Radha Mohan 3rd May 2022 Written Update Tulsi returns

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 3rd May 2022 Written Update Tulsi returns Radha’s grandmother tells Radha that like Lord Krishna found his happiness in Rukmini Ji, Mohan found his happiness in Damini. She tells Radha that Radha always gets left behind. Radha tells her grandmother that Mohan is not happy. Grandmother says what. Radha starts running behind Mohan, informing her grandmother that she needs to talk to Mohan. Grandmother keeps shouting and asking Radha to stop. Radha keeps running towards Mohan, ignoring her grandmother. While sitting inside the car, Mohan recalls himself running behind his first wife Tulsi.

In the flashback, he warns angry Tulsi to not dare step out of the house. Tulsi asks Mohan if their relationship will break if she steps out of the house. She tells Mohan that he is wrong as their relationship broke long ago. Tulsi tells Mohan that she can tolerate such a life and he can live it, if he wants to live it, blindly. Mohan also recalls Tulsi burning alive and calling him for help. Flashback ends and Damini places her hand on Mohan’s hand. Mohan asks the driver to start driving. Radha on the other hand falls down while running behind Mohan. She gets upset seeing Mohan leaving.


At Trivedi house, Dulari tells Guard that she made malpuas for him. Guard picks up Dulari in his arms and takes her inside Trivedi house. Guard stumbles on the house’s safety thread and falls down with Dulari. Safety thread gets stretched and breaks down. Suddenly, the weather starts changing, and heavy air’s voice can be heard. Dulari gets shocked seeing Trivedi house’s safety thread broken. She recalls that Kadambari asked her to take care of the house’s safety thread, as well as the house. In Mohan’s room, Tulsi and his photo frame turn in front, once again. Tulsi’s soul can be seen through the photo fame.

Dulari tries tying the broken safety thread once again. Guard asks Dulari what she is doing. Dulari tells the guard that Kadambari asked her to take special care of the safety thread. Dulari ties the safety thread once again. On the other hand, grandmother is seen applying ointment at Radha’s foot wound. Radha tells her grandmother that she wanted to meet Mohan just once and ask him why he seemed sad even on his engagement day. Grandmother tells Radha that Mohan would surely be happy as he is getting married for the second time. Radha says she needs to do something about Mohan’s sadness.

Grandmother tells Radha that efforts will go wasted as she won’t get anything. Radha explains a shloka to her grandmother from Geeta. She tells her grandmother that it is said that a person should keep working and not worry about his/her effort’s reward. Radha’s father asks his mother to silently come downstairs, without letting Radha know about it. Grandmother takes a leave telling Radha that she will return soon with turmeric milk for her. Radha notices and understands that her father and grandmother are planning something.

While dusting in Mohan’s room, Dulari finds Mohan and Tulsi’s photo frame has turned to front. She thinks Mohan will scold her and runs away, turning the photo frame towards the wall. Heavy air flows in the room again. Later Trivedi’s, Damini and her mother reach Trivedi’s house. Kadambari tells Damini’s mother that they did Mohan-Damini’s engagement ceremony in a simple way but will organize a grand wedding. Damini’s mother agrees to Kadambari. Kadambari tells Damini that they will call designers from Mumbai and Delhi. She also tells Damini that nothing should be left behind in preparations as she is going to become Trivedi family’s daughter-in-law.

Damini says okay Maasi (maternal aunt). Kadambari asks Damini to call her maa (mother). Mohan’s sister feels irritated. Kadambari suggests Mohan to wear sherwani in mandap and suit in reception. Mohan smiles in yes. Dulari asks Kadambari to buy her a new pink banarasi saree. Kadambari tells Dulari that she will buy three sarees for her. Damini’s mother asks Kadambari what she will get her to wear. Seeing everyone’s reactions, Damini’s mother says she doesn’t want anything as Kadambari gave her everything without asking. She says she and her daughter are given a place to stay in Trivedi house. Damini’s mother says that now her daughter will become queen of Trivedi house.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Damini’s mother says she meant daughter-in-law. Kadambari asks Ketki (Mohan’s sister) to tell her what she wants, jewelry or clothes. She also asks Ketki to not say that nobody asked her for anything in her brother’s marriage. Ketki feels happy. In a low voice she says, according to her, this marriage shouldn’t take place. Mohan says he wants to talk to Damini. Kadambari and Damini’s mother allows Mohan and Damini to go and talk to each other, alone. On the other hand, Radha’s grandmother scolds her son for deciding to visit Mohan’s house. Radha’s father tells his mother that Vishwanath himself called all 3 of them that two one week before.

He says he has to fulfill all the rituals of Trivedi’s house marriage. Grandmother asks her son if there is a lack of priest’s in Vrindavan. She asks her son to refuse Trivedi’s offer. Grandmother tells her son that Radha will not return from Mohan’s home, if she will enter there once. Radha’s father asks his mother how she will stop Radha. Radha’s grandmother tells her son that she will give Swear to Radha to stop her. Radha overhears her grandmother and father’s conversation and runs away. Radha’s grandmother gets tense wondering if Radha heard her plan.

At Trivedi house, Mohan tells Damini that he knows that she has been waiting for their marriage for 8 years. Damini tells Mohan that she has been waiting for their marriage for 12 years. She also tells Mohan that for her their relationship was always ahead of friendship. Damini tells Mohan that when he proposed to Tulsi for marriage in college, she found her happiness in his happiness. She also tells Mohan that now life gave her another chance. Mohan tells Damini that she has always supported by being a friend and business associate. He also tells Damini that he has two conditions before their marriage. Damini asks what.

Mohan tells Damini that they would get married, when court will acquit him from Tulsi’s murder case. Damini asks Mohan what is his second condition. Mohan tells Damini that Gungun (Mohan’s daughter) hates her and he wants her (Damini) to take the place of Gungun’s mother like Kadambari took his mother’s place and loved him a lot. Damini promises Mohan that she will never let even the shadow of a word like stepmother fall on Gungun. She offers to start her journey of being Gungun’s mothers from now onwards. Mohan allows Damini. On the other hand, Radha hides from her grandmother.

She gets caught by her grandmother but soon escapes her. Radha’s grandmother gets worried about Radha. At Trivedi house, Damini tells Kadambari about Mohan’s twi marriage conditions. This shocks Kadambari. Kadambari wonders how they will make Gungun accept Damini as her mother and her father’s second marriage. Damini’s mother says Gungun is like a storm and difficult to handle or convince. Kadambari says Mohan very well knows that Gungun will not let anyone else take her mothers place. Damini gets tense understanding that Mohan kept such conditions for marriage as he himself doesn’t want to marry her.

Kadambari asks Damini to not worry as she will make Gungun and Mohan understand. She leaves and Damini’s mother tells Damini that Mohan intentionally kept such conditions. Damini tells her mother that Tulsi snatched Mohan from her years ago and now she won’t let Gungun (Tulsi’s daughter) do the same to her. She tells her mother that she would do anything to marry Mohan. At night, Radha decides to reach Mohan, before her grandmother gives her some kind of swear. She counts the money collected with her. Radha packs Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Krishna ji’s clothes, dry fruits and his favorite ladoos.

Mohan turns his and Tulsi’s photo frame. He tells Tulsi that he knows that she is feeling pain, seeing him getting married to another woman. Mohan tells Tulsi that she gave him a bigger pain as she left snatching his daughter’s love from him. He says Gungun hates him at present. Mohan tells Tulsi that one day his love will bring his daughter back to him. He turns the photoframe and leaves. Damini goes to Gungun’s room. Gungun spreads marbles on the floor to make Damini fall but the latter escapes it. Damini fails another trick of Gungun and tells her that her troubling tricks have gone old and won’t work now. She asks Gungun to come out of her hiding.

Damini gets pushed by the punching bag and falls on the bed. Gungun looks at angry Damini with a victory smirk. She calls Damini as stupid and dumbo. Damini politely asks Gungun if she likes troubling others. Irritated Gungun makes fun of Damini. Damini tells Gungun that she got engaged with her father and soon after marriage, she will become her mother. Angry Gungun throws her toy in Damini’s shoulder, shocking the latter. She tells Damini that she can’t ever become her mother. Damini scolds Gungun for showing tantrums. She tries to raise hands on Gungun but some invisible energy stoos her hand in the air. This shocks Damini.

Tulsi’s soul can be seen stopping Damini’s hand in the air. Finger marks get stamped on Damini’s wrist. Damini runs away scared, shocked and confused. Gungun wonders where Damini ran away. She thinks Daninj ran away getting scared of her. Tulsi’s soul watches Gungun with love. Gungun tells her mother’s photograph that only she will remain her mother. She hugs Tulsi’s photo frame. Tulsi’s soul says that she is always with Gungun. She also says that one day, surely Gungun will get a mother, who will love her a lot. Scared, Damini runs to Kadambari and tells her that Tulsi has returned. Kadambari says how this can happen as the safety thread is still tied to the house’s entrance door.

Damini shows finger marks on her wrist to Kadambari. Kadambari gets shocked. Damini’s mother also gets shocked and scared, overhearing this. Kadambari gets worried for Mohan. She thinks about what Tulsi’s soul will do with her son (Mohan). Tulsi’s soul watches Mohan looking at their marriage photo frame. On the other hand, Radha touches her asleep grandmother’s feet. She tells her asleep grandmother that she is isn’t that stupid, what she thinks of her. Radha asks her sleeping grandmother to scold her father instead of her, till she returns. She also touches her asleep father’s feet and asks him to take care of him. Radha tells Lord Krishna’s idol that she knows that she is doing wrong. She also tells Lord Krishna that she needs to go to help her alone and upset Mohan. Radha says she will return soon. Radha in her thoughts tells Mohan that she is coming to him.

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