Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 18th April 2022 Upcoming

Bade Acche Lagte Kaamna Mose Chal Kiye Jaaye Spoilers

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 18th April 2022 Upcoming Shivina awaits Ram to discuss her Chudi rasam. She wants the rasam to become grand. She is excited to discuss with her family. Ram is emotionally intense. He tells the family about his decision to reopen his dad’s accident case, suspecting that it was a murder. He wants to find out the real culprits and get them punished. Shivina asks Ram why is he talking such depressing things, when their dad has died 15 years back and now there is no use in finding out the cause of his death. She tells that she wanted to know about the rasam and party, but Ram has become CID and started discussing their dad’s death. She doesn’t want to hear about the murder and accident. She tells that she has no interest in knowing about her dad’s accident.

Nandini asks Shivina to stop it. Shivina wants the family to focus on her. She tells that everyone has to die, their dad had his death early in his fate so he died, that’s the end of the chapter and they shouldn’t drag it long. Ram raises hand on her, but controls his anger. He can’t believe that Shivi is talking so ill about their dad. He tells her that its important for him to know if their dad was really killed. Shivina and Shubham argue with Ram that he didn’t tell them before about the case, and suddenly came up to declare his decision, which means they don’t matter to Ram, they are just step siblings to Ram and have no value in his life.

Both of them argue with Ram and hurt his feelings, while Nandini tries to stop them. Shivina starts crying when she faces Ram’s anger. Ram apologizes to her. Shubham tells that Ram has shown that they are his stepsiblings. Shivina tells that Ram has no love for them, he just bosses around. Ram tells that they are his world. Priya and Akki get to witness the huge argument. Shubham tells that they will always be sidelined. He asks why doesn’t Ram discuss things with them.


He tells that if they were in Ram’s place and saw that the case is hurting Ram, then they would have not reopened the case, but Ram didn’t do this for them, Ram is hurting them because they don’t mean anything to Ram. Ram explains that he wants justice for his dad. Nandini gets worried seeing the family clashes. She tries to bring them at peace. Priya stops Shubham and asks him not to hurt Ram’s heart, he shouldn’t call Ram as a stepbrother. She tells that Ram loves his siblings a lot like they are his children. She worries for Ram’s emotional breakdown. Keep reading.


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