Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2022 Written Update Unbelievable Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2022 Written Update Unbelievable Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2022 Written Update Unbelievable Preeta Preeta reaches the police station. The reporters surround her to get the answers about Karan’s crime. Preeta tells them that Karan is innocent, he is getting framed in the match fixing blame. She asks them to check Karan’s past records, they will not get any records of match fixing, its absolutely clean. She tells that she isn’t saying this as Karan’s wife, they shouldn’t relate to Karan as his wife in this scenario, because she is much more than his wife, she is the owner of Luthra industries and Karan is her business partner. She tells that she knows Karan is a deserving and talented cricketer.

She clears Karan’s name, without showing her desperation. The Luthras see Preeta’s shocking statement on the news channel and can’t believe it. Prithvi meets Karan at the police station and taunts him about his arrest. He shows the video of Preeta’s shocking statement to Karan, that she doesn’t want her name to be associated to the loser Karan Luthras. Karan gets worried by Preeta’s unexpected words. Prithvi humiliates Karan. Shrishti finds Preeta talking to the media and concealing her real concern for Karan. She wants Preeta to openly help Karan and not appear wrong in anyone’s eyes. What will Karan think about Preeta? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Prithvi tells that Karan will be totally ruined. She asks him how did he keep the money bag in Karan’s car. He tells that it was also his plan. He recalls opening the car lock and keeping the bag inside. He tells that the bag has become the biggest proof against Karan and he got arrested. He asks her to talk later. She wishes him best of luck. He promises to ruin his enemies. He reaches the police station. He finds Karan getting questioned by the media. He tells the Inspector that he has to talk to the media and clean his image. Inspector tells that media will not support him. Karan tells that his entire family would be worried for him. Inspector doesn’t entertain him. Prithvi gets glad that Karan will be treated like a prisoner in the jail.

Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2022 Written Update Unbelievable Preeta:

Prithvi meets the Inspector. He tells that he is Karan’s family member. He asks Inspector to let Karan talk to the media. Inspector doesn’t listen. Prithvi shouts to Karan that he is with him, his family and fans are with him. He seeks permission to talk to Karan. Inspector permits him and sends him to Karan. Constable tells Karan that he was his big fan but now he is disappointed with Karan. Karan is silent. Prithvi meets him to anger him. He reminds the constable that he was inside the lockup few days back and now Karan is inside. He asks the constable is he ashamed of his bad behavior. He tells Karan that time isn’t loyal to anyone, he was jailed before and now Karan is jailed. He takes his words back and calls Karan a big cricketer and now a famous match fixer. Karan asks him to shut up.

Prithvi tells that Karan has earned big name and fame for wrong reasons, everyone wants to stay away from Karan. He tells that he is a family member, so he cares for him. He asks Karan to see who has come to meet him, just he has come instead Preeta and family. He taunts on Preeta. Preeta arrives there and gets caught by the reporters. She tells them that Karan is innocent, he didn’t do any match fixing. She adds that she wants to meet her husband first, he is innocent, he didn’t do anything. She asks them to let her meet Karan. Prithvi tells that Preeta is the owner of the Luthra house, she would be ruling at home, she is first the owner and then Karan’s wife, Preeta would not care for Karan, she won’t come to bail him out.

He tells that Karan and Preeta’s relation isn’t of love now, she isn’t interested in him and family, she is just interested in power and business. He adds that she would not link her name with Karan now. Karan tells that he has always hated Prithvi, he always wanted to break his face, but today he wants to make a request to him. He asks Prithvi to get lost, else his anger will vent out on him. Prithvi tells that he wants to help him but he doesn’t know what to do. Karan asks him to leave. Prithvi tells that he will go if Karan wants so. He asks Karan to take care. Karan finds Prithvi still there to annoy.

Prithvi tells that he is staying far from him, he won’t spare him so easily, after all he is getting peace seeing Karan in trouble. He wishes that he could see tears in Preeta’s eyes. Preeta witnesses a lady defending her husband in front of police, but not receiving any help. She thinks of helping Karan in some other way. Inspector tells that wives believe their husbands blindly, their statements shouldn’t considered serious. Preeta stays there and thinks what to do. Mahesh goes violent. He wants to see Karan. Sameer tries to calm him. Kareena tells that Mahesh got upset watching the news. Nurse injects Mahesh to make him sleep. She goes to inform the doctor about Mahesh’s condition. Rakhi breaks down.

Kareena consoles Rakhi and tells that they will bail out Karan. She asks Sameer to hire a good lawyer and arrange Karan’s bail. She hugs Rakhi. Preeta tells Inspector that she has come to meet her husband Karan Luthra. He suggests her to hire a big lawyer. He adds that he is also hurt, he used to follow Karan’s matches, he is his big fan, but now he is really regretting that he is caught for match fixing. He feels heartbroken by his star’s crime. He tells that he was also shocked to know Karan’s crime, he didn’t wish to arrest Karan, Karan is also a part of his fans’ lives, he has done wrong. He tells Preeta that Karan will get punished if he has done wrong. He adds that he is angry and emotional too, he has got many evidences against Karan.

Preeta gets worried. The reporters want to know why Karan has done match fixing. Preeta tells inspector that Karan is in many hearts, he has many fans who want their answers. She goes to answer the fans and media. She tells the media that Karan isn’t a match fixer. Prithvi checks the live news video. She tells that Karan didn’t take any money for the match fixing. Reporters question her. Prithvi thinks to show the news to Karan and double the fun. He asks Karan to see Preeta on news. Preeta tells that Karan belongs to a big business family, he has much money, he doesn’t need to do any match fixing, he has a clean past record. Shrishti reaches Preeta. Karan gets glad seeing Preeta defend him. Preeta then gives a shocking statement.

She asks the reporters not to regard her Karan’s wife in this scenario, because she is much more than that, she is the owner of Luthra industries and Karan is her business partner. She further defends Karan. She tells that Karan can never cheat anyone, its not his character to do any fraud. She guarantees that Karan is clean, he can never do match fixing. Prithvi tells Karan that Preeta isn’t with him in this scenario, she has left him. Karan gets upset. The Luthras watch Preeta’s interview and get upset. Kritika asks them to see Preeta’s truth, Preeta is defending Karan as a business partner, not as his wife. Kareena tells that Preeta is with them for money, not for relations. She feels Preeta doesn’t care for them.

Rakhi’s hopes on Preeta breaks. She cries. Kritika tells that Preeta has failed in every relation. She wants Rakhi to see the truth. The reporters ask Preeta about the cash source. Preeta tells them that she has told whatever she had to say. Prithvi asks Karan to not have any expectations from Preeta, she will not come to bail him, she just gave the statement and left. He calls it the end of the story. Karan asks him to please leave him alone. Prithvi asks him to take care and call him if he needs anything. Karan gets regretful thinking of Preeta’s words.

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  1. Preeta est incroyable, elle agit comme si elle ne se souciait pas de Luthra. et elle utilisera sa colère pour rendre karan libre et innocent


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