Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2022 Written Update Pranbir wins

Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2022 Written Update Pranbir wins

Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2022 Written Update Pranbir wins Ranbir returns home. He tells everyone that they may feel bad of his words, he will try to understand them and expects them to understand his feelings. Prachi gets emotional thinking how Ranbir has saved her life. She thinks he has proved his life. She goes to Ranbir. Rhea thinks what’s happening between them. Ranbir and Prachi have an eyelock. Rhea recalls Aaliya asking her to handle Dida, because she has to go and save Nick from Ranbir. She thinks Aaliya had gone to help Nick. She wants to know if Nick told the truth to Ranbir. She is shocked to see the police coming home.

Ranbir tells that he has called the police. Aaliya thanks Nick that he didn’t tell anything to Ranbir. Nick tells that Ranbir has beaten him a lot, so he had to tell Ranbir that the accident was actually a murder plot. Aaliya gets angry. Nick apologizes to her. Ranbir tells the family that he had to tell the truth to the Inspector, a person had entered the house with an intention to harm Prachi. He defends Prachi. He tells that he wants to find the culprit who wanted Prachi dead.

Earlier in the show, Aaliya asks everyone to check their belongings, if anyone is stolen. She asks them not to panic, Prachi is fine. Nick gets hurt by a nail. He calls Aaliya. She doesn’t answer the call. She asks Dida to take care of Prachi. She takes Nick’s call who asks her to come and save him, else he will also expose her name. She tries to go and save him, but Dida stops her at home. Ranbir spots Nick hiding and tries to catch him, but Nick runs away when someone in time and takes him in the car. Ranbir and Jai miss him.


Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2022 Written Update Pranbir wins:

Ranbir tells the family that he has to tell the Inspector, that someone tried to harm Prachi. Rhea thinks he doesn’t know the complete matter. She asks him what is he saying, they can talk once the guests leave. Rhea tells that maybe a thief had come and made the chandelier fall in his rush to escape, Prachi is a good person and only good will happen with her. He tells that he isn’t assuming anything, Nick has confessed everything to him. He recalls beating up Nick to the extent that the latter confessed his crime. Nick tells that Ranbir’s family member asked him to kill Prachi. Ranbir demands the name. Nick hits him and runs away. The family is shocked by this revelation.

Nick tells Aaliya that he had to tell the truth to Ranbir, but he didn’t tell Aaliya and Rhea’s names to him. He tells that he just told about a family member’s conspiracy to kill Prachi. He apologizes that he had to divulge some details. She is worried knowing Ranbir will not sit calm until he finds the truth. Ranbir wants to know who is the family member wanting to kill Prachi. He tells that Nick didn’t identify the family members and guests, so he will make the police question everyone present. Police starts the interrogation. Ranbir apologizes for the inconvenience. The guests understand Ranbir’s concern for his love and agree to cooperate. Rhea and Aaliya get worried that they may get caught. They don’t want Pallavi to get any hint of their crime.

Inspector tells Ranbir that he spoke to the guests and didn’t find anything, he will now question the family members in private so that they don’t grow nervous or influenced. He asks Rhea to wait for her turn, he has to ask her many questions. He interrogates the family members one by one. Aaliya doesn’t tell anything to the police. Pallavi tells that she has no idea about Prachi’s friends or foes, she doesn’t know if anyone would hate her to this extent. Aaliya tells that Prachi talks sweetly to everyone. Pallavi tells that she dislikes Prachi’s sweet talks. Inspector asks her if she has a problem with her over-friendly behavior. Shahana tells Prachi that Ranbir is a nice guy, he always wins heart.

Prachi finds Ranbir in pain. She goes to do the aid to his hand. He tells that its not needed. She tells that maybe because he has freed her from all the ties. She asks him to come along else she will take him forcibly. He tells that he won’t melt his heart by her cute talks, their relation is still the same. Rhea wonders what happened between them. She drags him to do the aid. She tells that if he gets stubborn like kids, then she knows how to handle him. Ranbir tells that he can complain about her misbehavior to the police like she had done on Lohri night. She tells that she remembers their togetherness, which he forgot. Rhea asks Prachi not to force Ranbir if he isn’t interested in her care.

Ranbir stops Rhea. Prachi tells that her husband has answered, and now Rhea should go. Rhea tells that she is sparing Prachi just because of Ranbir. Pallavi asks Inspector to not doubt her and waste his time. He tells that he didn’t say that, he just wants more information. Rhea arrives there. He tells that Pallavi is stating about Prachi’s sweet behavior that wins hearts. Rhea bursts her anger. She tells that she is fake and annoying, she just pretends good, she isn’t impressing anyone. Aaliya stops Rhea from telling anything against Prachi.

Rhea tells that Prachi just troubles everyone, such people should not live, why is she still alive. She admits that Prachi has troubled her a lot, she wishes to kill her. She gets stressed after admitting her real emotions. Inspector tells that Rhea has told the truth, but Aaliya is stopping her. Aaliya tells that she doesn’t want him to manipulate the sister’s rivalry. He tells that the truth is evident now. She asks what does he mean.

Ranbir and Prachi have a moment, while she continues the aid against his wish. She asks him if its still hurting. He tells that he is okay, he will remember this day because the pain giver has become a pain killer too. Vikram asks the Inspector if he has found anything. Inspector tells that he got to know everything, its okay, the culprit isn’t here. Ranbir tells that Nick has told him already. Inspector asks him not to trust a criminal. Shahana tells that Nick had cut the chandelier rope. Inspector tells that he doesn’t think the family is involved, they will investigate outside the family circle. He asks Ranbir to come and file the FIR. He takes Ranbir aside. He tells Ranbir that someone has attacked Prachi and the person can attack again, so he has to alert the guards, the culprit is someone from his family itself.

Ranbir is shocked to know that someone from his family doesn’t want to see Prachi alive. He asks Inspector why didn’t he say this inside the house. Inspector tells that his family members are dual faced, they have a mask on their face, Ranbir should identify them, the culprit had hired Nick for the murder. Ranbir tells that Nick had told this, but he can’t find out who has done this. Inspector tells that he came to tell the truth outside so that the culprit doesn’t get alert. He asks Ranbir to stay alert and try to catch the culprit when he/she makes a mistake again. Ranbir thanks the Inspector. He grows worried for Prachi. He looks at his family with suspicion-filled eyes.

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