Anupama Namaste America 4th May 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 5th May 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 4th May 2022 Written Update Anupama calls Vanraj from the hospital landline. Vanraj asks Anupama if she wants to talk about her visa. Anupama tells Vanraj that she didn’t get any update regarding the visa till now. She tells Vanraj that she has good news for him. Vanraj keeps guessing various things, but Anupama says it’s not what she wants to tell him. Being shy, Anupama tells Vanraj that Paritosh and Samar are soon going to get a younger brother or sister. Vanraj in haste tells Anupama that he will pick up that person from the station.

Anupama tells Vanraj that they might become parents to a daughter (angel), if god will fulfill their wish. Vanraj gets up from his bike and jumps on the road in happiness. Vanraj asks Anupama to tell him what sweet she wants to have, he will get it for her. When Anupama stutters, Vanraj disconnects the call, saying that he will get all the sweets and return home soon. Anupama smiles, understanding Vanraj’s happiness. At Shah house, Leela shows Anupama’s visa stamped passport to Paritosh with evil intentions. Paritosh asks Leela to keep it safe. Leela gets angry seeing her evil plan against Anupama, getting failed.


Leela thinks if Paritosh is Anupama’s beloved son, she is also his grandmother. With another evil plan, she leaves, warning Paritosh to not dare touch the passport, kept on table. From inside the kitchen, Leela keeps a watch on Paritosh’s actions. Paritosh curiously sees Anupama’s visa stamped passport. Leela now thinks Paritosh will tear off Anupama’s passport. Paritosh asks Leela if he can show it to his friends. Leela allows Paritosh to do so. Before Paritosh can leave, Dolly comes and snatches the passport from Paritosh. Dolly asks Leela why she didn’t stop Paritosh from taking Anupama’s passport outside. She asks Leela, what if something would have happened to Anupama’s passport.

Dolly sends Paritosh outside, asking him to play with his friends. As Paritosh leaves, Leela tells Dolly that she would have distributed laddus in the street, if Anupama’s passport would have been destroyed. Dolly asks Leela if she has gone mad. Leela tells Dolly that everyone else has lost their mind. She asks Dolly to listen to her carefully. Vanraj gets 2 kg laddus packed from a sweet shop. At the sweet shop, Vanraj sees a dance, coaching poster. He wonders how Anupama will dance in pregnancy as he has heard that the first three trimesters are considered tough.

At the same time, Vanraj receives Anupama’s doctor’s call. Doctor congratulates Vanraj. She tells Vanraj that his father asked her to remind him about her fees as he was out of cash at the consultation time. Vanraj asks the doctor to not worry as he will make the payment right away. Doctor asks Vanraj if Anupama is a dancer. Vanraj asks the doctor to not worry, he won’t let Anupama dance at all. Doctor tells Vanraj that all these are misconceptions that a pregnant woman can’t work. She says many families forbid pregnant women to do many things.

She explains to Vanraj that light exercise and dancing doesn’t have any effect on pregnancy. Doctor says all these things in pregnancy are rather good. She requests Vanraj to let Anupama dance. Doctor asks Vanraj to not worry as she explained everything to Anupama. Vanraj disconnects the call, thanking the doctor. Vanraj feels upset. At Shah house, Leela is seen warding off evil eye/bad sight from Anupama at the entrance door. On learning that Anupama’s pregnant, Leela tells Anupama that she won’t step out of the house from now onwards and not even go to the terrace. She tells Anupama that people cast evil-eye outside.

Lewla says she will slap the person casting an evil-eye on her daughter-in-law. She prays to God to save Anupama from all evil eyes. Leela thanks Anupama for giving her such good news. She tells Anupama that they already have two boys in the house and asks Anupama to give birth to a little girl in the family, to make it complete. Leela tells Paritosh and Samar that soon they will get a younger sister. Seeing Dolly in tension, Moti Baa asks her if Leela said anything to her. Leela tells Moti Baa that she thinks that she is the only troublemaker in the family. Moti Baa tells Leela that she creates new problems every day.

Leela asks Hasmukh, why doesn’t he say something. Hasmukh asks Leela what he can say. Moti Baa asks Leela what she said to Dolly. Leela tells Dolly is just nervous about her marriage farewell. Moti Baa asks Dolly to not be sad at this time as she is going to become aunt (bua) once again. Worried and confused, Dolly hugs Anupama and cries in guilt. Everyone feels worried, thinking about what happened. Some Transgender woman comes and congratulates Anupama. Moti Baa says due to transgender’s direct connection with hospital, they receives good news even before family members.

Hasmukh says the arrival of transgenders is considered auspicious as they take away people’s bad luck, give good wishes to people and never wish anyone ill. Transgenders tell the Shah family that they gave blessings at the time of Paritosh and Samar’s birth and they will only give blessings for the third child. They also tell the Shah family that according to the new rate card in the market, they will take Rs. 11000, sweets and sari, if male child will take birth and only Rs. 5000, if a female child will take birth. Hasmukh tells the transgenders that they must change their rate card. He asks the transgenders to take only Rs. 5000, if a male child will be born and take Rs.11000, sari and sweets, if a female child will be born.

Hasmukh says sons are seen busy trying to share their parent’s property, while daughters share their parent’s pain. He also says that, “women are an embodiment of the gods” and that is why saints seek girl’s blessings. Hasmukh says Rs. 11000 is a small amount, when the gods are gracing their family. Transgenders praise Hasmukh for his good thinking. They tell Hasmukh that the world will become a better place, if everyone starts thinking like him. Transgenders tell the Shah family that Anupama is lady luck and a nice person, who helps everyone, selflessly. They bless Anupama to give birth to a daughter (Lakshmi).

Transgenders leave telling Shah family that they will dance for hours by taking just 11rs. as an auspicious gift, if a daughter will be born to Anupama. At night, Leela makes Anupama comfortable on her bed. She asks Anupama to take a nap and till then she will handle the kids. Leela asks Anupama to not stress herself for not being able to get a visa for America. She asks Anupama to focus on herself and fulfill her wish of dancing by dancing at Dolly’s sangeet ceremony. Leela leaves telling Anupama that she will wake her up, when Vanraj will return. Anupama feels upset seeing America’s flier and touches her stomach.

Moti Baa gives coconut to Anupama and she drinks it. She asks Anupama what she is thinking about. Anupama tells Moti Baa that she is happy being pregnant but still has one complaint. She tells Moti Baa that she won’t be able to tell her upcoming child that her mother showcased her talent in America. Anupama tells Moti Baa that she won’t be able to tell her upcoming child that her mother hasn’t done anything to make her proud. She says she will tell her upcoming child that her mother tried her best, but her luck didn’t shine. Anupama tells Moti Baa that she recollects her interview again and again in her sleep. She also tells Moti Baa that she realized that she only made a language (English) error, everything else she answered was correct.

Anupama further tells Moti Baa that she may have sounded weird in the visa interview, but gave all answers correct in a mix (Hindi, English and Gujarati) language. She says even a woman wearing Lord Krishna’s outfit dropped her to the visa office and that means she is like Arjun, who sat on Arjun’s chariot, steered by Lord Krishna. Anupama asks Moti Baa that if she is like Arjun, how can Arjun miss his mark/target? Moti Baa signs to Anupama that she is correct. Anupama tells Moti Baa that now there is a complication, even if she gets her stamped visa. She asks Moti Baa, why do people always come to a crossroads in life.

Anupama tells Moti Baa that she had two options, even during her wedding. She says either she could have studied further and finished her education or could have got married. Anupama says she got married as her mother asked her to. She tells Moti Baa that after marriage, she thought that she shall tread down this path all her life and no crossroads will occur again. Anupama tells Moti Baa that now two crossroads came back in her life. Moti Baa tells Anupama that it’s her journey, way and destination, so she should be the final decision maker. She kisses Anupama’s forehead and leaves. Anupama feels apologetic for crying, when Vanraj is happy.

She tries to cheer herself up for Vanraj. Anupam decides to make something for Vanraj as he is going to bring sweets for her. Vanraj reaches outside Shah house and asks Leela about Anupama’s passport. Leela tells Vanraj that Dolly didn’t let her tear Anupama’s passport. She tells Vanraj that she explained to Dolly a lot and hid Anupama’s passport at the place where he keeps his important papers as according to her that is the place that Anupama will never look. Vanraj tells Leela that sooner or later, Anupama will find her passport in the house. Leela tells Vanraj that at that time, they will tell Anupama that her passport arrived late.

Anupama decorates her and Vanraj’s room. She also places chocolate cake on a table with candles on. Anupama tries searching for Paritosh and Samar’s birthday decorations. Outside, Leela asks Vanraj what he said to his boss. Vanraj tells Leela that he told his boss that Anupama is pregnant and it’s a very complicated case. He says his boss will inform and explain to his wife. Vanraj asks Leela to have sweets as she is again going to become a grandmother. Leela asks Vanraj to make Anupama have sweets and keep her happy. Vanraj obliges to Leela. Leela asks Vanraj to stop meeting Ritika as his shirt reeks of Ritika’s perfume.

She tells Vanraj that if his mother can sense another woman’s smell, then his wife can too. Leela asks Vanraj to change his shirt as well as his heart, before entering his room. She warns Vanraj that he will face her wrath, if another woman’s fragrance will arise from him. Leela tells Vanraj that his marriage with Anupama is not a joke and he will have to accept Anupama as his wife forever. Anupama searches for Samar and Paritosh’s birthday decoration items in Vanraj’s important paper’s bag. She places it back at its place after taking out decoration items. Anupama sees a passport fallen down from Vanraj’s important paper bag.

She checks it and gets shocked seeing that it’s her passport which was with the agent. Anupa wonders, when did her visa stamped passport arrive. Vanraj enters Shah house and kisses Paritosh’s forehead. He enters his room and shows flowers and sweets he brought to Anupama. Vanraj tells Anupama that he brought mixed sweets as he forgot her favorite sweet. He praises baby celebration preparations made by Anupama, in their room. Gajra falls from Vanraj’s hand, while trying to apply it on Anupama’s hair. He bends down to pick it up and sees Anupama’s visa stamped passport in Anupama’s hand. Shocked, Anupama keeps staring at stunned Vanraj with doubt and questions in her eyes and mind.

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