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Radha Mohan 4th May 2022 Written Update Radha’s love Radha is seen leaving her house to know the reason behind his sadness. She talks to Lord Krishna’s idol. Radha says she will return after giving Shrimad Bhagavad Gita to Mohan and get information about his condition. She requests God to support her. On the other hand, Kadambari says Tulsi ruined their family’s life even being alive. She says Tulsi has now returned and won’t let her son Mohan get married. From the balcony or terrace, Tulsi’s soul is seeing and overhearing Kadambari, Damini and Damini’s mother’s conversation.

Damini asks how Tulsi won’t let Mohan get married. Kadambari grabs Damini’s hand and explains to her that Tulsi can do anything. She says Tulsi failed to stop Mohan and Damini’s engagement as it happened in the temple. Kadambari asks Damini and her mother if they should get Mohan and Damini married in the temple. Angry Damini asks why, it’s her or Tulsi’s house. Kadambari feels shocked hearing this. Damini’s mother silently makes Damini realize her blunder. Damini tells Kadambari that she meant to ask why they should live in fear in their own house.


She says Tulsi snatched Mohan from her once, when she was alive but she won’t tolerate the same anymore. Damini says this time Mohan is hers. She also says that she won’t get defeated by Tulsi in getting her Mohan, in her house only. Kadambari gets shocked hearing unexpected words from Damini’s mouth. Tulsi’s soul feels angry overhearing Damini’s words. Damini says Tulsi will go from Trivedi house this time, not her. She tells Kadambari that she knows how to get rid of Tulsi’s soul. Kadambari feels shocked and scared. Damini visits a black magician (tantrik).

Tantrik tells Damini that Tulsi has returned to ruin her work/plan. She tells Damini that Tulsi’s soul can be destroyed. Tantrik also tells Damini that if she fails to destroy Tulsi’s soul, on the full moon night i.e. today, then she will have to wait for another month for the next full moon. She further tells Damini that with her failure, her and Mohan’s marriage will get delayed. Damini tells tantrik that she is ready to do anything to get married to Mohan. Tantrik asks Damini if she will be able to give pain to Mohan and get his blood for her motive. Damini tells Tantrik that she is ready to give all her blood but not ready to give pain to a person, whom she has loved since 12 years.

Tantrik tells Damini that everything is fair in love. She asks Damini to not forget that whatever she is doing is to save Mohan from Tulsi. Damini gets indulged into thinking. On the other hand, Radha is seen sitting in an E-Rickshaw. In her thoughts, Radha tells Mohan that she is coming to meet him and is also bringing the solution (Shrimad Bhagavad Gita) to all his problems. Mohan teasingly tells Kadambari that God will get bored by daily pooja/venerations. Kadambari asks Mohan to make fun of all this. She tells Mohan that she will be very happy if this pooja happens before marriage.

Mohan agrees for Kadambari’s happiness. Kadambari thanks Mohan and he leaves. Kadambari tells Damini that she hopes that Mohan doesn’t face any problem with this pooja. Damini assures Kadambari that nothing will happen to Mohan. She says only Tulsi’s soul will face problems. Later, Damini and Mohan are seen performing a havan. Damini recalls Tantrik telling her that it’s a tantrik havan, not a normal one. Flashback shows tantrik telling Damini that this havan will weaken Tulsi’s soul and then they will end her by burning her in the same havan’s fire. Tulsi’s soul sleeping with Gungun wakes up and feels disturbed by havan noises. Tulsi’s soul starts feeling weak.

She reaches downstairs. It seems that Tulsi’s soul is visible to tantriks performing havan. As per the instructions of the tantrik, Damini pricks a stick in Mohan’s hand. Mohan’s hand starts bleeding a little. Damini recalls Tantrik telling her that as Mohan’s blood will fall in havan kund, Tulsi’s soul will also enter havan kund and get destroyed. At present, Tulsi’s soul starts entering the havan kund. Suddenly, Radha comes and puts her hand in between the havan kund and Mohan’s falling blood. Tulsi’s soul gets saved this way.

Radha and Mohan keep staring at each other for some time. Tantrik gets angry saying that Radha made a mistake by breaching the havan. Mohan addresses Tantriks as priests and asks them if they can leave now. Kadambari asks Mohan to not make fun of such a serious matter. Mohan remains in fun and asks tantrik where he should put/place the vibhuti, in fire or plate. He puts the vibhuti on the plate outside and leaves. Kadambari asks Tantrik what they should do now. Tantrik asks Kadambari what he can do now as Radha breached the havan. Radha tells the Tantrik that she didn’t breached the havan, instead saved it from getting breached.

She says if Mohan’s blood would have fallen in the havan kund, then a big sin would have been done. Radha tells Tantrik that she even saved him from this sin. Tantrik rudely asks Radha to get quiet. Kadambari angrily asks who allowed Radha to enter their house. Kadambari’s son-in-law says he brought Radha inside with her stuff as she is their revered priest’s daughter. Kadambari’s daughter (Ketki) apologizes to tantriks and tells them that their grah shanti havan flopped. Radha asks what type of grah shanti havan is this where all the things required in it are not present. Damini and Kadambari get shocked and worried about their lie getting caught.

Radha says even the mantras that she heard here don’t belong to grah shanti havan. Ketki asks Radha, how does she know all this? Radha says she is the daughter of Barsana’s priest, Rameshwar. She tells Ketki that she can stutter in speaking hindi alphabets but she has full knowledge of mantras. Ketki asks Damini what was this havan regarding, if not for grah shanti. Angry tantrik blows off havan kund fire by putting water in it. He and other tantrik leaves telling everyone that now this havan can’t happen. Angry, Kadambari asks Radha if realizes what she did. Ketki tells Kadambari that Radha told everyone that it was grah shanti havan.

Kadambari says Radha is a priest’s daughter, not a priestess herself. She rudely asks Radha why she came to Trivedi house, without being called. Kadambari asks Radha if these values Rameshwar gave her. She asks Radha, where is her father. Damini’s mother asks if Radha came by running away from her house. She scolds Radha for arriving at Trivedi house without permission and invitation. Kadambari stops Damini’s mother and harshly asks Radha, why she came here. Radha stutters and Mohan’s father saves her by telling everyone that he called Radha, Rameshwar and Radha’s grandmother to Trivedi house.

He explains to everyone that he called Radha and her family for performing pooja’s required to be performed before marriage. Kadambari rudely asks Radha to stay for the night and leave/return next morning. Radha feels bad but stays silent. Mohan’s leaves asking Radha to have rest. Damini’s mother speaks ill to Radha and leaves. One by one everyone leaves. Radha decides that she won’t go anywhere, till she gets to know the reason behind Mohan’s pain and sadness. She says she won’t go anywhere till she gives Shrimad Bhagavad Gita to Mohan for his heart’s peace. Tulsi’s sould overhears everything. Dulari comes and asks Radha to come and sleep in her room as Kadambari instructed.

On the other hand, Damini says Radha ruined a good havan. Damini’s mother says another ghost came after Tulsi’s soul. She says she is feeling anxious. Damini’s mother says Radha surely has something in her mind. Kadambari feels angry saying that now they will have to wait for another month to perform the havan, to destroy Tulsi’s soul. Damini’s mother shares her worries to Kadambari, about the court case on Mohan, Gungun’s acceptance towards Damini and Tulsi’s soul’s trials to stop Damini from getting married to Mohan. She acts helpless. Damini says she will talk to Guru Maa to find some solution for their problems.

Kadambari says she will also meet Guru Maa this time. Damini convinces Kadambari that she will handle everything alone. She says her and Mohan’s marriage will happen on the date decided. Tulsi’s soul gets angry hearing this. Later, Dulari shows her room to Radha. She tells Radha that she is boss of all servants of Trivedi house and loved by the Trivedi family. Dulari leaves, warning Radha to not try stealing anything. Radha talks to Lord Krishna’s idol for not stopping her from doing wrong. She recalls tantriks words and thinks that there is no peace at Trivedi house. Radha decides to give Shrimad Bhagavad Gita to Mohan before leaving and seeks God’s support.

She leaves from the room allotted to her. Tulsi’s soul sees her angrily. Radha stops seeing Ketki’s husband. Ketki’s husband warns Radha to return to her room and not interfere in Trivedi family’s matters. Radha pretends to return to her room and again tries to search Mohan’s room in Ketki’s husband’s absence. Tulsi’s soul keeps a watch on Radha. Radha wonders how she will find Mohan in such a big house. While searching, she collides with Damini and her mother. Damini and her mother questions Radha where she was going. Radha lies that she was searching for Dulari’s room, which she forgot. She says she has now remembered the way to Dulari’s room and starts walking.

Seeing Radha walking in the wrong direction, Damini tells Radha that she is going towards Mohan’s room, not Dulari. Radha feels happy and walks towards Dulari’s room. Damini’s mother calls Radha a witch. As Damini and her mother leave, Radha comes back and starts walking towards Mohan’s room. She enters Mohan’s room and takes a look at Mohan’s smiling photograph. Radha wishes that Mohan again gets turned into a happy man like he was in the past. Damini’s soul comes and stands behind Radha. Radha also feels something/someone around her and becomes worried.

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