Anupama 15th April 2022 Written Update Vanraj's decision

Anupama 15th April 2022 Written Update Vanraj’s decision

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Anupama 15th April 2022 Written Update Vanraj’s decision Bapuji says people consider daughters as a burden but in reality daughters are the ones who unload the burden of seven generations. Baa, Vanraj and Kavya feel angry. Devika tells Anupama that usually relatives give shagun in weddings but she got the first shagun of her marriage by Lord Krishna. Kinjal says now Anupama herself can bear her own wedding expenses. Anupama’s supporters rejoice Anupama’s achievement and clap. Baa and Kavya grow jealous of Anupama. Anuj and Malvika talk eye to eye. In his thoughts, Anuj decides to tell Anupama about getting a big project later on at the right time, about which Malvika knows.

Anuj thinks Lord Krishna is directly blessing his and Anupama’s marriage. Anupama gets overwhelmed and happy. Bapuji says humans curse their fate, their whole life but forgets that deeds (karma) are bigger than fate. He says a person’s fate fully depends on his/her deeds. Pakhi wishes to join Anupama but stops herself noticing Vanraj and his gang’s disappointment. On the other hand, Rakhi recalls the suggestions she gave to Kavya. She also recalls how Paritosh begged her to help him regarding job. Rakhi further recalls how Shahs, especially Vanraj, ousted her from Shah house. Rakhi says her life has only two missions.

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First to bring Kinjal back to her and second, to get revenge on Shahs for humiliating her. She says this time she will be using Kavya and Paritosh for her motives. Rakhi thinks she can’t upset Kinjal more by using Paritosh right now. She wonders why Kavya didn’t take any step till now, by her provocation. Rakhi says her plan won’t start, till Kavya takes some big step by her provocation. She thinks to first show Vanraj his right place/status by teaching him a lesson. Rakhi says after Vanraj and Shahs, she will teach a lesson to Anuj and Anupama. At Shah house, Anuj witnesses Anupama crying and asks her to not waste her tears worth crores on the lakhs cheque.

Anupama tells Anuj that she has been earning money for many days but never saw such a large amount of cheque beforehand. She tells Anuj that in the past, he would have surely worked on such big amounts but for a woman like her this is a very big amount. Anupama shares with Anuj how she and her family struggled a lot to get even small things. She says even after marriage, her status remained the same. Anupama explains to Anuj that a woman doesn’t feel bad about always asking for money from her family members but feels and when she is told/expressed that she is used to begging. She says a woman feels very bad, when her husband or family members tell her that they are doing favors for her by handling her expenses.

Anupama asks if the women are some goats whom people are raising. She says women’s existence brings peace, happiness and success. Anupama says, husband gives money to his wife, like he is giving her a blanket, outside the temple. She says some husbands treat their wives even worse than they treat beggars. Anupama explains that a woman/wife asks money for house expenses, not for herself. She tells Anuj that everyone in Shah house has expressed to her that they have raised her and done a favor to her, even when she fed them whole life. Anupama says a woman can do anything, if all this injustice pricks her.

Anuj wipes tears from Anupama’s eyes and tells her that she is his rockstar. Baa tells Vanraj it’s good that Anupama got a cheque and now their money won’t be spent on her marriage. Vanraj tells Baa that the important point is that Anupama is earning from everywhere but they aren’t earning anything. Baa and Vanraj recall Bapuji telling Baa that Vanraj was lucky and successful, till he had Anupama as his wife. On the other hand, Anupama tells Anuj that her family also struggled to arrange and save money for her marriage, like every girl’s parents do. She says a girl’s parents, siblings and relatives struggle a lot to save money for her marriage.

Anupama explains that a girl’s first tear on her farewell falls because she feels worried thinking about how her family struggled a lot to get her married. She tells Anuj that every girl has a guilt filled in her heart of being a daughter. She says that every girl thinks that it would have been better if she was born as a son instead of a daughter. Anuj grows emotional with Anupama’s words. Rakhi thinks that she gave time to Kavya to think about her offer till tonight. Kavya on the other hand recalls Anuj’s announcement about Anupama’s new contract. She says Anupama’s fate changed and automatically everything good is happening to her.

Kavya says she will herself have to think about her own good. Rakhi waits for Kavya’s call and yes to her offer. But Kavya instead calls Anirudh. Anupama asks Anuj, if people teach girls to see dreams, then why don’t they teach them the way to fulfill them. She asks why people don’t make girls able/independent, so that they can handle expenses of their marriage on their own. Anupama also asks why people don’t make girls capable enough that they can raise themselves on their own, handle each and every expense of them, and fulfill their dreams. She explains that it’s every girl’s dream to earn enough to not let her family sacrifice their dreams, wishes and precious things for her marriage expenses.

Anupama says family members make excuses when their daughter asks them where they disappeared in their marriage photo album. She explains it’s every girl’s dream to see her family happy in her marriage, instead of roaming tense about expenses. Anupama tells Anuj that she also dreamt about all this before every night of her marriage. She says every girl dreams of it but only a few girl’s get the chance to fulfill it as people don’t let other girls fulfill this dream of theirs. Anuj tells Anupama that “his Anupama” will fulfill this dream of hers, under all circumstances. Anupama tells Anuj this is God’s blessing. She tells Anuj that he is God’s biggest and best blessing to her.

Anupama tells Anuj that she will enjoy every moment of their marriage, like she is living 1000 lives. She tells Anuj that now she will handover this cheque to Bapuji and ask him to forget all his worries about her marriage expenses as now she will herself handle all expenses of her marriage. Emotional Anuj claps for Anupama. Both Anuj and Anupama witness that Anupama’s all supporters overheard their conversation. All of Anupama’s supporters seem very emotional after hearing Anupama’s wish that she wants to handle expenses of her marriage on her own now.

On the other hand, on call Kavya asks Anirudh to meet her as she wants to talk to him about something, investment related. Vanraj overhears this. Anupama hands over her recent cheque to Bapuji and asks him to get her married as he wished to/wanted to. She asks Bapuji to fulfill all his wishes and get her (his daughter) married grandly. Bapuji blesses Anupama and takes the cheque from her.

In the next episode, Anuj will tell Anupama that their married life will be as beautiful as a fairy tale. They will get romantic. On the other hand, Kavya and Vanraj will indulge in a big argument. Angry Vanraj will ask Kavya to divorce him and leave, if she has so much problem with him. He will also tell Kavya that Anirudh got successful after she exited his life but her entrance in his life ruined him.

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