and they need to do something. Shubham asks Ishaan if he wants to risk even knowing how dangerous Agastya is. He also asks Ishaan if it isn’t enough that he got saved from Agastya’s deadly trap somehow. Shubham asks Ishaan if there is any guarantee that Agastya won’t harm him and their father if he will get to know that he is helping Pakhi in her plan to expose him.

He tells Ishaan that he also knows that Agastya can do anything if he gets determined once. Shubham asks Ishaan to not plot against Agastya as it can be dangerous. Ishaan gets angry and tells Shubham that he can’t let Agastya win against him. He says he hates Agastya very much as he (Agastya) made him lie like an alive dead body in hospital for many days. Shubham shouts at Ishaan and asks him if he is doing all this and getting this much angry, to prove that he still loves Pakhi. Ishaan tells Shubham that right now he doesn’t have an answer to his question. He also says that at present they don’t have the time to discuss all these things.

Ishaan tells Shubham that he isn’t doing all this to get Pakhi. He asks Shubham how he can tolerate seeing Pakhi living forcefully or suffocatingly with Agastya. Ishaan says he also can’t tolerate seeing Agastya controlling Pakhi and her family and killing people coming in way of his evil motives. He also asks Shubham if he will stop living his life and act to be in a coma for whole life, due to Agastya’s fear. Ishaan says he also has to clear his name from an organ trafficking case, in which Agastya trapped him. He says Agastya is a criminal and his place is in prison, where Pakhi and he will surely make him reach.

On the other hand, Pakhi, Agastya and their two guards are seen coming towards the car after shopping for Prema and Sameer. Pakhi see’s a candy floss seller and runs to him. She asks him to prepare a candy floss for her. Agastya tries to stop Pakhi but fails. He tries contacting and searching for his driver. An unrecognizable biker comes and shoots Pakhi in her stomach. She falls down and gets unconscious. Agastya gets shocked and stunned.

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