Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2022 Written Update Karan’s madness

Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2022 Written Update Karan's madness

Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2022 Written Update Karan’s madness Preeta meets Prithvi. She asks him if he also believes that Karan didn’t do anything wrong, someone has framed him. Shrishti tells Biji and Janki that this time, the happenings will be worse than before. She alerts him of the dire consequences Preeta is going to face. Preeta goes to the jail to meet Karan. She asks him if he feels that she is the one who framed him in the match fixing charges. She asks him to tell her what he thinks. Karan tells her that he doesn’t think so, he is absolutely sure that she has framed him to get him jailed. He accuses her for having evil intentions of grabbing the entire Luthra property and business by ousting him from the house. Earlier in the show, Preeta asks Shrishti to calm down, Prithvi is wrong, they know it well, the family isn’t aware of the truth. Shrishti tells that Sameer knows her truth, even then he is creating a mess. Preeta asks her if she trusts her.

Shrishti tells that she trusts him. She is upset that Sameer is doing this against them. Preeta tells that Sameer is Karan’s brother and understands him. Shrishti wants Sameer to differentiate between right and wrong. Preeta tells that it happens, Sameer is supporting Karan. Shrishti tells that Preeta was never wrong, she tries to do the right but gets blamed. Preeta tells that they should think of freeing Karan and not let his image spoil. She regrets that Karan is questioning her because their relationship is lacking trust.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2022 Written Update Karan’s madness:


Maddy gets the picture of Karan and Sandesh. He looks for Sandesh. He finds the cctv cameras in the cricket academy. He thinks of checking the footage to find out the truth. Preeta asks Shrishti not to look so upset when she goes home. She wants Shrishti to smile and not show her sorrow to the family. She reminds what Sarla has taught them, they can face anything together, they have to be strong. She asks Shrishti to just focus on the main issue, they have to think how they would free Karan. Shrishti tells that its high time that they tell the real motive of Preeta’s coming in their lives.

She wants them to not misunderstand Preeta. She asks Preeta how much will she fight alone. She tells that they have spent their entire life together, Preeta is her everything, she can’t tolerate the wrong happening with Preeta. She regards Preeta everything for her. She tells that she loses her cool when someone dear does wrong with them, like Sameer, he knows everything but even then he is misunderstanding her. She gets disheartened that Sameer didn’t ask Preeta, he had gathered the family and questioned Preeta. Preeta asks her not to think much. She tells that they can’t snatch anyone’s thinking. She is glad that they understand each other. She tells that they both will always be there for each other.

Later, Prithvi stops Preeta to mock her feelings for Karan. He tells that he didn’t imagine that she will trap Karan. She replies that he knows the truth well that she didn’t frame Karan, the family is emotional and doesn’t think well, she won’t give any explanation to them, but he knows it well that Karan is important to her. She asks if he also believes that Karan is framed, someone has framed him, Karan didn’t do anything wrong. He asks her who has come to meet her, with whom Sameer has seen her. She asks him if he is her friend or family, who is he to ask her. She doesn’t want to tell him anything.

She gets Maddy’s message. She calls him. Sameer finds her talking to Maddy. He follows her. Preeta goes out to meet Maddy. Sameer doesn’t see her anywhere. Preeta asks Maddy about Sandesh. Maddy tells that Sandesh was meeting Karan since few days, Sandesh is the prime suspect. Preeta tells that Sandesh ruined Karan’s name and respect. She wants to meet Maddy. He tells that Sandesh won’t help them either, still he can find out about him if she really wants to meet him. Preeta thanks him and goes home. Sameer hides there behind the car to know what is she doing. He finds Maddy leaving. He gets to see Maddy. He wonders what’s happening. He goes to meet Karan. Karan tells that the entire family is worried for her, he wants to go out and save the family.

He tells that Preeta has told the truth, she is here just for money, he can’t believe it, he loved her and trusted her a lot, but she did too bad with him. Sameer promises to bring him out of the jail. He asks Karan to be strong. Shrishti returns home and asks Biji to have food. Biji doesn’t want to have food. Shrishti asks the reason for not having the food. Janki feels Biji is worried for Karan and Preeta. Biji asks them to leave her alone for some time. Shrishti asks Biji not to stay upset about Karan, he will be out soon, Preeta will prove him innocent and bring him out of the jail. Biji still cries. She tells that she can see what is going to happen. She feels that Karan isn’t happy with Preeta, he may breakup with her.

Shrishti tells that she also feels the same, Karan is really upset, this time things may take an ugly turn, Karan and Preeta are thinking the same about each other. Karan is heartbroken. He recalls Preeta’s words. Preeta comes to meet her. She apologizes to him. She tells him that she wants to explain him about her statement. Karan has no faith on her. She tells Karan that she spoke about him as a business partner to not look partial about him. Karan calls it a good reason. She tells that she overheard it, he thinks that she framed him. He calls it wrong, because he is sure that she is behind all this.

She asks him how can he think so. He tells that he has filled the hatred and misunderstandings in him, he is clear-minded now. She asks him what did she do that he is suspecting her. She promises to help him. He asks her not to fool him. He asks her why didn’t she stop him from playing cricket, she should have threatened him on his face, he would have not played the game for the sake of his family, he loves his family a lot. She tells him that he is wrong to doubt her. He accuses her. She tells that she didn’t come back for money, but for the sake of their family, she has come back for saving the family from Prithvi.

She admits the truth, but its too late now, he doesn’t believe her at all. He calls her a riddle. He tells that he can’t believe her. He reminds her words, that she has come back to rule Luthra industries. He asks her why didn’t she save him, if she has come back for family. He decides to not trust her again. He asks her to leave him alone, and not waste her time in the nonsense drama. He tells that he isn’t a criminal, he will get released soon without her help. Preeta gets distressed and leaves, before he yells on her.

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  2. Prithvi will never be pushed ah …after these many problems created by him still luthras believe him and not preeta who from first helped them…Karan has no common sense he also believes just like others… And there is not twist in story …Same plot


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