Udaariyaan Jasmine doubts Angad 6th May 2022 Spoilers

Udaariyaan Jasmine doubts Angad 6th May 2022 Spoilers

Udaariyaan Jasmine doubts Angad 6th May 2022 Spoilers Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Jasmine suspects Angad Jasmine and Amrik are shocked to see Angad in London. She finds him hiding from them and they both follow him. Angad runs away. Jasmine and Amrik fail to match up with him. A group of men attacks Fateh and Tanya gets scared. He asks her why is she bothering if she is not Tejo. Tanya begs Fateh to not take their beatings as she knows he can fight back. Tanya asks the men to stop or else she will call the cops. Jasmin, Amrik and Fateh learn that Tanya is Tejo. Jasmin suspects that Angad is the person who had tried to burn Tejo alive in the fire.

Sirf Tum episode spoiler – Ranveer-Suhani’s dance Ranveer shows Suhani their engagement rings and informs her that they can be changed if she doesn’t like them. Suhani replies that the rings are beautiful but she is scared that they remain safe from evil eyes. He assures her that they both are born for each other. Suhani and Ranveer dance together and have a romantic moment. Will Suhani and Ranveer finally get their happy ending?

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode spoiler – Patralekha gets the blessings:


Bhavani mentions that with the help of the priest’s blessings Sai and Virat will welcome a booming child. The priest throws some conch pebbles but one of them falls on Patralekha’s lap. She is bewildered. Everybody gets astonished. Sonali asks Karishma how did Sai and Virat’s conch pebble land up in Patralekha’s lap. Sai and Virat look at each other in shock. Bhavani is speechless. Will Patralekha have a kid?

Swaran Ghar episode spoiler – Swaran-Ajit’s moment:

Swaran calls Ajit but he doesn’t pick up her call. She comes into the kitchen and finds him washing the utensils. She asks him why is he washing them and he says that it is not a crime to do it. Swaran seeks an apology from Ajit and tells him that she will manage. Swaran is about to slip but Ajit saves her on time. They have a romantic moment.

Fanaa episode spoiler – Neelima hides Bulbul:

Bulbul offers Agastya some orange chocolates and he takes them. He informs Meera that his new friend offered him these chocolates. Meera wonders who is she and asks Agastya to introduce her to his friend. Bulbul requests Neelima to let her stay for three days. Naveli says that what if somebody comes to know. Bulbul asks Naveli what problem she has if she stays. Meera and Agastya are about to enter the room where Bulbul is there.

Parineetii episode spoiler – Rajeev in trouble:

Parineet is in a police van and she looks at her ring. Neetii and Rajeev get engaged. Parineet tries to loosen her ring in an emotional state. Vikram is taken aback to see Neetii and Rajeev getting engaged. A policeman comes and shouts where is the groom. Neetii says that he has gone inside. The policeman informs Neetii that if the groom doesn’t come outside in a minute then he will be in big trouble.

Choti Sarrdaarni episode spoiler – Seher doubts Kulwant:

Kulwant asks Seher if she has already given the advertisement in the newspaper. Seher replies yes as they have to find out Mannat. Kulwant decides to cancel the advertisement. Seher gets a call from the newspaper office informing her that somebody had called them to cancel the advertisement. Seher realizes that Kulwant is aware of Manpreet being Mannat. She sees Kulwant taking food secretly and feeding Manpreet.


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