Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2022 Written Update Big battle

Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2022 Written Update Big battle

Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2022 Written Update Big battle Rhea challenges Prachi that she will throw out Prachi from the house. Prachi doesn’t listen to her. She throws Rhea’s clothes outside. Rhea asks what is she doing. Prachi tells that she is claiming her rights as Ranbir’s wife. She makes Rhea out of the room, along with Aaliya. She shuts the door and turns. She finds Ranbir conscious and looking at the drama. Prachi doesn’t want to forget whatever Rhea has done. She knows that Rhea cares for least for Ranbir’s health and his happiness. She wants to take care of Ranbir and make him recover soon, without getting into any fights with Rhea. She also wants peace in the family.

Prachi’s move of ousting Rhea makes Ranbir hopeful of his union with Prachi. Rhea plans to separate them forever by her new conspiracy. She wants Ranbir to oust Prachi from the house. What is Rhea’s plan that Ranbir takes a step against Prachi? Will she reveal Prachi’s pregnancy news in a negative way? How long will Prachi take to reveal the good news to Ranbir? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prachi finds it strange that nobody is confronting her. She asks Ranbir if he is happy to fall injured. She sits near him and applies the ointment to his wounds. Rhea hinders her. She tells that Ranbir doesn’t need odd things. Prachi replies that she knows Ranbir’s betterment. Rhea argues with her, and asks her to leave. Prachi asks Rhea to apply the ointment herself. Rhea rebukes her and reminds their rivalry. Prachi reminds Rhea’s fake concern. She asks Rhea not to come between Ranbir and her. Rhea tells that Ranbir isn’t interested in Prachi, and she will soon know this. She insults Prachi. Ranbir is still asleep, amidst their long arguments happening.


Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2022 Written Update Big battle:

Prachi and Rhea have an argument. Prachi tells that she will not leave Ranbir, and her rights on him. She asks Rhea to give her some privacy. Rhea asks Prachi to go from the room, because Ranbir is her husband. She reminds that there is her belongings in the room. She shows her clothes kept in the cupboard. She tells that Prachi won’t become Ranbir’s wife just by saying so. She tells that she is staying with Ranbir in the same room. She doesn’t want to fight because she respects Pallavi. She asks Prachi to get out of the room. Prachi tells that she will come back. She goes and recalls Rhea’s words. Rhea finds Ranbir sleeping in peace. She takes the lep made by Prachi. Ranbir wakes up and calls out Prachi.

He finds Rhea with her. Rhea tells that she was taking care of him, Prachi would be sleeping in her room. Ranbir tells that he didn’t know when did Prachi come to see him. She tells that he must be dreaming, Prachi did not come, she might be sleeping and getting good rest. She lies that she had applied the lep to his wounds to heal it quickly. He asks what is he doing in her room. She tells that its his room, he can take a complete rest. Rhea gets upset that Ranbir just takes care of Prachi, like he got a memory loss that he remembers everything of Prachi and nothing about her/Rhea.

She wants to stop Ranbir and Prachi from meeting. Ranbir goes to see Prachi in her room. He feels love for her. He feels lucky that he got another chance to stay with her and see her face, he is happy that they are in the same house once again. Rhea watches him sitting near Prachi, while the latter is asleep. She calls Aaliya for a quick meeting. She tells that its time. Aaliya runs downstairs and collides with Vikram and Dida.

She runs to meet Rhea. Shahana tells that Aaliya is running in a rush. Dida asks her to ask Aaliya why is she running. Vikram jokes that Dida has turned slow, so she feels everyone is running. Ranbir doesn’t want Prachi to wake up because of him. He thinks to leave. He leaves from her room, while Prachi wakes up and doesn’t see him. Prachi takes rest. Rhea and Aaliya see him coming and talk deliberately to fool him. Aaliya tells that Ranbir knows that Prachi doesn’t like Rhea, Nick had told them that Prachi planned that fake attack to get Ranbir’s attention, she wanted to show herself as a victim, she had tried to harm Rhea, Prachi is also a criminal like Nick, Nick double crossed Prachi and asked Ranbir for money, it was Prachi’s plan.

Ranbir asks her to stop saying anything wrong about Prachi. He trusts Prachi. He tells that he can’t believe Nick, Prachi doesn’t want his attention, she didn’t do anything to get his attention, Nick has lied about her, it means that Nick is lying, and Prachi didn’t get herself attacked. He tells Rhea that Prachi must be very tired that she went to sleep. Rhea cries and thanks him for saving her life. She goes to Aaliya and tells that she will make Prachi look real bad, she will appear as the culprit, she will make her face Ranbir’s wrath. Prachi doesn’t want to take stress. She worries for her baby. She gets angered remembering Rhea’s words.

She goes to Ranbir’s room and asks him how is he feeling now. He tells that he is good. She asks him to give her some time. She throws Rhea’s clothes outside the room. Ranbir asks her what is she doing. Rhea and Aaliya come there to see Prachi’s deed. Pallavi hears some sound. She tells Vikram that something is happening at home. He tells that he didn’t hear any such sound. She asks him if he spoke to the police about Nick. He tells that police will soon catch Nick. She tells him that Prachi didn’t let Nick get arrested. Rhea asks Prachi what is she doing. Prachi tells that she is getting her rights on her husband Ranbir. She shuts the door on Rhea’s face and smiles seeing Ranbir.

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  1. Enough of Rea bring those 2 together and not the same story line as there parents u will lose viewers they don’t want same they want to see them happy with the baby that aunt needs to go to jail for all the things she done in past like her son is not her husband and cutting the brakes put her in some shit now

  2. Si la famille Kohli croit réellement que Prachi est la coupable alors je ferai mes adieux à cette série qui va de mal en pie. Comme plus de 2000 épisodes sont insuffisants pour eux il faut aller même au-delà de 100000 épisodes ça fera l’affaire parce que là trop c’est trop.

  3. Yes enough of this illogical pregnancy drama viewers loose intrest like this her stomach doesnt show she is pregnant so much trauma but complicated pregnancy not affected ranver knows how cunning rehabilitation and bui is but still this family dont suspect them what nonsense going on and preaching never gets chance to say ranvee3 she is pregnant why should she afraid DNA test can prove her innocence why she has to worry when she came she was showing Sherri andcall of sudden she only do seva of tanveer only when he was sleeping and just blooper when peachy went to make lap ranger wake up and by the time prachi came back by making lap he went to sleep in so deep sleep that he dont have knoledge someone was putting lap on his arm and if he was having so much love his subconscious could have wake him up when prachi was talking as a person wake up from lng nap cant go in nap so deep that when prachi the was fighting he cant wake up when prachi talking to him he cant wake up but as soon as prachi goes away rita will be there to wake him up and everyone see tha gun was fired at prachi is r

    And Denver has saved prachi how come stupid tanveer belive diya? He has face so much lies from Riyadh and ranbeer was rotating around prachi all the time when he saw prachi scamming andci he believes Riyadh than second time he will make mistake and will separate from prachi that is what their story going towards enough is enough we are stupid to raise TRP of such shows y showing same and same negativity again and again we dont have time to spend on somthing good so keep on watching such tracks it want ls long .

  4. पहली बात रणबीर कौन है क्या है। प्राची को पसंद करता है या रिया को स्पष्ट क्यों नहीं करता। क्यों उलझा हुआ है।
    दुसरी बात रणबीर की प्राची के साथ शादी हुई है। कानूनन रणबीर की पत्नी हैं। प्राची कहीं कमजोरी तो कहीं शक्तिरुप दिखाती है। बहुत सी जगह प्राची रिया को रणबीर की पत्नी मानती है क्यों।
    तीसरी बात घर में जितने परिवार के सदस्य हैं इनमें रिया , आलिया, पल्लवी अपने हावभाव, एक्टिविटी के कारण स्पष्ट रूप से शक के घेरे में हैं। लेकिन जानबूझकर इग्नोर किया जा रहा है। क्यों।
    चौथी बात रिया अपने आप को खुद घायल नहीं कर सकती क्या जबकि पहले भी ऐसा कुछ कर चुकी है।
    रणबीर,दीदा, विक्रम सब जानते हैं कि रिया प्राची से नफ़रत करती है, पहले भी ऐसा कई बार चुकी है।फिर भी इग्नोर क्यों किया जा रहा है।
    पांचवीं बात रिया और आलिया का कोहली हाऊस में रहने का क्या औचित्य है।
    छठी बात आलिया कर तक गरीब थी खाने के भी लाले पड़ रहे थे, अचानक इतना पैसा कहां से आया कि निक को सात लाख रुपए दे सके।
    और भी ऐसी अनेक बातें हैं जो सिरियल को बेवकूफाना अन्दाज में ले जा रहा है।

  5. How Pallavi could think prachi hired nick when riah told her she did to help for the function..and she even called him a fool..all of a sudden she can’t remember that this show is to one sided only evil people prosper.all these years .go figure …


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