Anupama Namaste America 2nd May 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 5th May 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 2nd May 2022 Written Update Anupama is seen covering the bed with a mosquito net. Vanraj enters the room and locks it. Anupama says she is going to bring Paritosh and Samar from Moti Baa. Vanraj stops Anupama and asks her to let Kids sleep with Moti Baa. Vanraj tells Anupama that her visa will be prepared in one month. Anupama understands that Vanraj wants to get intimate or romantic with her and gets shy. Vanraj recalls Leela telling him that he should stop Anupama from fulfilling her America and dancing dreams by showing and giving love to her.

He asks Anupama how he will live without her if she goes to America. From outside the mosquito net, Vanraj cups Anupama’s cheeks in his hands. He recalls Leela advising him to burden Anupama’s mind so much that she starts feeling unable to fly to America. Vanraj enters the mosquito net and starts getting romantic as well as intimate with Anupama. Anupama feels shy but obliges to Vanraj’s desires. Next morning, Anupama is seen sleeping with her head on Vanraj’s chest. She wakes up happy. Vanraj grabs Anupama’s saree in his sleep. While talking in sleeping position, he asks Anupama to not leave him behind as he doesn’t feel anything good without her.


Naive, Anupama smiles hearing this. Suddenly, she turns towards the window, hearing the airplane’s flying sound and feels excited. Anupama takes out her saree from Vanraj’s hand. She opens the window and waves towards the flying plane in excitement. Clever Vanraj opens his eyes and angrily looks at happy and excited Anupama. Anupama feels excited to fly to America to fulfill her dreams. Vanraj thinks Anupama will get her visa but her dreams won’t get fulfilled. He also thinks that he won’t let Anupama go anywhere. Later, Anupama is seen performing veneration in a unique way, by singing.

In her veneration, Anupama requests God to help her get her Visa. Except Vanraj and Leela, everyone finds Anupama and her behavior cute. Through song, Hasmukh tells Anupama that she will have to prepare to clear the interview. Leela feels very angry. Anupama spreads the aarti in the whole house. Everyone helps Anupama to learn to speak in English to clear the Visa interview. Vanraj and Leela feel irritated seeing Anupama happy and having family’s support. Anupama and Moti Baa are seen making Samar and Paritosh bath and to dry up respectively. Moti Baa teases Leela in between by throwing water towards her face. Anupama prays to God to make her mother-in-law love her as well as get her visa made.

Vanraj witnesses Leela getting troubled. Later, Anupama watches Vanraj from behind the mirror. Vanraj again shows fake love to Anupama. He feels angry seeing Anupama’s preparations for her Visa interview done with his family’s help. To fulfill his evil motives, he gets intimate with Anupama. 20 days later, Anupama is seen thanking and telling God that her family is supporting her a lot in fulfilling her dreams. She requests God to take care of everything as it’s her Visa interview tomorrow. Angry Leela says she will also see how Anupama gets her visa.

Next morning, Anupama takes blessings from elders and hugs Dolly. Dolly, Paritosh and Samar wishes, “All the best” to Anupama. Anupama starts explaining to Leela that she completed all the household chores. Moti Baa asks Anupama to leave for her Visa interview now. Hasmukh asks Anupama where Vanraj is. Anupama replied that Vanraj left for office at 7 AM. Moti Baa says Anupama has an 11 AM appointment at the Visa office. She asks Hasmukh and Dolly to take Anupama to the Visa office. Leela shows objection but Moti Baa asks Hasmukh and Dolly to take Anupama to the Visa office quickly.

As Anupama is about to leave, Sanjay and his parents arrive at Shah house. Leela tells Moti Baa that it’s the Dhamecha family, who were supposed to bring a marriage proposal for Dolly. Moti Baa wonders why the Dhamecha family chose to arrive today. Leela apologizes to Moti Baa and tells her that she forgot that she gave the Dhamecha family today’s date. She asks Moti Baa what to do as they can’t send her daughter’s marriage proposal back. Anupama greets the Dhamecha family. Leela asks Anupama to take Dolly inside. Anupama takes Dolly inside. Leela and the Dhamecha family greet each other. Sanjay’s mother asks Leela if they came at the wrong time.

Leela replies no. Shahs welcome the Dhamecha family and take them inside. Hasmukh asks Moti Baa what to do. Worried, Moti Baa tells Hasmukh that they will talk after guests leave. Vanraj is seen sitting near a tea stall. Ritika’s call is seen ringing on Vanraj’s phone. Vanraj recalls Ritika’s intimate and seductive behavior with him. He disconnects Ritika’s call in anger. Ritika feels upset. Anupama sees time as well as serves snacks to the Dhamecha family. Sanjay’s father asks Hasmukh why everyone is looking so tense. He asks Hasmukh to smile. Hasmukh tells Sanjay’s father that the family feels stressed when their daughter’s marriage goes on in any house. Moti Baa asks the Dhamecha family to ask Dolly whatever they want to ask.

Sanjay asks Dolly to ask him and his family whatever she wants to ask. Leela asks Sanjay what Dolly will ask. Sanjay explains to Leela that a boy stays with his family but a girl enters a new family and makes it her own. He says a girl should have the right to ask her to-be family anything she wants to ask. Dolly and Moti Baa feel impressed by Sanjay’s open mindedness. Anupama prepares snacks and keeps a watch on time as well. Vanraj, on the other hand, picks up Ritika’s call. Ritika apologizes to Vanraj for her wrong behavior with him. She tells Vanraj that she can’t control herself and doesn’t know what to do. Vanraj pretends to not be able to hear anything and disconnects the call.

Vanraj smirks thinking that Anupama wouldn’t have been able to leave for her visa interview. At Shah house, Dolly shares her disappointment to Anupama. She tells Anupama that people consider girls as a showpiece or, taj mahal and judge her. Anupama asks Dolly to calm down and think that the boy’s family has come to show her their son. Dolly tells Anupama that she is angry because she (Anupama) got stuck because of the Dhamecha family’s arrival. She asks Anupama to leave for her interview leaving kitchen work. Anupama tells Dolly that it will look bad if the bride’s wife will go outside, leaving house responsibility in front of the bride’s, to-be in-laws.

Dolly feels angry towards Leela. Anupama asks Dolly to forget everything and take the snack tray outside. She tells Dolly to not worry as still there is time for the interview to start. Dolly walks outside with a snack tray. Anupama feels dizzy. Sanjay helps Dolly by standing up and taking snacks himself. Leela asks Sanjay to not be troubled and let Dolly do it. Sanjay’s father says Dolly and Sanjay must help each other with the chores as they have to live together lifetime. Sanjay’s mother says that her husband helps her with the household chores. This impresses Moti Baa, surprises Anupama and shocks Leela. Leela asks Sanjay’s father if he works in the kitchen even being a man.

Sanjay’s father asks Leela if men are forbidden in the kitchen at her house. Leela feels embarrassed. Sanjay requests Shahs to ask him anything, if they want to. Moti Baa tells Sanjay that his simplicity and honesty told them everything about him. Moti Baa asks Hasmukh about his decision. Hasmukh says it’s a yes from the Shahs. Everyone smiles. Vanraj starts his bike. Leela tells the Dhamecha family that her son Vanraj will decide the magnitude and date of the wedding. She says her son must be coming home soon. This shocks everyone. Naive Anupama thinks that Vanraj must be returning, leaving his work to meet the Dhamecha family.

Sanjay’s father asks if Dolly made all the snacks. Moti Baa says Dolly and Anupama both made some of the dishes and snacks. She makes fun of Leela saying that Leela stirs the khichdi. Leela feels embarrassed. She tells Dhamecha family that they will soon find and fix the marriage date, if everything goes well. Dolly reminds Leela that it’s her final year going on. Sanjay’s mother tells Dolly that they have no problem, if she will continue her studies even after marriage. Dolly gets happy hearing this. Sanjay’s parents tell the Shahs that their priest told them that for 4 months, there is no auspicious day for marriage, if they miss the date next month.

He says if everything goes well, they will have to fix the wedding in the first week of next month. Anupama gets worried hearing this. She thinks that the date/week Sanjay’s father is talking about is when she has to visit America. Everyone except Dhamecha family and Leela, gets worried. Leela tells Dhamecha family that they are ready if they are ready to fix the next month’s, first week’s date. Moti Baa calls Hasmukh aide. She asks Hasmukh to take Anupama for her Visa interview now and they will handle/deal with Leela’s created mess later on.

Leela tells the Dhamecha family that Anupama will handle all wedding preparations. She says she would have done some good deeds in last birth as she has now got a daughter-in-law like Anupama. Moti Baa apologizes to Dhamecha family and tells them that they can continue talking but Hasmukh and Anupama would have to go somewhere right now. Anupama feels happy while Leela feels angry. Leela asks how can discussion continue without Anupama. Moti Baa says Leela is such a nice mother-in-law that she involves her daughter-in-law in every decision. She says she isn’t nice and makes decisions without her daughter-in-law’s opinion.

Moti Baa says even today, her decisions are honored in the Shah family. Hasmukh apologizes to the Dhamecha family for leaving in the middle of his daughter’s marriage discussion. He tells Dhamecha family that today the fate of his both daughters is at stake. Hasmukh also tells the Dhamecha family that they have come to meet Dolly for the marriage proposal while Anupama has to go for her US Visa interview. Leela gets worried. Sanjay’s father tells Hasmukh that their ideologies are similar as both of them want their daughter-in-laws to grow successful. Sanjay’s mother says in a house, where daughter-in-law gets so much love, they can imagine how much their daughter had been getting love.

Anupama thanks the Dhamecha family. Everyone except Leela wishes, “All the best” to Anupama. At 10:01 AM, Anupama and Hasmukh run for Anupama’s Visa interview. In the auto, Hasmukh explains to Anupama to not feel worried, they will reach the Visa office on time. Later at 10:11 AM, Anupama and Hasmukh get stuck in a heavy traffic jam. This grows Anupama and Hasmukh’s tension.

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