Fanaa 12th April 2022 Written Update Intense revenge

Fanaa 21st April 2022 Written Update Pakhi's rage

Fanaa 12th April 2022 Written Update Intense revenge Doctor is examining Agastya. Sameer feels worried and disgusted at the same time. Mohit gets a call from an unknown number. He walks a little far from everyone to pick up the call, thinking it’s Pakhi’s call. Mohit picks the call and Pakhi asks him what happened to Agastya. She asks Mohit how Agastya suddenly fainted in between the press conference. Mohit tells Pakhi even, he can’t understand what happened to Agastya suddenly. He says Agastya is still unconscious. Pakhi asks Mohit to keep an eye on Agastya.

She requests Mohit to keep her updated about Agastya’s actions as he is very clever. Pakhi tells Mohit that she suspects that some clever plan is going on in Agastya’s mind. Mohit disconnects the call saying okay to Pakhi. Sameer asks Neelima to ask Agastya to do whatever Ishaan is asking him to, otherwise his Pakhi will get into trouble. He says they have not much time left and requests Neelima to save Pakhi. Agastya regains his consciousness and says that he is feeling better. Neelima asks Naveli to bring lemonade for Agastya. Naveli leaves and Agastya tells Neelima that they haven’t much time left. Neelima tells Agastya that they still have ½ an hour left and reporters aren’t going anywhere.

Naveli brings lemonade and Neelima makes Agastya drink it. Neelima and everyone leaves asking Agastya to rest for 15 minutes. Prema on call, worriedly asks Sameer, why Agastya called the press conference and how he fainted suddenly. She asks Sameer why he didn’t tell her anything. Sameer tells Prema that maybe Agastya would have called a press conference for some of his business meetings. He also tells Prema that Agastya fainted because he was feeling unwell since morning. Prema asks Sameer to make her talk to Pakhi as she would be worried for Agastya. Sameer puts off the matter by telling Prema that he would make her talk to Pakhi later on.


He feels apologetic for lying to Prema. Sameer says he didn’t want to trouble Prema. He angrily wonders why everyone is punishing Pakhi. Sameer says Ishaan could have punished or taught a lesson to Agastya, instead of Pakhi. He feels worried thinking what Ishaan will do with Pakhi, if Agastya won’t accept all his crimes. Sameer asks God what he should do. On the other hand, Pakhi says, she is feeling that something wrong is going to happen. She says she can’t believe that Agastya is sitting comfortably and peacefully, knowing that she is in trouble.

Pakhi says if Agastya isn’t confessing his crimes, this means that Agastya believes that he will somehow save her. She says that she suspects that Agastya recognized their secret hideout. Pakhi tells Ishaan and Virat that they should leave their secret hideout. Ishaan tells Pakhi that she is overthinking. He says maybe Aagstya really fainted and will soon confess everything in front of police. Pakhi tells Ishaan that she knows Agastya better as she lives with him. Pakhi receives Mohit’s voice note informing her that Agastya fainted due to low BP and Neelima has asked him to rest for 15 minutes. Ishaan says he was right as a person gets stressed in such a situation.

Pakhi says that she still feels something is fishy. Virat says if Pakhi is still feeling suspicious, they should shift from this place destroying all the proofs. Ishaan agrees. At the press conference venue, Mona asks Neelima why all troubles find Agastya only. She reminds Neelima that in the last few days, Agastya got arrested, attacked, is receiving threats and now lost the case against his step mother. Neelima gets angry at Mona and asks her to keep shut. Mona says Agastya won’t be in so many troubles without any reason. She tells Neelima that soon they will get to know what crimes Agastya have committed. Neelima finds a suspicious woman and runs to see her. But the woman escapes with the help of a crowd of reporters.

Neelima feels that she saw Agastya’s step mother. Reporters surround Neelima and Mona. They ask about Agastya’s condition. Another reporter asks if Agastya has been involved in crime since childhood and if his case file is hidden in order to save him. He also asks if the press conference has any relation with it. Mona gets shocked. Neelima angrily leaves, saying that she doesn’t find answering their (reporters) nonsense questions necessary. On the other hand, Virat, Ishaan and Pakhi pack all the stuff from their secret hideout. Pakhi calls Mohit and asks him about Agastya’s whereabouts. Mohit says maybe Agastya would be resting now. Pakhi asks Mohit how he can take clever Agastya, so lightly. She asks Mohit to check Agastya inside his room.

Mohit checks and tells Pakhi that Agastya isn’t in his room. Pakhi tells Ishaan and Virat about it. She says they will have to leave from here, before Aagstya comes and ruins their plan. Before they could leave, they hear that Aagstya’s car reached their secret hideout. Agastya kicks the secret hideout from outside and tells Ishaan that his game is over. He tells Ishaan that he tried really well but messed up with the wrong person. Agastya asks Ishaan about Pakhi’s whereabouts. He tells Virat (Singh) to come in front of him. Agastya tells Ishaan and Virat that they did good planning but made one mistake. Flashback shows Agastya recognizing Pakhi’s kidnapping location by hearing azaan from 7 different mosques at the same time in the threatening video. He recognizes that it’s Malakpur’s 7 masjid mohalla and pretends to faint. Flashback ends.

Pakhi, Virat and Ishaan regret their mistake. Pakhi tells Ishaan and Virat that Agastya doesn’t know about her involvement in the plan and thus they need to escape Agastya anyhow. According to Pakhi’s plan, Virat, Pakhi and Ishaan start covering their hideout with boxes. From outside, Agastya keeps taunting Ishaan and Virat for using a girl to get their revenge on him. He threatens them saying that he won’t spare them. Agastya asks Ishaan and Virat to come outside and take their revenge from him (their enemy). Virat asks Pakhi and Ishaan why they are fearing Agastya so much. He says they are 3 and Agastya is alone, they should close the chapter by killing Aagstya today only.

Virat says no one will misunderstand them for killing a criminal like Agastya. Pakhi says she wouldn’t have made so many plans, if she would have to kill Agastya. She says she just wants to expose Agastya and get him punished by law. Pakhi explains to Virat that if he will kill Agastya right now, then he will be considered a hero, who sacrificed his life, to save his wife. She says they aren’t criminals, Agastya is. Ishaan asks Pakhi if she still thinks Agastya will still confess his crimes. Virat says they can’t step back after doing so much. He says all of them want their lives back for which Agastya will have to confess his crimes in front of the whole world.

He says he has a plan for it. Pakhi asks what the plan is. At Raichand house, everyone gets shocked, finding that Agastya disappeared from his room. When Pakhi doesn’t receive his calls, Mohit feels worried thinking if Agastya found Pakhi, Virat and Ishaan. Shanaya says she can’t understand why Agastya had to run away and what Ishaan wants Agastya to confess. She asks if anybody has some idea what Agstya has done. Sameer screams enough and walks to Neelima. He asks Neelima why she is pretending to be unaware of the truth, when she knows it all. Sameer says everyone here is worried for Pakhi and she is keeping shut to save her grandson. Sameer’s behavior with Neelima, shocks everyone.

Sameer angrily asks Neelima to open up about Pakhi and Agastya’s whereabouts. He says he wants to hear the truth now as he remained silent for long already. Sameer asks Neelima to open up as he won’t tolerate her silence anymore as his daughter’s life is in danger. On the other hand, Pakhi asks Virat if he realizing, how dangerous his plan is. Virat asks Pakhi and Ishaan to come with him to Agastya and apologize to him, if they can’t follow his plan. He tries making Ishaan and Pakhi understand that Agastya needs to be exposed as they and their family suffered a lot and even they took big risks to make their plan reach till here.

Agastya wonders where Ishaan, Pakhi and Virat are as he didn’t find them even after searching 25 rooms. Aagstya keeps asking Ishaan and Virat to come outside. Virat tries convincing Pakhi to follow his plan. Pakhi tells Virat that she can’t stoop so low, even after she wants to expose Agastya. Agastya says he is coming inside. At Raichand house, Mona shouts at Sameer for screaming at Neelima. Sameer asks Neelima to say something as he won’t ever forgive her, if something happens to Pakhi. He asks Neelima till when she will save a dangerous man like Agastya. Sameer tells Neelima that she knows that Agastya can do anything to his daughter.

Shanaya asks Sameer what he means. Sameer says Aagstya is dangerous for Pakhi. He reveals that Agastya is behind all this going on and is also responsible for it. This shocks and confuses everyone. On the other hand, Virat asks Pakhi and Ishaan to agree to his plan, if she wants justice for everyone, whom Agastya has done injustice to. Agastya starts breaking the main door of Pakhi, Ishaan and Virat’s secret hideout. He asks Pakhi to not worry as he has arrived.

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