Anupama Namaste America 25th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 5th May 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 25th April 2022 Written Update Anupama performs the morning aarti. She tells the newspaper seller about Vanraj building another floor in the house, so she would be visiting her Maayka after three months. She sees the newspaper and smiles seeing the US flag. Hasmukh walks in and takes the newspaper from her hand. She asks him why did he get the cream roll again. She lovingly cleans Vanraj’s name board at the gate. She asks Hasmukh to tell her about Vanraj’s horoscope. He reads it for her. He asks her to know her horoscope as well. She tells him that she knows everything about her life, she has to take care of the family and then wait for Vanraj’s return, her every day is same.

He tells that her dreams will take a flight. Leela asks Anupama to clean the Methi in the kitchen. She commands Anupama to touch her feet. She teaches the customs to her. Anupama touches her feet. Leela gets the similar command from her Saas. Baa asks Leela to clean the Methi. Hasmukh loves to see Baa bashing Leela. Leela tells that she has backache and can’t bend down. Baa still makes her touch her feet. She orders Leela the same way. Baa hugs Anupama and blesses her. She calls Anupama the best Bahu. She asks Anupama to watch the dance show finale with her. Anupama tells that she will see the dance show with Leela and her.


Baa makes fun of Leela. Anupama defends Leela. The family has light moments. Baa asks Anupama to dance in stage shows and also go in tv shows. Leela objects to it. Baa asks Leela to stop wearing the gold jewellery. Leela asks what’s the use of jewellery if they have to keep it hidden. Baa tells that talent is the biggest jewellery, they should not hide it. She supports Anupama’s talent of dancing. She tells that Anupama will fly really high. Anupama gets too glad. Baa advises Leela to become Anupama’s mother. Leela tells that Baa and Anupama have made a team against her. She wants to rule in the house someday. Vanraj wakes up and looks for Anupama. He gets a call from his colleague, who tells about their boss throwing a party.

Vanraj gets a good news that their boss is sending him to the US for the new project. His colleague tells that boss wants Vanraj to bring Anupama along. Vanraj doesn’t think she is good enough to go out with him. Anupama cooks the food in a musical way and dances in the kitchen. She gets the food for her little kids. Samar claps for Anupama, while Paritosh is just busy in his homework. Anupama tells Samar that she will go to America and participate in the dance competition. Vanraj calls Anupama to the room. She rushes on his call. Vanraj romances Anupama, but gets hindered by their kids. He tells that he got a new phone from his office. He takes them to click the pictures with the family. He gets a backpain.

He tells that his boss has decided to send him to US. He takes their photo. Anupama wishes that Vanraj gets everything that he aims for. He sounds confident that he will get everything that he wants. He tells her that he spoke to elders about Dolly’s marriage. He asks her to iron the suit for the party. She asks if she can come along. He tells that she never came with him when he wanted, because she is always busy with the family. Anupama tells that she is really busy. Dolly asks Anupama did Vanraj ask her to come to the party. Anupama tells that Vanraj had asked her many times, but she could never accompany him, so he is tired of asking her. Baa tells that a woman is never tired of her duties, a woman has many responsibilities on her shoulders, but a man controls her life. She understands Anupama.

Anupama isn’t unhappy with her life. She tells that she loves Vanraj, Radha and Krishna were different, but had an equal share on their lives. She doesn’t think she has a share in her own life. Baa tells that she will get Anupama her share. Vanraj gets ready for the party. Leela wishes him all the best. Baa hugs Vanraj. Vanraj tells that he will come back soon. Leela asks for Anupama. Baa asks her to go and make tea for her. Vanraj gets surprised when he finds Anupama waiting for her outside the house.

She tells him that she always refused to him whenever he asked her to come with him to the party, he would have felt bad always, so this time, she decided to accompany him tonight. She tells that she has finished all the household chores before time, and also selected matching clothes to compliment him. She tells that she is ready to come with him. He shocks her saying he isn’t ready to take her along. She asks if he is upset. He tells that he isn’t upset, but he has already told his boss that she won’t be coming. She tells that she is sorry and can apologize to his boss too. He doesn’t want her to embarrass him. He tells that he also won’t go. She asks him to go alone, and not cancel the plans. He asks her to keep the food ready for him.

He happily goes alone, being excited for his new project. In the next episode, Anupama reaches the party and shocks Vanraj. She performs in the party. His boss’ wife likes her dancing talent. She tells Vanraj that she wants to take Anupama to America, and promote the Indian culture. She tells the theme is talented Indian housewives. Anupama is excited that she is going to US. Vanraj isn’t happy with the idea. His relationship with Kavya is shown. He decides to burn Anupama’s passport and her dreams.

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