Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd April 2022 Written Update Rudra terrified

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd April 2022 Written Update Rudra terrified

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd April 2022 Written Update Rudra terrified Revathi asks Prisha and Rudra to sit in her car. Shocked Rudra and Prisha asks Revathi if it’s her car. Revathi replies yes. Rudra handles the conversation by telling Revathi that they expected some police type of car as they got to know that she is police commissioner in the annual function. Revathi tells Rudra and Prisha that usually she travels in a police car only but its tyre got punctured today, thus she sent the driver to get it repaired. She asks Rudra and Prisha to sit inside as she will drop them.

As Revathi walks a little far, Prisha asks Rudra what he is doing, Dev’s body is in this car. Rudra tells Prisha that they have no option as they can’t leave Dev’s body in Revathi’s car. He asks Prisha to sit in Revathi’s car for now as they will take out Dev’s body on getting some opportunity or chance of doing it. Prisha sits with Revathi in the front seat, while Rudra sits behind. At school, Aaliya thanks Tarun for telling Dev’s whole truth to Revathi. Tarun tells Aaliya that he got late in revealing Dev’s truth to Revathi. He says he should have explained to Dev, not to do wrong and bad works but he himself did wrong works for Dev.

Aaliya tells Tarun that it’s fine as now Revathi will handle Dev and make him understand his mistakes. She says Dev won’t do anything wrong or lie to anyone from now onwards. Tarun leaves and Aaliya calls Saaransh. Saaransh on the other hand will wake up scared seeing Aaliya’s call. Sharda comes with milk for Saaransh and asks him why he isn’t picking up Aaliya’s call. Saaransh picks it up. Aaliya tells Saaransh that Prisha revealed Dev’s truth to Revathi. She says Revathi believed Prisha seeing Dev’s confession video. Aaliya tells Saaransh Revathi got badly hurt after knowing Dev’s reality. She says Revathi cried a lot and felt betrayed.


Aaliya tells Saaransh that Revathi will surely punish Dev. She says she was scared for no reason and didn’t reveal Dev’s reality to Revathi. Aaliya tells Saaransh that Revathi handled the truth with courage and is fine. Saaransh tells Aaliya that it is good that it happened. Aaliya tells Saaransh that Revathi went to meet Dev at the hospital. Saaransh gets shocked and disconnects the call, telling Aaliya that he will talk to her later. Saaransh decides to inform Rudra. On the other hand, Revathi expresses apologies to Rudra for Dev’s evil behavior with his family.

At the same time, Rudra receives Saaransh’s call. Saaransh tells him what all Aaliya told him. He also tells Rudra that Aaliya told him that Revathi is going to meet Dev at the hospital. Rudra asks Saaransh to not take tension as he and Prisha are coming home and knows what to do/how to handle. He also asks Saaransh to go and sleep. Saaransh still feels scared. Rudra thinks to stop Revathi from meeting Dev in hospital as she may get suspicious. He also thinks that he and Prisha need to dispose/hide Dev’s body quickly, anyhow, as he can’t let Saaransh’s get involved in Dev’s accidental death.

Revathi stops her car seeing a police check post. She tells Rudra and Prisha that sometimes non-suspicious and hidden criminals get caught in such checks. Rudra and Prisha get shocked and scared. Revathi goes outside to check how much time checking will take. Prisha gets panicked and tells Rudra that Revathi will doubt them as only they were present in the parking lot and that too near Revathi’s car. She suggests Rudra to tell the truth to Revathi. Rudra asks Prisha to stop panicking as they will get caught because of her panic behavior only. Revathi returns to the car.

Prisha and Rudra sweat seeing Revathi’s car’s turn for checking. Revathi allows the police officials to check her car. Another police official tells Revathi that her car checking isn’t necessary. Prisha and Rudra relax after hearing this. They get scared, when Revathi tells the police officials that everyone should be checked regardless of who they are. Before Revathi’s car could get checked, another car gets under suspicion by police officials. Rudra and Prisha relax as Revathi’s car passes/crosses the police’s check post without checking.

Revathi, Rudra and Prisha reach Khurana Mansion. Rudra offers Revathi to come and have Prisha’s hand-made filter coffee. Revathi refuses but Rudra and Prisha convince her saying that they are sure that they’ll get justice by her. After this, Rudra offers to park Revathi’s car but the latter refuses. She tells Rudra that she is a little possessive about her car as her husband gifted it to her. Revathi goes inside with Rudra and Prisha. Saaransh sees Revathi and behaves normal. Revathi tells Saaransh that she came to taste his mother’s hand-made special filter coffee. Prisha serves coffee to everyone.

Rudra excuses himself saying he has to make an important call. He goes near Revathi’s car and finds her car lock open. He finds it difficult to take Dev’s body out from Revathi’s car. On the other hand, Prisha tries to keep Revathi busy and hopes that Rudra takes Dev’s body out of Revathi’s car. Hearing Prisha and Revathi’s talks, Saaransh gets to know that Revathi is police commissioner. To give time to Saaransh to settle with this information shock, Prisha offers Revathi to show her house. Revathi starts walking towards the stairs to see Prisha’s house.

Suddenly she gets her husband’s call. Revathi’s husband asks her where she is and even Dev isn’t picking up his call. Revathi asks her husband to meet her at City hospital and disconnects the call. She tells Prisha she has to meet her husband at the city hospital and tell him about Dev. Revathi also tells Prisha that her husband returned to Delhi after some days. Prisha asks Revathi to stay for some time and see her house, but Revathi refuses and apologizes to her. Prisha wonders if Rudra would have taken Dev’s body out from Revathi’s car or not. She tries to stop Revathi and give more time to Rudra but fails.

Prisha and Revathi walk outside. Revathi gets shocked to see Rudra touching her car trunk. She asks him what he is doing. Rudra gets shocked. Flashback shows Prisha texting and informing Rudra that Revathi is coming outside. Rudra reads Prisha’s text and puts Dev’s body part inside, which he pulled outside. Flashback ends. Rudra tells Revathi that he saw her car’s tyre while parking his own car in the garage. He tells Revathi that he was checking out her car and its tires. He praises Revathi for maintaining her car so well. Rudra says now he understood why she is so possessive about her car. Revathi says she has the habit of taking care of her things.

She takes a leave, saying that she has to go to the hospital and meet her husband to talk about Dev with him. Rudra and Prisha decide to go to the hospital behind Revathi. Prisha and Rudra get shocked seeing blood at Revathi’s car trunk and their house’s floor area. Prisha says this means Dev’s body is bleeding. To take out Dev’s body from Revathi’s car, they decide to go behind Revathi to the hospital.

In the next episode, Revathi and her husband will get shocked to see Dev missing from his hospital room. Rudra and Prisha will leave for the hospital. Rudra will ask Prisha to keep Revathi busy inside the hospital, till then he will take Dev’s body out from Revathi’s car. Revathi will give Dev’s hospital uniform to the police. Prisha will ask her why she gave Dev’s clothes to the police. Revathi will tell Prisha that police’s trained dogs will find Dev smelling his clothes. Rudra will be seen trying to take out Dev’s body from Revathi’s car trunk. Prisha will get worried thinking that these dogs will catch Rudra as he is near Dev’s body. Rudra will get shocked and scared.

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