Radha Mohan 5th May 2022 Written Update Shock for Radha

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Radha Mohan 5th May 2022 Written Update Shock for Radha Radha sees Mohan’s old smiling photograph. She says this is her Mohan Ji, who doesn’t look less than Lord Krishna. Tulsi’s soul stands behind Radha. Radha feels some presence behind and turns to see it. When she turns, there seems to be no one. Suddenly, Mohan comes out of the bathroom in a towel. This shocks Radha and she immediately closes her eyes with her hand. Mohan turns and but Radha is not seen standing behind him anymore. He takes out his clothes and Radha is seen hiding under Mohan’s bed. She again closes her eyes, seeing Mohan dropping down his towel to change his clothes.

Finally, Mohan wears his clothes and checks his phone. He wonders where his mobile charger is. Mohan picks up his towel from the floor. Radha forwards the charger towards Mohan, wishing that he doesn’t see her hiding under his bed. Mohan picks up his phone charger, lies on the bed and switches off the light to sleep. Radha wonders why she didn’t talk to Mohan, when she came for it. She comes out of her hiding and smiles seeing asleep Mohan. Seeing that the air conditioner is on and Mohan could catch a cold, Radha covers Mohan with his blanket. After this, Radha leaves the room.


Tulsi’s soul watches leaving Radha and sleeping Mohan angrily. Gungun catches Radha outside Mohan’s room. Radha screams, suddenly seeing Gungun with a toy gun. She wonders if no one sleeps in Trivedi house. Radha asks Gungun who she is. Gungun asks Radha, who she is. Radha and Gungun introduce each other to each other. Radha understands that Gungun is Mohan and Tulsi’s daughter. She sits on her knees in front of Gungun and calls her sweet and cute. Gungun pushes Radha’s hand away, which she forwarded to caress her. Gungun tells Radha that she just belongs to Tulsi, not Mohan.

Radha asks Gungun if she is angry with her father (Mohan). She tells Gungun that she shouldn’t talk like this as she seems exactly like Mohan. She explains to Gungun that her eyes, face shape, nose and anger is just like that of Mohan’s. Gungun keeps hitting Radha with her toy gun bullets. Radha keeps running and trying to save herself. Mohan comes and switches on the hall lights. Gungun stops seeing Mohan walking forward towards him. Mohan asks Gungun why she is so insolent as initially she troubled Damini and now troubling Radha. Kadambari and other family members also come to the hall.

Gungun tells Mohan that she will do as she pleases. She asks Mohan if he will hit her. Gungun asks Mohan to kill her just like he killed her mother, Tulsi. Mohan walks towards Gungun to slap her in anger. Tulsi’s soul runs to save her daughter. Everyone gets stunned. Radha stops Mohan at the right time. She asks Mohan to calm himself as Gungun is just a kid. Gungun makes Radha leave Mohan’s hand and says she is not a kid. She says she understands everything and knows that Mohan killed her mother and now is beating her too. Mohan stands teary eyed. Gungun asks Mohan to hit her. She asks Mohan if he thinks he can do anything to her, if he is father. Gungun tells Mohan that he isn’t her father.

Kadambari asks Mohan to not let little Gungun’s words hurt him. She asks Mohan to go. Radha notices Mohan’s disappointment and pain. Both Gungun and Mohan walk away to their rooms. Radha understands the reason behind Mohan’s sadness is Gungun’s misunderstanding and anger towards him. Damini’s mother grabs Radha’s arm and asks Radha how dare she hold her son-in-law’s hand. She says it’s her daughter Damini’s right. Damini asks Radha, who she is to speak between Mohan and Gungun. Kadambari angrily tells Radha that she would have ousted her now, if she wouldn’t have been their revered priest’s daughter.

In a scolding tone, Kadambari asks Radha to go to her room and mind her own business. Dulari gives Radha’s bag to her and asks her to make her Lord Krishna’s idol sleep on her own bed and herself sleep on her (Dulari’s) bed. She requests Radha to not step out of the room now. She takes Radha with her. In his room, Mohan screams out his anger and pain on Tulsi and his photograph. He says Gungun is just Tulsi and doesn’t consider him anything. He tells Tulsi’s photograph that Gungun speaks anything to him, just like she used to, without even realizing that her words pricks his heart.

Mohan says he and Gungun are similar in one way. He says he and Gungun never run away from problems like Tulsi, instead they face their problems with full confidence. Mohan tells Tulsi’s photograph that Gungun is not like her, who leaves a relationship, if a small problem arises in it. He says Gungun is similar to him in case if facing problems. On the other hand, Gungun is seen crying and hugging her mother’s photograph. Tulsi’s soul watches all this and recalls Mohan asking her to leave his house, if she wants to. She also recalls Mohan giving a swear to her, to never show her face or make her voice heard to him and his family members. In the same flashback, Mohan also gave his swear to Tulsi that she won’t ever be able to hurt his family ever.

Flashback ends. Tulsi’s soul in her thoughts asks Mohan, why he bound her in his swear. She says she can’t even touch her angry daughter. On the other hand, Damini asks Mohan to give some time to Gungun as kids blurt out anything. She tells Mohan that she is sure that Gungun will realize his love for her, once she grows up. When Damini again talks about marriage, Mohan asks Damini why she wants to marry him, what such quality she saw in him. He tells Damini that the whole world is not a kid and considers him as his wife’s killer. Mohan tells Damini that every girl wishes her husband to have a good job, but instead she and Kadambari handle’s his business. He also tells Damini that his future will be as dark as his past.

Mohan asks Damini why she wants to become a part of his darkness. He tells Damini that every girl wishes for her to-be husband to love her a lot. Mohan clearly tells Damini he won’t be able to fall in love with anyone, his whole life. He tells Damini that he doesn’t have the strength to fall in love again. Damini tells Mohan that she will help him fall in love and bring light to his life. She asks Mohan to not underestimate one-sided love as a person doesn’t even realize, when it turns two sided. Mohan asks Damini why she is wasting her life behind him as she is such a nice person and can get anyone. He asks Damini to not wait for him and marry a good guy, if he doesn’t return home after the court’s decision.

Damini tells Mohan that she already found him 12 years ago. She confidently tells Mohan that the court won’t take a decision against them and asks him to prepare for their marriage, which is in the upcoming 3 weeks. Mohan asks Damini, how can she say all this with confidence. Damini tells Mohan that fate can ditch a person, if he/she has his/her love’s support with him/her. Damini leaves asking Mohan to sleep. On the other hand, Radha recalls Gungun’s harsh and hurtful words towards Mohan. She understands that no father would be able to stay in peace, hearing such harsh words and his first name from his daughter’s mouth.

Mahabharata is going on in the house where Ramayana should be recited. Radha asks Lord Krishna, how she can leave Mohan alone in this condition. On the other hand, Damini catches her mother stealing a bag full of money. She reminds her mother that she asked her to be careful, while doing such things. Damini’s mother tells Damini that Mohan or someone would soon find out that some amount of money is missing. Damini tells her mother that this amount of money is nothing for Mohan and he won’t find out. She takes the bag asking her mother to not worry. Radha notices some woman’s shadow, walking from outside her room.

On the other hand, Tulsi’s soul witnesses Damini giving a bag full of cash to someone. The man tells Damini that her work will surely be done. Tulsi’s soul feels angrier. She follows Damini angrily. Damini feels someone’s presence behind her. Initially she doesn’t see anyone. But when Damini turns again, she sees Radha standing behind her. Damini tells Radha that she scared her. Radha apologizes to Danini and tells her that she heard some voices and thus came outside to check. Damini tells Radha that she doesn’t need to worry about this house and asks her to return to her home soon. She asks Radha to not stress the family members anymore, as they are already stressed, thinking about the court’s final decision tomorrow.

Radha requests Damini to please let her meet Mohan, once and make him receive Lord Krishna’s blessings. Damini evilly asks Radha to not make Mohan more stressed. Radha thinks Damini is right and she shouldn’t stress Mohan more. She prays to God to take care of Mohan. Tulsi’s soul overhears Damini and Radha’s conversation. Next morning, Radha takes Gungun to the house temple. She tells Gungun that it’s a very important day for her father and asks her to pray to God for him. Radha tells Gungun that God fulfills Kids’ wishes quickly. Gungun prays to God to do something so that Mohan gets life imprisonment and never returns home.

Hearing this, Radha gets shocked. She requests God to not hear and fulfill Gungun’s wish as she wished for something wrong in her childishness. Radha runs and closes Lord Krishna’s idol’s ears. Gungun lights the matchstick to light the Diya to get her wish fulfilled. Radha looks at Gungun’s hands in tension and worries that Gungun might light a lamp to wish Mohan to be imprisoned for life.

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