Kundali Bhagya 28th April 2022 Written Update Witless Karan

Kundali Bhagya 28th April 2022 Written Update Witless Karan

Kundali Bhagya 28th April 2022 Written Update Witless Karan Rakhi meets Karan in the jail. Karan cries seeing her. He tells her that Preeta is greedy, she is money-minded, just money matters to her, she asked him to pursue a career in cricket with a motive of reaping profits, she asked him to earn money for him. He tells Rakhi that he was wrong to trust Preeta again, she doesn’t deserve their faith. Preeta and Shrishti are also waiting to meet Karan. They overhear Karan and Rakhi’s conversation. Preeta is disheartened knowing Karan doesn’t trust her. Karan tells Rakhi that Preeta has framed him to get the sole business rights in her hands, she wants money and power in her hands totally. Rakhi sheds tears for her son. Preeta leaves from there, breaking down into tears.

Later, Preeta arrives home and summons the lawyer. She meets Malkhani, who tells her about the court hearing date. He asks her to gather as much proof as she can in just two days, because they have to keep the evidences in front of the judge. He asks her to share whatever information she gets. He also advises her to come to the court. Prithvi learns that the court hearing is after two days, Preeta can do anything this time, but she won’t find any evidence in Karan’s favor. He is confident that Karan won’t come out of the jail. He drinks to celebrate his victory in advance. What will Preeta do to prove Karan innocent? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Rakhi starts losing faith on Preeta. She feels wrong to believe Preeta. She asks Preeta about her media statement. She tells that a person’s heart breaks when a hope breaks. Preeta tells that she isn’t pretending anything, she isn’t saying that she is upset, she has come to give the tiffin for Karan, if Rakhi takes it, then Karan is likely to have the food. Rakhi thanks her. She rushes to meet her son. She knows that Shrishti is a nice girl. She asks Shrishti to never change herself, like Preeta changed her colours.

Kundali Bhagya 28th April 2022 Written Update Witless Karan:

Rakhi tells Shrishti that Mahesh has trusted Preeta a lot, but Preeta has broken her faith. She asks Shrishti not to change like Preeta did. Preeta tells that she doesn’t know how she will succeed in her aim, but she can’t change her aim. She doesn’t want Prithvi to know her real motives. She doesn’t like being rude to the family. She doesn’t know that Prithvi is keeping an eye on her through the cctv camera planted inside the house. Preeta meets Malkhani, who tells about the court hearing date after two days. He asks her to get the information to him so that he can use it in the court in Karan’s favor. Preeta asks Shrishti to come with her.

Prithvi is glad that Karan will get defamed and jailed forever, he will not come out of the jail this time. He just wants to win this time. He thinks two days will pass pretty soon and Preeta can’t do anything to help Karan. Meanwhile, Rakhi meets Karan and gets emotional. She tells that she got his favorite food. She relieves him about Mahesh. She tells that Mahesh is upset with him, else he would have come. Karan tells that he is glad that Mahesh is upset, he has some emotion for him. He knows that she is lying to him, Mahesh isn’t angry because he can’t feel any emotions for him, he is not well. She cries and tells him that she didn’t wish to tell him the truth.

She asks him to come home soon. He tells that he will come soon. He senses Preeta and tells that he thought someone has come to see him. Preeta hides from him. Shrishti doesn’t let Preeta go to Karan. She knows that Karan is upset with Preeta and suspects her. She asks Preeta to let Rakhi talk to Karan first. Rakhi feeds the food to Karan. He asks her not to cry, her tears are making him weak. He promises that he will turn himself very strong and not believe anyone from now.

Rakhi asks Karan to not change. Karan tells that the world doesn’t want a good Karan, but a changed Karan. She tells that he is saying so because of Preeta’s media statement. She also felt bad. She tells that they can be thinking wrong about Preeta, their perception can be wrong too. He tells that Preeta is greedy, she just wants money, she asked him to play to earn money, when she thought that he will earn a bigger name then she framed him into match fixing. He tells that this is Preeta’s ugly truth. Preeta is shocked to know this. Rakhi angrily slaps Karan. Preeta feels bad and thinks Karan doesn’t love her. She cries and leaves from there. Rakhi asks Karan not to say a word against Preeta.

She feels that he is thinking wrong about Preeta. She tells that Preeta can never do this with him, he is her husband, she loves him and their family a lot. Karan tells that he won’t say such things again. He asks Rakhi to forget it and just feed him the food. Preeta cries that Karan is misunderstanding her. Shrishti tells that she knew this and that’s she was keeping her away. Preeta asks how can Karan think so. Shrishti tells that Preeta needs to understand Karan, he loves her. Preeta tells that this isn’t love, when there is no faith. Shrishti tells that Karan loves and trusts Preeta. Preeta tells that she has always loved Karan, but maybe Karan doesn’t love her.

She doesn’t understand why Karan always suspects her intentions and misunderstands her. Shrishti asks her to not vent anger on Karan, who is vulnerable at this moment. Preeta tells that she will free Karan from the bail and then clarify to him openly, she will not hide anything from him and she will ask him if he wants her in his life or not. She wants Karan’s love, because its his duty to love her and its her right on him. She gets Madan’s call. She tells Shrishti that she has appointed Madan/Maddy for Karan’s case.

Maddy tells her that he has spent the money and wants to give her the details. He tells that he knows everything about the case, the court hearing is in two days. She asks him to come home. He agrees to reach to Luthra mansion. Shrishti tells that maybe he got some big information to give her. Shrishti and Preeta reach home and meet Maddy. Shrishti initially thinks he is a thief. Preeta introduces Maddy. Shrishti asks him to share the information. She introduces herself as a good spy. Maddy asks if he can call her if needed for any project, she can assist him.

He tells Preeta that Karan was arrested from the stadium. He asks Shrishti to keep patience and listen to him first. He tells that the media reached the changing room before Karan’s arrest, the media already knew the possible arrest, it means Karan is being framed. Shrishti tells that they should go to the police with the cctv footage. He tells that this evidence won’t help them, the police can call this a coincidence, they have to find more evidences. Preeta pays him more money. Sameer reaches there and finds Preeta paying cash to Maddy. He gets mistaken.

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  1. why the writer is doing? karan is not the hero he is his own villain. also rakhi and sameer are turning to be negative why? preeta don’t even have someone on her side in luthra family except his father in law who is mad. no one even karan won’t listening to him if he say something and will think that is because of stress. oh karan you are so stupid. rishab and sarla do the best thing quitting this stupid show. now i understand why new character don’t enter the show

  2. karan please you don’t make upest for dr preeta don’t do that karan try to understand that what i am saying for you karan if you do mind we should not talk like that to dr preeta i promise you can do it karan that dr preeta she will not do anything for you.
    prithvi malthora if you do like this plan i don’t like it stop that enough is enough both of you prithvi malthora and sherlyn think it.
    sherlyn you do if you want i don’t care at all never.

  3. the viewer can give their opinion so i give mine.
    macth fixing track: preeta must proove karan innocent and also discover that she is pregnant
    next track: sherlyn is blackmailing by someone who tell that he is rishab and will come back soon to take revenge on her
    track: preeta discover natasha true identity and natasha starts working against sherlyn
    track: karan want preeta completly back with him but is to difficult because she lost her faith on him on match fixing
    track: sameer and shristy relationship
    track: karan discover that kareena hide him pihu real indentity and the real culprit of her dead so that he would not find preeta to beg for her forginess
    track: mahesh starts remember about sherlyn and tell it to rakhi
    track: natasha put kritika on the way to discover sherlyn and prithvi
    track: preeta forgive karan and tell him about her pregnancy but kritika is not able to see preeta happiness and prithvi guitly
    track: mahesh tell kareena that it is her fault if his family facing problem
    track: bani drama prithvi and sherlyn happy. preeta and karan tell to mahesh and rakhi that they will soon have a grandson
    track: kareena discover sherlyn secret and prithvi scare her on harming karan unbor child and kritika if she open her mouth
    track: prithvi discover that natasha is working for preeta and natasha accident
    track: bani find out about prithvi and sharlyn extramarital affair and expose them
    track: sherlyn blackmail luthra family to ruin their reputation.
    track: kritika commit suicide and shristy tell kareena that everyone in this life have what they deceive.
    im tired someone give his opinion too and the writer should read this and write it a scenario about

    • sorry sherlyn is blacmailing by someone who tell her that he is rishab and will come back soon to take his revenge on her

  4. Stupid show Preeta have no self respect and Karan and his family very selfish and thankless people only person is ok is Rishab and Masheh and Rishab left the Stupid show and they cannot find the replacement because very bad show and Masheh character is mad so very stupid show should be shut down they are showing too much crime


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