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Radha Mohan 2nd May 2022 Written Update Beginning

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Radha Mohan 2nd May 2022 Written Update Beginning Radha is seen performing veneration in the temple. She reveals that Mohan ji helped her to handle herself when she lost her mother. Radha prays for Mohan’s happiness, peace, prosperity and wisdom. She requests God to save Mohan ji from every evil shadow. Radha tells God that Mohan ji is god for her as he made her meet him/her (God). She prays to God to make her meet her Mohan ji. On the other hand, Mohan is seen cycling in the street. He stops and enters the temple pond.

Taking off his t-shirt, Mohan jumps in the pond. Radha hears her grandmother telling her father that his daughter is already unruly and would run away breaking the shackles. Radha’s father tells his mother that this won’t happen. He also tells his mother that Mohan is arriving in Barsana. Hearing this, Radha gets happy and runs towards Lord Krishna’s idol. Radha’s grandmother beats her head in irritation. Radha reminds Lord Krishna’s idol that she used to serve him a lot and thought that he won’t fulfill any wish of her. Radha says she was wrong as he turned out amazing and called her Mohan ji back to Barsana.

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She says she was waiting for Mohan from a long time to thank him. Radha tells God that Mohan doesn’t even know that his two words and gifted Gita changed her life. Flashback shows teenager Mohan explaining to little Radha that he also misses his mother like now she is missing her dead mother. He gives Radha a Shrimad Bhagwat Gita book and tells her that according to this, people’s bodies die but not their souls. Mohan explains to Radha that her mother’s soul is alive and is near her somewhere. Little Radha asks Mohan if it’s true. Mohan says yes. He tells Radha that Gita has a solution to all the problems. Mohan also tells Radha that this Gita will act as her guide, friend and teacher forever. Radha opens and goes through Gita.

Flashback ends. Radha says from that day Mohan became her God and tears fall down from her eyes. Mohan comes back from the pond. A priest tells Mohan that his sins won’t easily wash off by diving into either Ganga or Yamuna river. He accuses Mohan of killing his wife by burning her alive. Priest calls Mohan a murderer. Mohan initially feels bad but then goes and sits with the priest. He asks the priest to give some solution to wash off his sins as he is a knowledgeable man. Priest tells Mohan that he will have to get a paap mochan veneration done following all the rituals. He also tells Mohan that following all the rituals, veneration will cost him Rs. 51,000.

Mohan aska Priest how he should make the payment to him. Priest provides a scannable QR code to Mohan. Mohan transfers Rs. 1,02,000 to Priest. This shocks and surprises the priest. Priest asks Mohan why he transferred him double the amount. Mohan tells the priest that he paid him double as he is going to repeat his sin, but he will be his victim this time. He drags the priest. Priest tells Mohan that he will get cursed for raising hand on the priest. Some men come and stand in the way of Mohan. One of the men tells Mohan that they have come to get revenge from him for killing his sister. Mohan recalls his happy time and memories with his wife.

Another man tells Mohan that they are aware that today is an important day for his family and him. He tells Mohan that they won’t let him reach the court on time and announce his case’s decision (his crime’s punishment) here only. All the men start attacking Mohan. Mohan starts fighting all the men, recalling all the accusations put towards him. He stops as his mother’s call comes up. Mohan tells the men that they got saved as his mother’s call came, otherwise the final decision would have been made here only. He breaks the mud pot and returns to his home.

While entering his house, Mohan by mistake steps on the auspicious thread tied all over his house entrance door and it starts breaking. Mohan’s mother comes there and ties the thread back. Due to the nail on the door, Mohan’s mother’s hand gets cut and starts bleeding. Seeing this, a worried Mohan runs to his mother. He takes his mother inside and asks his servant to bring medicine and call a doctor. Mohan’s mother tells Mohan that she is fine. Servant brings the medicine, bandage and cotton. Mohan cleans his mother’s wound with the antiseptic and then applies a bandage over it.

Mohan asks his mother what was the need to touch the nail. On not getting any reply from his mother, Mohan gets up and says he will end the thread problem forever. He starts walking towards the thread. Mohan’s mother stops him and tells him that he won’t open the entrance door’s thread, if he loves her. Mohan immediately stops hearing this. Mohan’s mother tells Mohan that the thread tied on their house’s entrance door saves their whole family from evil shadow. Mohan tells his mother that people consider him an evil shadow, thus they should beware of him. Mohan’s mother tells Mohan that he is not an evil shadow, but the world’s best son. She asks Mohan to not spoil his mood today as it’s a special day for her.

Mohan asks his mother if she thinks they should do this as he doesn’t want to do this. Mohan’s mother asks Mohan to trust her. Mohan tells his mother that he totally trusts her. Mohan’s mother sends Mohan to change. She prays to God to protect Mohan from all the troubles and pain. She prays to God to not let Mohan’s past affect his present. Mohan enters his room and sees his and his wife’s photograph. He recalls murder accusations by town people and his beautiful memories with his wife. Mohan talks to his wife’s photograph and tells her that he is the limit of hate. He tells his wife that he trembles with her mention as well seeing her face.

Mohan tells his wife that her death ruined his life. In anger, he turns his and his wife’s photograph to break every relation with her. On the other hand, Radha’s grandmother acts sweet with Radha. Radha tells her grandmother that she fears her sweets talk more than she fears her slippers. Grandmother tells Radha that everyone including her got defeated in front of her devoutness. She asks Radha if she won’t make something for Mohan as he is returning after 8 years. Radha corrects her grandmother by telling her that Mohan is coming after 7 years, 8 months, 14 days and 45 minutes. Radha decides to make kheer for Mohan. As Radha runs towards her home, grandmother gets happy witnessing her plan getting successful.

Radha enters her home kitchen and starts preparing kheer for Mohan. In the meantime, Radha’s grandmother locks the kitchen from outside saying that now Radha won’t be able to meet Mohan. Radha’s father tells his mother that Radha’s heart would break if she fails to meet Mohan today. Grandmother explains to Radha’s father that adults have to be strict for children’s good. Radha’s father tells his mother that Radha is only devotional towards Mohan and there is nothing else. Grandmother tells her son that Radha’s devoutness would soon turn into love and she won’t understand it.

On the other hand, Mohan’s mother prays to God that no problem should arise in the auspicious work for which they are going. Mohan’s brother-in-law praises Mohan’s mother for being punctual. He tells his mother-in-law that he got her daughter’s record of getting a late break. Mohan’s sister tells her mother that she got ready earlier because she failed to fall asleep last night in tension. Mohan’s mother asks her daughter what tension she is talking about. Mohan’s sister gets shocked. Mohan’s father arrives and Mohan’s mother understands that her husband is drunk. Mohan’s mother tells her husband that he shouldn’t have drank alcohol at least today.

Mohan’s father grabs his wife’s hand in anger and reminds her that she is Mohan’s step mother and he is Mohan’s real father. He asks his wife to not lecture him, what to do and what not to do. Mohan comes there and makes his father leave his mother’s hand. He tells his father that his stepmother became his real mother but he failed to perform his duties of being a real father. Mohan warns his father to behave well with his mother otherwise he will have to perform his duty of being a son. Mohan’s mother tries to calm Mohan. After sitting in two different cars, Mohan’s father tells Mohan that he really didn’t drink alcohol today.

Mohan’s mother instructs female servant Dulari to take care of the house, especially the house’s safety thread in her absence. Dulari assures Mohan’s mother that there won’t be any problem in her presence. Whole Trivedi family leaves for somewhere. Safe thread shows some signs. On the other hand, Radha finishes preparing kheer for Mohan. She makes Lord Krishna’s idol taste it. Radha tries opening the kitchen door and gets shocked, finding it locked from outside. She understands that it’s her grandmother’s plan. Worried, Radha gets an idea and smiles. She puts many boxes on top of each other and climbs them. After this she jumps out of the kitchen window.

Radha opens the kitchen door and takes the kheer box. She runs behind Mohan and his family’s car. Trivedi’s car stops at a place. Mohan steps out of his car and walks towards his family. Mohan’s family is seen performing veneration in the temple. Mohan watches his family from a distance. Radha reaches Mohan and keeps staring at him with adoration. Mohan’s mother says their chief guest came, whom they were waiting for, for a long time. Mohan walks past Radha, shocking her. Radha turns and sees Mohan holding another woman’s hand. Mohan takes the woman towards his family. Whole, Trivedi family welcomes the woman with claps. Mohan’s mother(Kadambari) addresses the woman as Damini and tells her that she is looking lovely.

Kadambari’s widow sister tells her that she made her life colorful by choosing her daughter for her son, Mohan. She keeps on praising Mohan uncontrollably. Kadambari stops her sister and calms her. Mohan asks Damini if she wants to marry him even after knowing what nonsense people say about him. Damini tells Mohan that she listens to her heart, not people. She says her heart can’t make a wrong decision for her. Kadambari asks the priest if they can start the engagement ceremony. Kheer box falls from upset, confused and shocked Radha’s hand. Radha’s grandmother and father also reach there. Everyone’s attention goes towards Radha.

Radha’s grandmother tells everyone that Radha made kheer in happiness of Trivedi family’s return. She apologizes to Trivedi family as the kheer fell down. Kadambari says it’s fine as it’s considered auspicious if the milk falls. She passes the engagement ring to Mohan to make Damini wear it. Mohan puts the engagement ring in Damini’s finger. Radha notices and wonders why Mohan looks upset on such a happy day. Everyone claps. Rings fall down from Damini’s hand and roll towards Radha’s feet. Some woman asks Radha to bring the ring to them. Radha picks up the ring, wipes her tears and returns it to Mohan.

Mohan gives it to Damini. Damini slides the engagement ring in Mohan’s ring finger. Everyone claps for Mohan and Damini. Radha wonders what upset Mohan is hiding from everyone. Damini and Mohan take the elders’ blessings. Radha’s grandmother goes to Radha and takes her aside. She scolds Radha for being upset and crying. Grandmother tells Radha that she is shedding tears of separation, not happiness as she is in love with Mohan. Radha asks her grandmother to not call her devoutness towards Mohan as love. Ignoring her grandmother’s advice, Radha stares at Mohan.

Grandmother tries to explain to Radha that as Krishna ji found his happiness in Rukmini ji and married her, not Radha Ji; similarly Mohan found his happiness in Damini. She tells Radha that she also got left behind. Radha tells her grandmother that Mohan doesn’t look happy and she needs to talk to him. Grandmother tries to stop Radha but the latter runs towards Mohan ignoring her grandmother.

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