Anupama Namaste America 26th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 5th May 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 26th April 2022 Written Update Vanraj’s colleagues, seniors and boss are seen enjoying the party, teasing and talking to each other. They see Vanraj and say their forest king came. One of the seniors asks Vanraj if he really got married or if it’s just a rumor. He tells Vanraj that he would have brought his wife along, if he would have been really married. Anupama appears from behind Vanraj. Everyone gets surprised seeing Anupama. Vanraj recalls how his grandmother convinced and forced him to take Anupama with him to his office party.

Flash shows that Vanraj’s grandmother advised him that one should carry luck with pride, instead of keeping it/her (Anupama) locked up in the house. Leela (Vanraj’s mother) got angry seeing this. Flashback ends. Vanraj introduces Anupama as his wife to everyone. Anupama greets everyone by saying, “Jai Shri Krishna”. Vanraj’s boss’s wife praises Anupama for being pure Indian. She tells Anupama that she is good and different from others, who have adopted western culture. Vanraj feels embarrassed of Anupama. Seeing Anupama getting shy/feeling shy, Vanraj’s boss’s wife calls Anupama adorable.


Anupama apologizes and asks Vanraj’s boss’s wife what she meant. Some other person explains to Anupama that the boss’s wife meant that she is a very nice person. Vanraj’s boss and boss’s wife take Anupama with them. Some colleagues of Vanraj ask him if they should tell Anupama about his love episodes from before the wedding. Everyone keeps teasing him. Vanraj gets angry as one of his employees calls Anupama cute. Seeing Vanraj angry, the colleague apologizes to him. Vanraj’s boss’s wife announces that whoever comes to their house or party has to pay some entertainment tax.

Anupama asks what type of tax. Vanraj’s boss’s wife tells Anupama that she can tell a story, a joke, sing a song or she can dance too. Anupama says she can dance. This shocks Vanraj. Anupama looks at him seeking his permission. Vanraj’s boss notices this and says Vanraj won’t refuse. Vanraj asks Anupama to dance as he has no problem with it. Anupama starts dancing on some old song, “Jo Saath Rahenge Piya”. Vanraj feels irritated. As Anupama’s dance performance ends, everyone claps for her and praises her. Seeing everyone, Vanraj also claps and fakes a smile to fool Anupama.

Vanraj hopes everyone stops clapping as he wants to talk about something important to his boss. Anupama thanks everyone in gestures, by folding hands. Vanraj goes to his boss and asks him about their US project. Boss tells Vanraj that they will discuss the US project later on as right now Anupama completely changed the mood of the party. He calls Anupama a star. A woman tells Anupama that she is an amazing dancer. Boss’s wife suggests Vanraj and Anupama to take part in a couples dance competition. Boss says Anupama knows how to dance and asks who will make Vanraj to dance.

Everyone laughs as the boss addresses Vanraj as Sunny deol. Boss’s wife tells Anupama that she is amazing. Anupama tells everyone that they are amazing as they work in big offices but she is just an ordinary housewife. Boss’s wife asks Anupama if she thinks that it’s easy to be a housewife. She tells Anupama that housewives’ salary would be more than the world’s biggest CEO’s salary, if they would get paid for their work. Boss says it is correct. Boss’s wife asks Anupama if she took some formal training in dance from some teacher. Anupama replies that she did train for many years in childhood.

Boss’s wife discusses something with her husband. Vanraj wonders what the boss and his wife started discussing suddenly. Boss’s wife tells Anupama that she is promoting Indian culture internationally. She says this time, their theme is “Talented Indian Housewives”. Boss’s wife explains that she wants the world to know that a diamond can be found at homes too. She tells Vanraj that his wife is such a diamond. Vanraj thanks his boss’s wives. Boss’s wife tells Vanraj that she wants to take Anupama along with her to show the world that diamonds never lose their lustre/luster/shine, even if it is kept at home.

Vanraj tells his boss’s wife that she can take Anupama along with her whenever she wants to. Anupama asks how she will go. Vanraj asks Anupama to leave home after cooking food and return in the evening. Anupama says okay. Boss’s wife hears it and says that she isn’t talking about taking Anupama to some Sindhi Market. Vanraj asks his boss’s wife where she wants to take Anupama with her. Boss’s wife replies that she wants to take Anupama to the USA (America) with her. This stunns Anupama while Vanraj looks on. Anupama recalls that since morning, she was getting signs that her dream is going to take a flight.

Vanraj recalls his employee telling him that boss will send him only to/for the US project. Boss’s wife asks Anupama about her decision. Anupama stutters and looks at Vanraj. Boss’s wife asks Anupama if she is waiting for Vanraj’s permission. Before Vanraj could say anything, his boss tells him that he will have to follow his wife’s orders as she is his boss too. Vanraj feels disappointed and shocked, when his boss tells him that he can go to the US on next project. Boss recalls and says that Anupama and Vanraj have two small kids to handle. Vanraj’s junior says that Vanraj will handle his children as he only said in his woman’s day presentation that, “husbands can look after the kids, if their wife goes out”.

This shocks Anupama. Everyone praises Vanraj unaware of his true nature. Boss’s wife tells Vanraj that the world needs supportive husband’s like him. She says any other husband would have either gotten jealous of his wife or would have hesitated in sending her. Boss says that he is sure that their Vanraj won’t ever stop his wife from taking a flight. Angry Vanraj keeps faking a smile. At Shah house, while serving food to family, Leela says what is the point of becoming a mother-in-law, when she will have to do every work on her own. She also says that she thought that she would sit in comfort after becoming a mother-in-law.

Vanraj’s grandmother tells Leela that she is a mother-in-law, not an idol that she will be kept at just one place. She also tells Leela that she can’t be fed or control the reins by sitting at one place. Leela says whatever, but daughter-in-laws going to parties like this is wrong. Vanraj’s grandmother asks Hasmukh (Vanraj’s father) to go alone in Parekh’s daughter’s marriage/engagement. Leela says they got a family invitation card. Grandmother says Dolly will go with Hasmukh. Leela asks grandmother why she can’t attend Parekh’s daughter’s engagement/marriage. Grandmother tells Leela that she herself said that it’s wrong for daughter-in-law to attend parties. Everyone laughs and Leela feels angry and irritated.

Hasmukh asks Leela to get habitual as Anupama goes out of the house, occasionally. He asks Leela what she will do if Anupama will have to go out for a couple of days. Suddenly, Anupama returns home excited and announces that she is going to America. Everyone runs to her happily. Anupama twirls Samar in happiness. She also touches her elder’s feet and hugs Dolly. Leela asks Anupama if Vanraj knows that she is going to America. Anupama says Vanraj himself said yes for sending her to America. Flashback shows Vanraj telling his colleagues and boss that he is in support of sending Anupama to America to fulfill her dreams.

Leela gets very angry and shocked. Vanraj keeps his fake smile on. Samar and Paritosh ask Anupama to take Leela along with her and leave her in America only. Everyone laughs hearing this. Vanraj’s grandmother and Hasmukh praises Anupama’s talent and says they knew from the beginning that their Anupama will surely take flight, touch the sky and conquer it. Leela and Vanraj feel irritated seeing Anupama’s happiness and everyone’s support for her. Anupama tells her children that she will go to America by plane. She gives the whole credit to Vanraj. Vanraj’s grandmother asks Leela to distribute sweets in the neighborhood. Leela says everyone must be asleep by now.

Vanraj’s grandmother asks Leela to wake everyone by beating thali. She says she will get Anupama’s America going news printed in the newspaper and broadcasted on TV. Anupama informs her family that she needs to give an audition to Vanraj’s boss’s wife, Rajni Patel beforehand. Bapuji asks Anupama what if she fails to clear the audition. Anupama says then she won’t be able to visit America. Leela sees hope and thanks God, thinking that there are still some chances that Anupama won’t go to America. Anupama tells everyone that she has to send her recorded audition till the next day’s 2 PM. She also tells everyone that the results will be announced at 6 PM in the evening.

Leela asks Anupama to not cry, if she fails to clear the audition. Vanraj’s grandmother scolds Leela and asks her to not jinx Anupama. She says Anupama will surely clear the audition as there is no better dancer than her in whole Ahmedabad. Hasmukh says Anupama is blessed with Lord Natraj himself. Dolly says there is no such dance audition, that Anupama can’t clear. Leela asks Anupama if she would be able to give an audition. Anupama replies that she is feeling very scared but she will clear the audition anyhow as she gets strengthened after wearing ghungroos. Except Leela and Vanraj, everyone jumps in joy. Baa asks Anupama if she forgot her kids’ responsibility in the happiness of visiting happiness.

Vanraj’s grandmother tells Leela that the whole family will handle kids. She explains that families are made for helping and supporting each other. Leela and Vanraj don’t get affected by Grandmother’s advice and teachings. Kids and Dolly start asking Anupama to bring gifts for them from America. Vanraj goes inside. Leela thinks that this is not done. She thinks that she will see how Anupama goes to America. Grandmother tells Leela in her ears that she will also see how she stops Anupama. She tells a scared Leela that being a senior mother-in-law, she is very well aware of a mother-in-law’s thinking. Leela feels angrier.

Electricity goes off. Leela asks Dolly to bring an emergency light. Vanraj lights a candle and takes out Anupama’s passport. He says he got Anupama’s passport made to get the company’s holiday allowance. Vanraj says he never imagined that Anupama’s passport will be used for anything else than the address proof. He recalls how Anupama got the opportunity to visit America and how he lost the same opportunity. Before he could burn Anupama’s passport, he receives a message. Vanraj reads Ritika’s (Vanraj’s first and college girlfriend) message, informing him that she is coming to India and asks Vanraj to meet her tomorrow.

Vanraj takes out his college photographs and recalls how Ritika broke up with him and left him for her bright future in the USA. He holds both Ritika’s picture and Anupama’s passport in his both hands. He thinks that Anupama will go to America for one week and at the same time, Ritika will be in Ahemdabad. He wonders what fate wants.

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