Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th April 2022 Written Update Upcoming

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th April 2022 Written Update Upcoming

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th April 2022 Written Update Upcoming Ruhi asks Revati to scold Dev more as he had hurt and beat her. While Rudra, Saaransh and Prisha get worried about being caught, Revati gets confused with Ruhi’s complaint about Dev. Prisha runs to handle the matter. She tells Revati that Ruhi is talking about the incident, when Dec locked Ruhi in the washroom and filled smoke inside. Prisha also tells Revati that Ruhi is still scared, thinking that something would have happened to her. She also secretly signs Ruhi to agree to the explanation she gave to Revati. Ruhi understands and asks Revati ro scold Dev for troubling her.

Revati assures Ruhi that she will scold Dev and not let him do any wrong work from the next time. Prisha takes Ruhi aside to make her have food. Ruhi asks Prisha, why did she say that to Revati. Prisha explains to Ruhi that Revati is already upset and tense as Dev went to Goa without informing her. She also explains to Ruhi that if she will repeatedly ask Revati to scold Dev, she will feel bad. Prisha asks Ruhi if she would like to see Revati crying. Ruhi says no. Prisha reminds Ruhi that she promised her that she won’t talk about the terrace incident with anyone. Ruhi apologizes to Prisha and promises her that she will never do this again.


Prisha calls Ruhi a good girl. Rudra announces and tells all the guests that they have held this party as a reward for Ruhi and Saaransh as they performed well in their annual function. He also announces Ruhi and Saaransh’s performance. Ruhi starts her performance. Servant takes Prisha to check if more snacks are required to be prepared for the party. Aaliya by mistake spills her drink on Revati’s saree, while enjoying Ruhi’s performance. Revati leaves, informing Aaliya that she is going to clean it up in the washroom. Saaransh also joins Ruhi and starts dancing. On the other hand, Prisha sees that servants are going to dispose of the garbage right now. She thinks to stop them as she and Rudra need to dispose of Dev’s body with the rest of the garbage.

In the party hall, Saaransh makes Aaliya join him and Ruhi in their performance. Family and guests clap for Ruhi, Saaransh and Aaliya as they complete their performance. In the kitchen, Prisha stops servants from disposing of the garbage. She tells them that after the party, they will dispose of all the garbage together. Revati overhears all this and Prish gets shocked seeing her. Revati requests Prisha to take her to the washroom as she needs to clean the drink spilled on her saree. Prisha helps Revati. Rudra asks Prisha where Revati is. Prisha replies that Revati went to the washroom, to clean the drink spot on her saree. She tells Rudra that Revati heard her, ordering servants to not dispose of the garbage right now.

Rudra angrily asks Prisha to be cautious and stop being careless. Prisha angrily asks Rudra to not call her careless as she didn’t expect that Revati will suddenly appear behind her. She tells Rudra that he is accusing her, while she is helping him in his plan.Rudra tells Prisha that he is not getting angry at her but just asking her to be careful because if Revati gets suspicious, kids will also get into trouble along with them. Prisha tells Rudra that she isn’t a fool and wants to protect her children. Ruhi sees her parents arguing and thinks to end their argument. Ruhi in a unique and cute way announces a paper dance competition. She explains the competition’s rules to everyone.

Ruhi calls Rudra and Prisha too for the competition. Rudra tells Prisha that he doesn’t want to dance with her and instead wants to be away from her. Prisha tells Rudra that Ruhi will get upset and start crying. Rudra says no one will make his daughter cry. He takes Prisha to dance with him and tells her that he is doing this only for Ruhi. All couples start dancing. One by one couples start getting eliminated. Ruhi tells Saaransh that she is sure that their parents will win. Saaransh tells Ruhi that he is sure about it too. With couples elimination, paper gets smaller. Rudra and Prisha come closer. As the paper gets smaller, Rudra picks up Prisha in his arms and twirls her.

Ruhi, Aaliya and Saaransh get happy with Rudra and Prisha’s win. Rudra wears his blazer after the competition. He gets worried about not finding new freezer’s keys in his blazer’s pocket. Rudra informs Prisha about it. Rudra and Prisha get worried when they realize that both Revati and the new freezer’s keys are missing. They wonder if Revati reached their new freezer with its keys. On the other hand, tired, Revati comes out of the washroom and thinks to leave saying bye to Rudra and Prisha. Sharda gets worried seeing Revati going behind Rudra and Prisha.

Rudra and Prisha get shocked seeing their new freezer unlocked/opened and Dev’s dead body easily visible from it. They wonder who opened their freezer and saw Dev’s dead body. Rudra and Prisha get scared hearing Revati’s voice calling Prisha. Their fear increases when Revati reaches behind them. Revati tells Prisha that she came to say bye to her, before leaving. Rudra and Prisha cover the freezer by coming closer to each other, seeing Revati walking towards it and them. At the same time, Sharda comes there with some frozen snacks and covers Dev’s dead body with it. Rudra and Prisha get shocked knowing that Sharda found their secret. Sharda closes the freezer door.

Revati tells Rudra and Prisha that she is missing Dev and feels that Dev is somewhere near her. She apologizes to Khuranas for Dev’s mistakes. Prisha gets emotional and hugs Revati. Revati feels something weird in Prisha’s touch. Prisha explains to Revati that things get out of hand sometimes and everyone feels/gets helpless at times. Revati says she hopes that Dev returns soon as she wants to show him that Khuranas are such nice people. Prisha and Sharda feel guilty towards Revati. Revati says she is sure that Dev will realize his mistakes. She takes a leave from Khuranas.

Rudra locks the store room as Revati leaves. Sharda looks at Rudra and Prisha angrily. Rudra asks Sharda if she knew their secret. Sharda asks Rudra and Prisha how they thought that she wouldn’t find out their secret. She says she already had doubts that something wrong was happening. Sharda gives freezer keys to Rudra and asks him to lock it. She says they need to go downstairs before anyone else gets suspicious. On the way to her home, Revati feels that something is wrong. She wonders why she is feeling that Dev is near her somewhere. She calls her junior and asks him to check the airports, railway stations and all the buses that go to Goa. Revati says she needs to confirm if Dev really went to Goa.

She says this way, she will at least find out Dev’s location. Junior assures Revati that he and his staff will scan all the airports, railway stations and bus stations. He asks Revati what if Dev would have bought a ticket using a fake name. Revati asks her junior to show Dev’s photograph to everyone as someone might remember his face. She disconnects the call asking her junior to check everything and report her tomorrow. Revathi wishes to get rid of the inauspicious thoughts coming to her about Dev. At Khurana mansion, in a locked room, Sharda scolds Rudra and Prisha for hiding things from her and for bringing Dev’s dead body in their house. Rudra-Prisha feels guilty.

Sharad says she almost died on seeing Dev’s dead body. Rudra asks Sharda how and when did she see Dev’s dead body. Sharda tells Rudra-Prisha that she already got suspicious about them when they brought such a big freezer at home. Flashback shows Sharda not being able to open the new freezer brought by Rudra and Prisha. She gets determined to find out Rudra and Prisha’s secret. Flashback ends. Sharda tells Rudra-Prisha that she intentionally sent Shamu to Rudra to get ice from the new freezer. Rudra-Prisha gets shocked.

In the next episode, Rudra and Prisha will be seen taking Dev’s dead body somewhere in their car. At school, the principal will find Dev’s bracelet from the school terrace. Rudra will leave Prisha near their car for a minute. A goon will grab Prisha’s hand, shocking her. At school, the principal will give Dev’s bracelet to Revati and tell her that he found it at the school terrace. Revati will figure out that Dev surely came to school on Annual day function’s night.

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