Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2022 Written Update Preeran union

Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2022 Written Update Preeran union

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Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2022 Written Update Preeran union Preeta wears Karan’s gloves and angrily tells him that she will punch and break his face if he misbehaves with her or flirts with Natasha. Karan asks what if he doesn’t do so. Preeta tells that there won’t be any problem if he doesn’t flirt and she won’t break his face. They have cute moments. Later, Sherlyn and Natasha are shocked to see Preeta and Karan in the same bed. They can’t believe seeing their intimacy. Sherlyn tells Natasha that their plan has totally flopped.

On the other side, Prithvi tells Naagre that he trusted her, but didn’t know that Naagre will bring such a big loss for him. He rebukes Naagre for being so foolish and getting arrested. He asks Naagre how will he get through now and get him the bail when is also inside the jail. Naagre and Pradeep got arrested from their drunken episode and don’t remember anything. Will Preeta and Karan really come close? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Natasha pulls Karan. Karan doesn’t listen. He pushes Natasha and shuts the door. On the other hand, Prithvi tells that he will have a re-entry in the house, Sherlyn will welcome him by an aarti, Preeta will bow down to him, they will serve him like the old times. He imagines his good times. He gets the jail food. He refuses to eat it. Karan and Preeta spend some time together in their room. He tells that she always does the mistake and blames her. He then tells her that he finds her really cute when she gets angry on him. She gets shy and happy by his compliment.

Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2022 Written Update Preeran union:

Natasha and Sherlyn try to break the door lock. Pradeep hears them and tells that he can break any door. Naagre tells that women are so talkative, Sherlyn and Natasha are overconfident and think they can break the lock easily. He asks Pradeep to show his talent to the bunch of fools. Pradeep tells that he will prove his talent. Natasha locks a door. She asks him to open the door. Pradeep unlocks it. Naagre praises it. Sherlyn asks Pradeep how can he open the room door that’s locked from the inside. Pradeep asks them for money. She is ready to give any money. He asks for just some money, because he doesn’t want tension to keep much money. Sherlyn tells that she will also come and see.

Karan tells Preeta that she looks cute in anger. Preeta tells that she doesn’t remember when he said that, everybody compliments her for her cuteness and beauty. He tells that many people compliment him as well. They have a cute banter going on in their intoxicated state. He teases her by mentioning about Natasha. Pradeep tells that the door has no lock. Natasha tells that its locked from inside. Naagre tells that there is no lock outside. Sherlyn tells that the door has a latch inside. Pradeep tells that he can’t open the bolt. Sherlyn scolds them. They get angry on Sherlyn and Natasha for their insulting remarks. Karan and Preeta don’t see anyone at the door. They both imitate each other.

She tells that she will break her legs if he flirts with anyone. Karan asks her why did she start behaving like a goon. Preeta tells that it’s the basic thing, she can do worse. He cries and asks her not to break his legs, he has to play cricket and make runs also. She tells that she will spare his legs, if he flirts with anyone, then she will break his hands. He tells that he can’t hold the cricket bat then. He asks why does she want to break anything. She tells that she wants to break something, she will break his face if he flirts with Natasha. He asks if he doesn’t flirt then. She tells that she will not break anything, she will not trouble him, she will spare him then. Karan thanks her.

They remember their holi moments. He tells that he liked to play water holi. She remembers that he played holi with Natasha. He tells that he wanted to play holi with Preeta. She complains that he has hurt her. He tells that there is no use of eating almonds, she should eat walnuts too, because her memory got weak. She reminds their water holi. She tells that she remembers, she doesn’t like water holi. She likes to play holi with colours. She gets upset with him. She tells that she will go and play holi with anyone. She unlocks the door. Karan applies the colours to her and stops her. They have a romantic holi moment. She likes the way Karan smears the colours on her.

They get romantically close. Sherlyn and Natasha hide from drunk Naagre and Pradeep. Sherlyn calls someone to send away Naagre. Biji and Janki meet Naagre. Sherlyn asks the person to take away Naagre, he is drunk. Naagre goes away with his driver. He tells that he will drive. Pradeep goes with Naagre. Sherlyn and Natasha get rid of them. They run to see Karan and Preeta. Shrishti realizes Biji and Janki left from the room. She meets Sameer and finds him intoxicated too. She asks him if he is okay. He sings a romantic song for her. He tells that he can handle himself, he has a news for her, his fear has ended, so he has come to her. He tells her that he likes her.

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