Bhagya Lakshmi 28th April 2022 Written Update Alarm for Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th April 2022 Written Update Alarm for Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th April 2022 Written Update Alarm for Rishi Lakshmi stops Rishi from leaving the hotel room. He questions her if she has fallen in love with him. He wants her answer, that could stop him from leaving. She admits her feelings to him. She tells him that she likes to stay with him, she feels happy when she stays around him, she really wants to stay with him. Rishi feels on cloud nine after her confession. He smiles, but doesn’t know why he is feeling so happy that Lakshmi is reciprocating his feelings. She stays back in the room. Shalu and Bani call her to know how things are going. Rishi and Lakshmi talk to them on the video call. Bani asks him to take care of Lakshmi. He assures that he will be with Lakshmi to look after her. Lakshmi smiles seeing his genuine care.

Later, Rishi and Lakshmi go for dinner. They perform dance in the masquerade party happening at the pool side. Malishka keeps an eye on them. She finds Rishi and Lakshmi close. Rishi doesn’t see Malishka there. Malishka keeps her face hidden by the mask. Rishi goes to attend a call. He slips and falls into the pool. Lakshmi senses him into trouble and holds her nuptial chain. She turns and sees Rishi fallen into the pool. She shouts Rishi and runs to his rescue. She understands that Markesh is threatening his life.

Earlier in the show, Rishi and Lakshmi keep their arguments going. She wants to stay with him. He tells her that he is more stubborn than her. She asks him to give a reason to shift from the room. He tells that she is the biggest reason, he will work all night, he doesn’t want to disturb her sleep, so he will shift to another room. She asks him to shift if he wants, but at night. He asks her if she has fallen in love with him. She gets stunned by his question. He asks her why is she not letting him go away from her sight for a second like she loves him.


Bhagya Lakshmi 28th April 2022 Written Update Alarm for Rishi:

Rishi reminds Lakshmi that she told I love you to him, but he doesn’t know if she told the truth or lie. He tells that he is really charming and anyone can love him. She tells that she doesn’t love him, she is helpless to be with him because of the court order, she is his wife, so she is trying to stay close. He tells that judge isn’t seeing them. He gets upset. She asks if he felt upset. He tells that he felt upset but its okay. She tells him that she really likes to stay with him, she is sorry to say anything to him. He laughs hearing her apology. He tells that he really liked it. She asks him why was he acting, he is bad. He tells that he isn’t bad, he heard it right that he is good so she wants to stay with him. He tells her that he has to go for a meeting, he will take the adjacent room at night to stay there. She asks him not to go too far.

Kiran sends the clothes to Malishka at the hotel. Malishka likes a dress. She thinks Rishi will not get his eyes off her when she wears the lovely dress and looks stunning. Rishi gets angry on Lakshmi that she had kept her clothes in the cupboard. He tells that he didn’t get his clothes. She gives him the clothes. He asks her not to keep a watch on his belongings. She tells that she was taking care of it as a responsibility. She asks him to go now for the meeting. He asks her how does she have such attitude, she always fights him. She tells that he is getting late. He tells that he doesn’t want any disturbance in the meeting, if she comes there then he will act that he doesn’t know her.

He asks her to shift to the other room when he comes back. She doesn’t want to go away from him. Malishka compliments herself. She tells that she won’t let him stay with Lakshmi. Lakshmi talks to Shalu and Bani. They tease him about Rishi. She tells them that Lakshmi always follows her commands. Rishi overhears them. He tells that he will tell them the truth. Lakshmi stops him from saying anything to her sisters, they will cry for her. Rishi tells that Lakshmi isn’t nice, she just makes him dance on her tunes, he will tell the truth to them. He admits that Lakshmi always commands him.

Lakshmi smiles seeing him. They ask Rishi to promise that he will take care of Lakshmi. He promises. He tells Lakshmi that he will tell her the truth that she is commanding him, but he doesn’t want to listen to her, he can also rule over her. Lakshmi smiles happily. He asks her not to smile. She continues to smile. Malishka comes in front of Rishi, but he doesn’t see her. Kiran comes and takes Malishka away from his sight. Rishi meets Paritosh. Kiran asks Malishka not to meet Rishi, else the things might get against her. She reminds how she is facing problems since the morning. She asks her to meet Rishi when he is away from Lakshmi. Malishka asks Kiran what will she do.

Kiran asks her to give her some time. Rishi tells that he has come to buy the hotel, but he will take a decision soon. Ronit meets Paritosh, who tries to ignore him. Ronit introduces himself to Rishi. Rishi tells that he has come to decide about the investment in the hotel. Lakshmi reaches there to look for Rishi. Ronit tells that Rishi’s wife can get upset knowing he is seeing someone else. Rishi tells that Lakshmi is his wife. Paritosh asks Ronit to just excuse them and let them discuss the deal. Lakshmi meets a little girl Juhi and goes with her.

She hears Rishi complaining about his headache. Juhi gives her some flowers. She gets the same flowers for Rishi. Rishi thanks her. Kiran and Malishka hide from Lakshmi. They see Lakshmi adding some pill in the water glass and sending it for Rishi. They get a shock and suspect her intentions. Malishka worries. Kiran stops Malishka. Rishi sees Lakshmi. Lakshmi signs him to have the water, it has a medicine that will relieve his headache. Rishi likes her caring gesture.

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