Kundali Bhagya 6th May 2022 Written Update Confession

Kundali Bhagya 6th May 2022 Written Update Confession

Kundali Bhagya 6th May 2022 Written Update Confession Preeta and Sameer set the cameras in the hotel room. She tells that they don’t have much time. She goes to hide. Shrishti tells that she wasn’t sure that Sandesh will come so soon, else she would have helped Preeta in the camera set up. Sandesh knocks the door. He thinks if everything wrong is going to happen, if he should go back. Shrishti asks Preeta to open the door, Sandesh is outside the door, he is thinking of leaving. Preeta asks Sameer to open the door and get Sandesh, else he would leave. Sameer takes a disguise and comes out of the room to stop Sandesh. He asks Sandesh to come and talk to him. Prithvi also reaches there. Shrishti doesn’t see Prithvi. Sandesh questions Sameer to know if his identity is true.

Preeta gets to hear Sameer and Sandesh’s conversation. She asks Sameer to control his temper. She watches them on the camera feeds. Sameer tells that he was just joking, he didn’t mean to offend him. He tells a fake story to Sandesh to convince him. He adds that he wants to frame another cricket player just like Sandesh framed Karan in the match fixing. Preeta asks Sameer to stop Sandesh from leaving. Sandesh denies of framing Karan and goes. Preeta also takes a disguise to stop Sandesh.

She drops the money bag to show it to Sandesh and bribe him. Preeta asks Sameer to let Sandesh touch the money, then he will feel greedy. Sameer complains of the back ache and asks Sandesh to pick it. He asks Sandesh if he isn’t in need of money. Sandesh picks the money for him. He tells that he can help him in framing the sports person. He admits that he has framed Karan.


Meanwhile, Natasha is delighted to see the cash on her bed. Sherlyn arrives there and asks Natasha to take the money and leave, because her work is over, she isn’t of any use. She orders Natasha to leave the house. Natasha is troubled that Prithvi and Sherlyn are removing her like a nobody. Sameer asks Sandesh to frame Rohan in match fixing, like he framed Karan. Sandesh asks if Sameer wants to make him confess the crime. He asks Sameer is he a policeman. Sameer shows his US properties to Sandesh. He tells that its an expensive property, if Sandesh agrees for the deal then he can get a villa in US worth 15 crores. Sandesh gets hindered by someone. Sameer asks him to think well about the deal.

Shrishti sees Prithvi there. Sameer shuts the door. Prithvi misses to see Sandesh. Sandesh tells Prithvi that he is busy in some work. Preeta asks Sameer to ask Sandesh how did he trap Karan. Sameer bribes Sandesh. He asks him to think well, and get the deal signed. Preeta messages Shrishti and asks her to come inside, its time for her entry. She hints Sameer about the next step of their plan. Sameer introduces Shrishti to Sandesh. He tells that Shrishti isn’t his sister. Shrishti also joins the drama. He tells that Sandesh might not do their work. Sandesh tells that he has done big things in the past. She tells that she will leave with the money, she doesn’t think Sandesh is capable enough.

Sandesh reminds that he had framed Karan Luthra. She laughs on him and tells that she can’t believe it. She asks him if he can tell them how he did this. He tells that he has met Karan often as his fan and then won his trust, he took Karan’s duplicate to Luthra house and got the pictures clicked in Karan’s room, the entry of the house was easy because of Prithvi. He admits that he did this work for Prithvi. He tells that he has easily framed Karan by clicking the pictures with the duplicate. Preeta, Sameer and Shrishti are shocked to know this. The confession gets recorded. Sandesh tells that he has done such a smart thing. He asks Sameer for the deal. He tells that the deal is done from his side.

Sameer agrees to him. Preeta is glad that she finally got a solid evidence against Prithvi. Sherlyn asks Natasha to pack her bags and leave. Natasha doesn’t want to go away. She pleads with Sherlyn to get a place in the house. Sherlyn tells that Natasha isn’t important that someone remembers her. She packs Natasha’s bags. She tells that she will not identify Natasha anytime later if they come across. She asks Natasha to get out. Sameer tells that he finally got what he wanted. Shrishti gives the money to Sandesh. Sandesh happily thanks them. He makes a leave. Preeta tells that Prithvi and Sandesh are disgusting to frame Karan in this manner. She wants to head to the court with the proof and save Karan.

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