Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2022 Written Update Twist for Karan

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2022 Written Update Twist for Karan

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2022 Written Update Twist for Karan The judge is about to declare the verdict against Karan in the match fixing crime. Preeta comes in the nick of time and asks the judge to stop. She tells that Karan is innocent. She comes in an injured state, and shocks everyone by a big revelation. Karan grows worried for her. Preeta presents the real culprit behind the match fixing conspiracy. She tells that Prithvi had framed Karan in the match fixing by employing Prince and Sandesh. She reveals that Prince is Karan’s duplicate who took the pictures in the Luthra house in Karan’s bedroom, posing as Karan to frame him in bad light.

Prithvi is also brought in the court in injured state. The constables bring him and present him in front of the judge. Preeta asks Prithvi to accept his crime. Sherlyn and Kritika grow worried for Prithvi. Will Preeta save Karan from the court and take him home by proving his innocence? Will she clear her image in front of Karan and Luthras? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, The hotel manager gets ready to record his statement to save Karan. He gives the statement in Karan’s favor. Preeta tells that Prithvi and Sandesh took pictures with Karan’s lookalike and framed Karan in the match fixing. She collects the pictures. She thanks them for the help. Karan faces the court trials. Karan stays silent on hearing the match fixing and fraud charges on him. The lawyer tells that it’s an open and shut case, the evidences are against Karan. Karan thinks he is right and has become wrong in front of everyone, if Preeta was with him, then he would have got some peace. He is confused. He tells himself that he is missing Rakhi, not Preeta. Sherlyn thinks where did Natasha go at this time. She doesn’t even find Prithvi. She wonders where did he go.


Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2022 Written Update Twist for Karan:

Pallavi thanks the hotel manager for helping her so much. He tells about Prithvi around, who was seen in the cctv footage. She gets alert and runs to reach the court. Prithvi attacks the manager in rage. The court sees the pictures that show Karan in wrong light. Sameer tells that he dropped Karan to the ground that day, the bag wasn’t in the car before. Karan tells the judge that someone had kept the bag in the car to frame him. he pleads his innocence. The lawyer tells that they have seen the evidences against him, Karan should make a solid story to save him.

Malkhani tells that Karan is innocent, but the lawyer Mehra is trying to accuse him. Mehra shows the pictures on the screen. Karan recognizes his fan Sandesh. Mehra tells that Karan will now accept his crime. He presents Karan and Sandesh’s pictures. Karan and the family are shocked to see Karan receiving the money bag from Sandesh. Preeta hides from Prithvi. He shouts on her and asks her to stop. He sees her car parked there. He thinks Preeta is still hiding. He calls her out and asks her to come out. Preeta has to reach the court in time. He tells that she will need her car to go to the court, but she can’t come there, she won’t be able to go to the court, she has lost to Prithvi today.

He asks her how long will she waste time and miss the court hearing. He gets to see her. He attacks her by throwing a wood stick at her. Preeta falls down. He tells her that she has become a hurdle for him. He asks her what is she hiding from him, maybe she wants to take the evidence to the court. He adds that he will not let her reach the court, Karan will be jailed forever, she will lose. She tells him that she didn’t lose, her aim is to get Karan freed from the jail, and she will do it some way. She runs to her car and gets inside to drive. Prithvi asks her to stop. He tries to stop the car. She leaves for the court. He shouts in anger. He also follows her car. She finds Prithvi following her car.

He finds her slowing down the car because of the speed breakers. He races his car and warns her to stop. He wants to hit her car and stop her. He tries to find a shortcut and stop her. Preeta stops midway to see where did he disappear. She quickly secures the evidences that can help Karan. He finds Prithvi in front of her. Prithvi tells that she would have been a nice girl if she had become of him, but she stood against him, she has become his enemy, she has no right to live, she should be killed. He speeds his car to hit Preeta’s car. Preeta stays in the car and bears the deadly hit. Karan senses Preeta is in danger and shouts Preeta in the court. He tries to leave the court, but the police stops him.

Malkhani asks Karan not to run away, else he will be proved wrong. Judge warns Karan and asks him not to run away. Karan tells that he wasn’t running anywhere. Mehra taunts that Karan was making runs in the court. He asks Karan to answer them about the picture with Sandesh where he is seen with the bag. Karan denies the picture. He tells that its not him, he didn’t do this. Mehra asks him if the room isn’t of him, how can anyone else come to his bedroom. He asks the judge to know that Karan is just making stories. Karan tells that its not him, he loves his game, he loves his family, he got good values from his parents, he can never do such a disgusting thing.

Judge asks him to get evidence than giving emotional speeches. He asks Karan to present the evidence if he has any. Prithvi and Preeta get injured post the accident. He goes to confirm if Preeta is alive. He takes a tool to hit her. Preeta gets conscious and sees him coming. He pulls her out of the car. He tells her that she forced him to do this, he really hates her. He confesses his love to her. He tells that he saved her from Sherlyn and Mahira, he never wanted to kill her, he doesn’t want to kill her today as well, but she is forcing him to do so. He bids her good bye and attacks her.

She boldly fights him. She attacks him before he hits her. He faints down. Preeta takes the evidences and also drags Prithvi to her car. She puts him inside the car, and drives to the court. Karan asks why would he get the picture clicked if he really took the money from Sandesh. Mehra tells that maybe someone was present there to click the pictures to blackmail Karan later about the illegal deal. Malkhani tells that he was right about Karan, who was innocent. Mehra asks him if he has any proof to defend Karan. Malkhani tells that Sandesh is on the loose. He tells the judge about Sandesh, who was hired by someone to malign Karan’s image. Stay tuned.

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  1. Nothing like that will happen Preeta will lose again and she will be insulted by everyone and Karan will believe everyone else including that criminal Natasha and Preeta will stay in Luthra house she have no self respect

  2. End this. Some where luthras have to wi.please do jot fool people. How can they be bsuccessful businessmen whe one man can fool so many.. Stop thid


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