Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th April 2022 Written Update Dev exposed

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th April 2022 Written Update Dev exposed

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th April 2022 Written Update Dev exposed Prisha tells Ruhi that she will sleep with her and Rudra. Prisha returns, changing into her night suit. Ruhi lies between her parents and kisses them one by one. Angry Rudra tries sleeping with his head turned on another side but Ruhi makes him turn to her and Prisha. After this Ruhi unites Rudra and Prisha’s Prisha’s hand. Seeing that Ruhi and Prisha have fallen asleep, Rudra tries going away. Prisha stops Rudra and asks him where he is going. Rudra tells Prisha that he will return to bed before Ruhi wakes up.

In the morning, Ruhi talks about her performance in the annual function with Saaransh. As Rudra takes Ruhi outside to the car, Prisha notices that worried Saaransh stopped. Prisha asks Saaransh to not worry as she has thought of a good plan to handle Dev. Saaransh asks Prisha what if clever Dev finds another escape. Prisha explains to Saaransh that a person needs to be explained another way, if he/she can’t understand the simple way. She asks Saaransh to stop worrying and concentrate/focus on his performance.

At the hospital, Vicky and Tarun visit Dev. Tarun asks Dev if he is fine as he got to know that Saaransh beat him black and blue. He asks Dev how so young Saaransh beat him this much. Dev tells Tarun that not even Saaransh’s father can beat him. He reveals that he did all this to himself to trap Saaransh. Dev asks Tarun if Khuranas filed any case against him. Tarun replies no and tells Dev that he thought he would get caught. Dev tells Tarun that he would have saved him anyhow, even if he would have been caught like last time in the drugs case. Tarun asks Dev why he sent him to get Prisha’s vulgar flyers printed.


Dev says he would have got caught and his plans to defame Prisha would have ruined, if he himself would have got her vulgar flyers printed. He says Prisha got him rusticated from school and in return he defamed her so much that she won’t be able to show her face to anyone. Dev says all his plans went perfect as he planned them. He reveals that he intentionally provoked Saaransh to beat him, so that the latter gets trapped by beating him. Dev says because of lack of proof with Prisha and Rudra, Revathi lashed out at them. He says he has been fooling his poor mother and thus she believes all his lies to be true.

Dev reveals that he threatened Saaransh by calling him from the ward boy’s phone and an angry Rudra came to beat him. He says poor Rudra even didn’t beat him and he fooled Revathi by lies, which made her lash out at Rudra and Prisha once again. Vicky praises Dev and his clever plans. Later, Prisha meets Tarun and asks him if he did her work. Tarun signs yes and shows Dev’s confession video recording to Prisha. Prisha smiles seeing the proof against Dev in her hands. Flashback shows Tarun keeping his phone in his shirt’s front pocket with the camera pointing towards Dev. He then asked Dev whatever he planned against Saaransh and Prisha, in a way that Dev doesn’t realize that he is giving a proof against him and his plans.

Prisha thanks Tarun and tells him that only he could have done this as Dev would not doubt him. Tarun tells Prisha that he wanted to help her anyways. He leaves revealing to Prisha that he did wrong work because Dev used to threaten him that he will get his father fired from the job, if he will refuse to do his evil works. Prisha decides to show Dev’s crime confession to Revathi in tonight’s annual function. Later, Prisha shows Dev’s confession video to Aaliya and Saaransh in school. Aaliya tells Prisha that she will help her as she never thought that Dev can stoop to this level too.

Prisha notices Aaliya’s worry for Revathi’s health. She tells Aaliya that she can understand her worry for her mother’s health. Prisha explains to Aaliya that some or the other day, Dev’s reality will come in front of Revathi. She also explains to Aaliya that even being in school, Dev is dangerous and may become more dangerous or criminal in future, if he won’t be stopped by anyone now. Prisha further explains to Aaliya, that it’s better that they now themselves reveal Dev’s reality to Revathi before she gets shocked by Dev’s big criminal act in future. She convinces Aaliya to help her reveal Dev’s reality to Revathi in a way that they can handle Revathi’s health too.

She asks Saaransh to not worry now as she will talk to Revathi at the time of annual function. Vicky overhears Prisha, Aaliya and Saaransh’s whole conversation. He runs to reveal it to Dev. Prisha decides to tell Rudra about her plan. On the other hand, Rudra is seen helping Ruhi and her friends/classmates in their performance’s final rehearsal. Prisha comes there and smiles seeing everyone. Rudra praises Ruhi and her classmates’ hard work and practice. Ruhi meets Prisha, Prisha praises her practice and asks her to be with the driver. Other students also leave. Prisha stops Rudra and shows him Dev’s confession video.

On Rudra’s question, Prisha tells him that Tarun helped her in this. She tells Rudra that Tarun told her that he did all the wrong works of Dev because he used to threaten him about his father’s job. Rudra asks Prisha to come and let’s show this to the police. Prisha stops Rudra and tells him that she wants to show Dev’s confession video to Revathi first and then she will decide what she wants to do with Dev. Shocked, Rudra asks Prisha why Revathi will make a decision. He says Dev did wrong with them, thus they will get him punished by law. Prisha explains to Rudra that being a mother, she can understand that this truth should get revealed to Revathi first.

She explains to Rudra that if Revathi will get to know Dev’s reality from anyone else or police, she may suffer a heart attack because of shock. Rudra tells Prisha that her true nature of saving criminals came to the forefront. Prisha asks Rudra why he is misunderstanding her again as there is difference between Yuvraj and Dev’s matter. Rudra tells Prisha he was in a misunderstanding when he thought that she is the most honest and good person of this world. He tells Prisha that she won’t become good again in his eyes by fulfilling the formality of telling him about Dev’s confession video that she got recorded. Rudra asks Prisha to remember that Dev’s case may become similar to Yuvraj. He tells Prisha that her habit of hiding and stubbornness of telling Revathi may become the reason for their destruction.

Prisha thinks that Rudra is not able to see anything in anger and she is doing the right thing. At the hospital, Dev gets to know about Prisha’s truth from Vicky. Dev plans to do something so dangerous in the annual function that Prisha forgets to show his confession video to Revathi. Vicky asks Dev what he is going to do. Dev tells Vicky that he will use Prisha’s weakness, Ruhi. Later, at Khurana Mansion, Rudra and Prisha are seen getting ready. Ruhi comes and tells her parents that she is very happy as it’s her first annual function today. Ruhi makes Prisha and Rudra help each other in getting ready for the annual function.

While helping each other, Rudra and Prisha get into a romantic tiff. Ruhi leaves to show her dress to Saaransh. Rudra leaves telling Prisha that he won’t ever forgive her for hiding the truth about Rajeev’s death. Prisha thinks she won’t accept defeat so soon. At the hospital, Dev pretends to be in pain in front of the nurse. Nurse gives a painkiller to Dev and leaves asking him to rest. Dev pretends to take the painkiller but spits it in the dustbin as the nurse leaves. He keeps and sets pillows on his hospital bed and covers it with the blanket. After this he secretly escapes the hospital from the window.

In the next episode, Revathi will get shocked when Prisha will show Dev’s crime confession video to her. Ruhi will be seen kidnapped by Dev. Saaransh will reach there and ask Dev to let his sister go. There will be a little fight between Saaransh and Dev. Revathi on the other hand will tell Prisha and Aaliya that Dev will surely get punished for his lies and mistakes. Due to some marbles, Dev will slip and fall from a height. Saaransh will seem shocked.

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