Fanaa 6th April 2022 Written Update Pakhi scares Agastya

Fanaa 8th April 2022 Written Update Revenge track

Fanaa 6th April 2022 Written Update Pakhi scares Agastya Pakhi walks to a place at Raichand house, where no cameras are fitted. She picks up Mohit’s call and tells him about it. Mohit asks Pakhi why she sounds so tense. Pakhi tells Mohit that she can’t understand if whatever she is doing is right or wrong. She says many people’s lives are in danger because of her. Agastya enters his secret room and thinks about how many people he should suspect. He says if it’s not Sameer, Ishaan and Virat, threatening him, who could he/she be.

Agastya says he is feeling defeated by someone for the first time but doesn’t know who she/he is. He feels frustrated. Agastya says he can’t tolerate someone overshadowing him. He wonders who it is, whom he isn’t able to reach. Pakhi’s thread or accessory is seen falling on Agastya’s secret room chair, but he fails to see it. On the other hand, Pakhi tells Mohit that she is leaving everything to God, he/she will show her the way. Suddenly, the temple’s flower, blessed by God, falls from Pakhi’s hand and rolls till a secret door. Pakhi recalls that it’s the same door from where she used to hear voices. She disconnects Mohit’s call.

She feels suspicious and something weird and tries opening the door. On the other hand, Agastya feels angry for not being able to catch his blackmailer. Pakhi opens the secret door using a hairpin and by pushing it. Agastya fails to see Pakhi’s thread or accessory fallen in his secret room and leaves from there. Pakhi enters the secret door and finds a basement in it. She goes down and checks Agastya’s other secret room. Pakhi trips down by colliding with a chair and finds a blood covered male handkerchief. Seeing “S” knitted on it, she recognizes that it’s her father, Sameer’s handkerchief.


Pakhi realizes that Agastya kept Sameer tied in this secret basement room, fooling everyone. Pakhi gets emotional on knowing that Sameer was held captive very near her and she was thinking that he died. She cries realizing that Agastya lied about sending Sameer to the medical center but instead kept him tied in this basement room. Pakhi feels guilty on realizing that while she was living so lavishly here, her father was held captive in this basement room. She recalls Prema telling her that even goddess Durga had to pick up weapons to kill Mahishasur. Pakhi also recalls Prema asking her to follow her heart as it won’t let her take the wrong way.

She further recalls God blessing her in the temple making a flower fall on her. Pakhi at last recalls how God’s blessed flower took her to Agastya’s secret basement door to make her see how Agastya kept her father captive like an animal. Pakhi gets determined to expose Agastya and get him punished for all his crimes. She calls Ishaan and tells him that Shubham was right that killing people isn’t a big deal for Agastya. Pakhi says it was her father’s good luck that he got saved from Agastya. She tells Ishaan that she is having second thoughts about their plan after whatever Agastya did to him today. Pakhi says many people are in danger because of her.

She tells Ishaan that whatever she has seen right now, she can’t step back from exposing Agastya and get him punished for all his crimes. Pakhi tells Ishaan that even god gave her signal to give her best to expose Agastya. She also tells Ishaan that he can step back from their plan as he shouldn’t face any more problems. Pakhi says anyways it’s her fight. Ishaan asks Pakhi how he can leave her alone in this fight. He reminds Pakhi that Agastya did many evil things to him too. Ishaan says it was initially his decision to get revenge on Agastya. Pakhi tells Ishaan that they need to act fast as they can’t escape clever Agastya for long.

She narrates her next plan against Agastya to Ishaan. Ishaan asks Pakhi if she is sure that she wants to do whatever she is saying. Pakhi tells Ishaan that she will have to do it anyhow to expose Agastya. She asks Ishaan to talk to Maya anyhow. Next night, Pakhi asks Agastya to not not make any excuses as he has been hungry since morning. She also tells Agastya that she has made all his favorite dishes today. The doorbell rings and Pakhi receives the courier. Agastya asks Pakhi if she ordered something. Pakhi replies no and says the courier person just gave the courier to her.

Agastya stops Pakhi from opening it. He says it’s weird as there is no name, number or address on the courier. Agastya says he will open the courier and starts opening it. As Agastya opens the courier box, a toy bulges out, shooting a pin at Agastya’s neck. Pakhi keeps staring at Agastya in pain. Agastya in pain keeps staring at the toy that came in the courier. Pakhi asks Agastya what happened to him. Agastya stands up but soon falls down. Pakhi pretends to be worried and calls the whole family in the living room. Everyone runs to Agastya. Worried, Neelima asks what happened to Agastya.

Pakhi tells Neelima that Agastya opened the courier and fell down seeing it. Neelima asks Mona to call a doctor. Mona starts calling the doctor. Guards make Agastya lie on the couch. Naveli notices a small pin on Agastya’s neck and asks Pakhi what it is. One of the guards takes out the pin from Agastya’s neck. He tells Raichands that the pin came out from the toy that came in the courier. The guard says maybe the pin had poison on it, the reason behind Agastya’s present/current condition. Pakhi recalls asking Ishaan to get to know from Maya what injection Agastya used to give him to paralyze him. Flashback shows Ishaan agrees to get the information from Maya, when Pakhi says it’s very important for her plan.

Flashback ends. Later, the doctor tells Raichands that Agastya has been injected with a medicine like anadrol. Agastya gets shocked hearing this and recalls instructing Maya to inject similar medicine to Ishaan, to keep him in a coma. He suspects Maya but thinks that Maya won’t dare to blackmail him. Agastya wonders who is this person playing his tricks on him only as only Maya knew about this medicine. Doctor says it’s good that Aagstya hasn’t been given a heavy dose but a small one. He says this medicine can’t be purchased easily. The doctor leaves asking Raichands to give his prescribed medicines to Agastya and there is nothing to worry about.

Pakhi feels apologetic towards Neelima for hurting her by hurting Agastya. She thinks she is helpless as she can’t stop till she makes Agastya suffer/realize the similar pain he gave to others till now. Pakhi goes and sits with Agastya. Mona tauntingly asks Pakhi why every person living with her gets paralysed. She says firstly Ishaan got paralysed and now Agastya. Naveli asks not to find ways/opportunities to hurt Pakhi. Mona asks Naveli why she is feeling sympathetic towards Pakhi. Naveli grabs Mona and takes her away. Neelima asks Pakhi to not feel bad with Mona’s words. Pakhi tells Neelima that she won’t feel bad. She asks Neelima to rest in her room as she is with Agastya.

Pakhi pretends guilty and apologizes to Agastya. She tells Agastya that once again he took the attack meant for her on himself. Pakhi says that she should have opened that parcel as it may have been meant for her. In pretense, Pakhi tells Agastya that she can tolerate pain herself but can’t see him in pain. She tells Agastya that he will get fine till next morning as she is there with him. Agastya feels irritated and helpless. On the other hand, Ishaan returns from somewhere and Shubham serves him water. Shubham asks Ishaan how much more risk he will take to get revenge on Agastya. He tells Ishaan that Agastya has kept people outside their house to keep a watch on him.

Shubham tells Ishaan that it could have gotten very dangerous if Agastya’s men/people would have seen him, going outside from the back door and getting an injection from Maya. Ishaan replies that he isn’t enjoying all this. He says he is now ready to take any risk to get Agastya punished. Shubham tries explaining that he is taking a very big risk. Ishaan tells Shubham that he trusts Pakhi. He says Agastya can win over Pakhi. Ishaan asks Shubham to wait till tomorrow as everything will change now. Shubham tells Ishaan that he knows that his and Pakhi’s next plan is to help Inspector Virat run away from prison.

Ishaan gets shocked on learning that Shubham knows his and Pakhi’s next plan. Shubham tells Ishaan that any lapse in this plan, can land him and Pakhi behind the bars as criminals. He requests Ishaan to not do all this. Ishaan tells Shubham that he and Pakhi will have to do this. He says before that tonight’s plan must get executed. Pakhi on the other hand, pretends worried and guilty on call with Shanaya to show Agastya that she cares for him and to not let him get suspicious about/on her. Pakhi tells Shanaya that Agastya has become very helpless but she is there with Agastya. After disconnecting the call, she asks Aagastya to try sleeping and not worry as she is with him only.

She walks to the back side of the room and pretends to get hurt with a fallen file or book. Agastya gets worried for Pakhi but feels helpless for not being able to reach her. Pakhi asks Agastya to not worry as she didn’t get much wounded and is fine. She asks Agastya if there is something behind this cupboard as it sounds hollow. Pakhi tells Agastya that she feels that there is a big space behind it. She asks Agastya if there is any room behind this cupboard. Pakhi tells Agastya that she will tomorrow morning check what is behind this cupboard. Shocked and worried, Agastya fears that this way his whole evil reality will come in front of Pakhi. Pakhi smirks seeing scared Agastya. She thinks Agastya will have to suffer like this, till she exposes him in front of everyone.

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