Kumkum Bhagya Nick kidnaps Prachi 19th April 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Nick kidnaps Prachi 19th April 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Nick kidnaps Prachi 19th April 2022 Ranbir searches for Prachi desperately in the whole house but doesn’t find her. Nick sees Prachi in his taxi and calls up Rhea. He suggests to Rhea that if they kill Prachi then all their problems will be solved. Prachi is struggling in the backseat with her mouth closed with a cloth. Nick tells Rhea it is the time to implement their plan and she tells that it is a very good idea. Rhea asks Nick to go ahead and kill Prachi. Nick becomes happy.

Bhagya Lakshmi episode spoiler – Lakshmi’s revelation:

Virendra starts crying and tells Lakshmi that if someone is lost then we lose the hope of finding the person again. He tells that he is experiencing the same pain as he has lost Lakshmi. Lakshmi is helpless and cries. Rishi saves Lakshmi from falling. Lakshmi and Malishka have a clash. Lakshmi talks about culture and values. Virendra questions her where her values had gone while signing the divorce papers. Lakshmi reveals that her hands were tied due to Malishka’s threat.


Mithai episode spoiler – Hari Mohan’s desire:

Dadu informs Dadi that Mithai can do wonders with her magical nature and heal any depressed person. He expresses his desire to make Mithai the daughter-in-law of the Choubey family. Girish tells Apeksha’s mother he is glad that Apeksha and Siddharth are very close and he wishes to have a girl like Apeksha in his son’s life. Will Siddharth marry Mithai or Apeksha? Will there be a clash between Hari Mohan and Girish?

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na episode spoiler – Devraj learns the truth:

Rati reveals to Krisha that Raghav has killed her son but she cannot tell this truth to anyone. Krisha asks her why and Rati tells that Raghav has threatened her to prove her characterless in front of her father if she reveals his truth to anyone. Rati tells Krisha that her father will not be able to bear this. Devraj listens to Rati’s confession and becomes enraged. Will Devraj help Rati in seeking justice?

Meet episode spoiler – Shanty at a bar:

Mrs. Meet thrashes Shanty and drags him to show his true face in front of her family. She reveals that she picked up Shanty from a club where he was caught dancing with a bar dancer. Babita asks Mrs. Meet to not accuse Shanty of fake crimes. Mrs. Meet tells her that she is telling the truth and asks her to uncover the cloth from his face. She goes near him and removes the cloth off his face.


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