Bhagya Lakshmi 4th May 2022 Written Update Psycho lover

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th May 2022 Written Update Psycho lover

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th May 2022 Written Update Psycho lover Inspector finds the genuine love between Rishi and Lakshmi. He questions Malishka if she loves Rishi, is it one sided love. He asks Kiran to get Malishka treated, else she will become a psycho lover who will break all limits for her love, she will grow insane if there is nobody to guide her. Kiran grows worried for her daughter. Inspector tells Neelam and Virender that they did good to not get Rishi married to Malishka, who isn’t right for him.

He later advises Malishka to find a nice guy and settle down, than chasing Rishi and ruining her life. He calls Virender lucky that Rishi didn’t marry Malishka. Neelam and Virender get speechless. Rishi complains about Lakshmi, who had called the police to get him arrested. Constable clears his misconception. She tells Rishi that Lakshmi didn’t call the police, it was Malishka who called them by taking Lakshmi’s name. Rishi is shocked by this revelation. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Malishka gets Kiran with her. Inspector asks Kiran is Malishka married to Rishi. Kiran tells that Rishi is lying. Malishka tells that Rishi is lying to save Lakshmi. Inspector warns her. He doesn’t believe that Malishka is Rishi’s wife. Malishka misbehaves with the Inspector. He asks Kiran to take her daughter away. Malishka yells at him. Rishi tells that Lakshmi was going to divorce him, she doesn’t love him its just a pretence. She asks him to stop the drama. He reminds that she has started this drama and he will put an end to it. Their arguments get never ending.


Bhagya Lakshmi 4th May 2022 Written Update Psycho lover:

Lakshmi and Rishi stay in the lockup. She has to stay with him to protect him. Malishka tells Kiran that she didn’t lie that Rishi is her husband, she will be marrying him soon, its not a total lie. She tells that there shouldn’t be any problem, if their parents are ready for their relation. Kiran tells that Malishka will get arrested if she goes inside and claims to be Rishi’s wife. She adds that Rishi is telling the police that Lakshmi is his wife, just because of the court orders. She tells that Malishka did a big mistake by calling the police. Malishka doesn’t listen to her. She goes to the Inspector, who asks her is it a love affair, she looks like Rishi’s lover, her love is one-sided.

Malishka tells that Rishi and Lakshmi are not husband and wife. He also don’t think so. Malishka asks him to permit her to meet Rishi. Rishi falls asleep on Lakshmi’s shoulders. The jail mates like their true love gestures. Malishka gets the permission and goes to meet Rishi. Inspector asks Kiran to get Malishka treated, else she will become a psycho lover. Malishka sees Rishi and Lakshmi together. She gets angered. She tells Kiran that she had called the police by Lakshmi’s name.

Constable hears this. Kiran slaps Malishka to bring her to senses. She asks Malishka to think well, it was a big mistake to call the police, her mistake will be proved. Malishka can’t imagine the worse. Malishka shouts that Rishi got married, Lakshmi has come to snatch her Rishi. Kiran wants to call Neelam knowing just Neelam can support them. Kiran calls Neelam, who tells that she has come to the police station.

Lakshmi and Rishi have a moment. Malishka shouts on the cleaner. She yells that nobody is agreeing to her. Even the man calls her mad. Kiran scolds him and asks him to do his work. Kiran meets Neelam and Virender. Rishi and Lakshmi wake up. The jail mates joke that they slept really well. Rishi and Lakshmi argue in the cell. He blames her for getting him arrested. Constable tells that she heard Malishka saying she has called the police by Lakshmi’s name. Rishi tells Lakshmi that she broke his trust and now he doesn’t trust her. They fight. Constable tells that they have love between them, there is trust in heart always even if two people fight and deny the trust.

Rishi tells that Malishka has done this because of Lakshmi. Neelam and family meet Inspector. They ask the reason for Rishi’s arrest. He tells about Lakshmi’s complaint. Neelam tells that Lakshmi is lying. Inspector thanks her for confirming that Lakshmi isn’t her bahu. He tells that he has caught Rishi and Lakshmi after the raid in the hotel. They are shocked to know this. He tells that Rishi lied that Lakshmi is his wife to get freedom. The family is shocked. Virender scolds the Inspector and tells that Lakshmi is Rishi’s wife. Inspector tells that Malishka is Rishi’s wife, as she claimed this. He asks who is Lakshmi. Neelam tells that Rishi is Lakshmi’s wife now and Malishka is her would be bahu.

He scolds them for making him mad by such complications. He doesn’t want to spare Rishi until he gets a proof of Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage. Karishma tells that Malishka is the future wife of Rishi. Inspector rebukes Malishka for coming between a married couple. He asks Kiran to slap Malishka and bring her to senses, knowing Rishi loves Lakshmi. Neelam asks him if Rishi told that he loves Lakshmi. He asks why is she feeling bad. Neelam tells that she is happy to know this. He advises Malishka to not waste her life after Rishi and marry someone else. He tells Oberois that they are lucky that Rishi didn’t marry this mad girl Malishka. Ayush giggles.

Inspector asks for the marriage proof for Rishi and Lakshmi. Neelam tells that Malishka will have the marriage pictures. Malishka doesn’t want to prove it. Virender asks her to save Rishi. Malishka asks Karishma to show the pictures from her mailbox. Karishma tells that she doesn’t remember about the pictures. She checks her mailbox. She gets the pictures and shows to Inspector. Inspector brings Rishi and Lakshmi to them. Constable tells Rishi and Lakshmi that their family has come to save them. Lakshmi gets glad knowing Virender has come to help. Rishi tells that Lakshmi is his wife, he already told so, but nobody believed it. Lakshmi asks him to calm down. He asks her not to give him lecture, he knows it well when to say what and why.

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