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Radha Mohan 9th May 2022 Written Update Radha’s decision

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Radha Mohan 9th May 2022 Written Update Radha’s decision On call, Mohan asks the police commissioner to find his daughter (Gungun) anyhow. After disconnecting the call. Mohan talks to himself wondering why Gungun doesn’t believe that he didn’t kill Tulsi. He wishes that he finds Gungun soon. On the other hand Tulsi’s brother tells Gungun that she will have to come with him. Gungun tells Tulsi’s brother that even her father can’t force her into doing anything. She addresses Tulsi’s brother as Kansa mama. Gungun bites Tulsi’s brother’s hand and runs away. Tulsi’s brother and his goon friend runs behind Gungun.

On the other hand, Ketki’s husband and Kadambari are seen worried and searching for Gungun in different cars. Suddenly, a hand pulls Gungun aside. This hand turns out to be of Radha. Radha signs Gungun to get quiet. Tulsi’s brother and his goon friend runs past Gungun and Radha in search of Gungun. Radha asks Gungun, who are these people and why she is running away from them. Gungun tells Radha that she was playing “Pakdam-Pakdai” with those people. Radha tells Gungun that she thought that some goons were following and troubling her. She tells Gungun that no one can play “Pakdam Pakdai”, better than her in the whole Barsana.

Gungun stops Radha and calls her stupid. She tells Radha that it was her Kansa Mama following her and was trying to kidnap her. This shocks Radha. Gungun tells Radha that she bit her maternal uncle so badly that even the doctor won’t be able to cure his wound. Radha asks Gungun what she is doing alone on the streets. Gungun reveals that she ran away from home. Radha gets shocked hearing this. She asks Gungun why she ran away from home. Gungun sees the road and says her evil maternal uncle and his goon friend went away. She runs towards the road and Radha tries to stop her. At the same time, Gungun’s maternal uncle and his goon friend come in front of Gungun.

Both try to catch Gungun, but Radha runs holding Gungun’s hand. Radha helps Gungun in hiding somewhere. Sitting in a hiding, Radha asks Gungun to stay silent. Tulsi’s brother and his goon friend keeps searching for Radha and Gungun. Gungun asks Radha to shift a little and calls her fat. Radha with a cute attitude tells Gungun that she isn’t fat but tall. Gungun shows attitude to Radha. Radha asks Gungun to not make noise as otherwise goons will find them. In their cute banter, unknowingly they make noise. Tulsi’s brother gets alerted. He opens the box where Radha and Gungun are hiding.

Tulsi’s brother and his goon friend smirks on finding Gungun and Radha. Radha stammers in front of Tulsi’s brother and his goon friend while asking them to not dare touch Gungun. Tulsi’s brother asks Radha to hand over Gungun to him. He also asks Radha to get out of his way. Radha keeps stuttering, while asking Tulsi’s brother to let her and Gungun go and not come near them. Tulsi’s brother and his goon friend asks Radha what she will do, if they don’t oblige her. Radha tells Tulsi’s brother and his goon friend that not her, but Lord Krishna will do whatever needs to be done. Tulsi’s brother and his goon friend laughs and Gungun beats her forehead seeing Radha stammering.

Tulsi’s brother brings a stick. He is about to hit Radha but himself gets hit by a coconut. Radha thanks Lord Krishna for helping her. Gungun tells Radha that it was she who saved her. She hits her maternal uncle’s goon friend with another coconut. Gungun asks Radha, whom she is waiting for. She asks Radha to beat the goons. Radha asks Gungun how she can beat the goons as she is Radha. Gungun hits her evil maternal uncle and his goon friend with some other coconuts. After this Gungun and Radha run from there with their stuff. Gungun’s maternal uncle and his goon friend follow Gungun and Radha.

Kadambari and Ketki’s husband feels worried while searching for Gungun. In their hiding, Gungun scolds Radha for stammering in front of her evil maternal uncle and his goon friend. She calls Radha as chipko. Radha tells Gungun that she will first drop her to Trivedi house from rickshaw and then will herself leave for Barsana. Gungun refuses to return to Trivedi house and threatens to hit Radha with coconut. Radha tries to stop Gungun from going away. She runs behind Gungun. Mohan drives being on call with Kadambari. He tells Kadambari that he won’t be able to live and forgive himself, if he won’t find Gungun.

He doesn’t pay proper attention on the road. Gungun comes in front of Mohan’s car and freezes in fear. Radha pushes Gungun aside and gets hit by Mohan’s car. Mohan takes his car a little back and finds Radha under his car. Radha is seen lying on the road, praying to God in fear. Mohan comes out. Gungun asks Mohan if he is checking that Radha is alive or not. She also asks Mohan if he came to hit Radha with his car again. Mohan calls Gungun as “Bhagodi” and asks her to keep quiet. He addresses Radha as “ae ladki” and asks her if she is fine. Gungun tells Mohan that her name is Radha.

Mohan touches Radha’s cheek and asks her if she is fine or got hurt somewhere. Radha opens her eyes and keeps silent, staring at Mohan. As Mohan touches Radha’s feet, Radha screams. Mohan shouts at Radha, asking her to be quiet. He asks Radha why she is screaming. Gungun says it seems that Radha’s brain got wounded. Mohan asks Radha to be quiet. Gungun says Radha flopped her plan of running away. She asks Mohan if he will make her stand in the sun for the whole day.

Mohan apologizes to Gungun. He makes Radha stand up and warns Gungun to not try running away again. In the meantime, Radha falls down, due to an injured foot. Mohan turns and asks Radha why she is sitting on the road. Using signs, Radha tries to tell Mohan that he asked her to keep quiet. Gungun tells Mohan that Radha is trying to say that he asked her to keep quiet. She calls Radha mad for obliging to Mohan’s words. Mohan asks Radha to say whatever she wants to say. Radha screams in pain. She tells Mohan that she feels that her foot broke and thus she can’t get up.

Irritated Mohan picks up Radha in his arms. Stunned Radha keeps staring at Mohan. Mohan makes Radha sit on the front seat. He picks up Gungun and makes her sit on the back seat with Radha’s stuff. Gungun asks Mohan to let her go as she doesn’t want to return to Trivedi house. Mohan doesn’t listen to Gungun and sits in the car himself. On Radha’s request, Mohan gives Radha’s Lord Krishna’s idol to her and drives off. At Trivedi house, Damini’s mother fakes concern for Gungun and screams in worry. Ketki and her real brother feel irritated by Damini’s mother’s screams and concern drama. Damini herself feels angry and irritated by her mother’s fake drama.

Tulsi’s soul feels worried about Gungun. Everyone gets shocked seeing Mohan bringing Radha in his arms. Tulsi’s soul feels relaxed seeing Gungun back. She tries to hug Gungun, but Gungun being human passes from between Tulsi’s soul. Damini’s mother tells Damini that Mohan doesn’t even touch her but has brought Radha in his arms. Jealous Damini asks her mother to get quiet. Kadambari asks Gungun to never run away from home ever. Mohan reveals that Radha saved Gungun’s life. This information stuns everyone. Mohan says, if Radha wouldn’t have arrived at the right time, then Gungun wouldn’t have got hit by his car.

He tells everyone that Radha’s foot got injured while saving Gungun. Tulsi’s soul gets teary eyed. Doctor arrives at Trivedi house, on Mohan’s call. Mohan asks the doctor to examine Radha’s injury. Ketki’s husband praises Radha for saving Gungun’s life, putting her own life in danger. He tells Radha that she did a favor on Trivedi house. Ketki stops her husband from praising Radha anymore. Doctor tells Mohan that Radha has got a serious sprain on her foot. He also tells Mohan that Radha needs to rest for a few days and no weight should be laid on her foot as it can increase the problem of her foot. Doctor leaves telling Mohan that he will send some painkillers.

Ketki’s husband drops the doctor outside. Damini politely asks Gungun if she is fine. Damini’s mother pretends happiness about Gungun’s return. Gungun says she can easily live without Trivedi’s and she doesn’t love anyone. This upsets everyone, especially Mohan. Gungun blames Mohan for her miseries. She says if Mohan wouldn’t have won Tulsi’s murder case, then her maternal uncle in hate with Mohan, wouldn’t have tried to kidnap her. This information shocks everyone. Gungun narrates Tulsi’s brother’s trials of kidnapping her to Trivedi’s. She tells everyone that Radha helped her at the right time.

Later at the dining table, Mohan tries talking to Gungun. Gungun tries every way to not let Mohan talk to her. Mohan requests Gungun to keep her phone aside and she obliges. He requests Gungun to believe him that he didn’t kill her mother, Tulsi. Gungun tells Mohan that he can cheat the court, but not her. Mohan asks Gungun what he should do, to make her talk to her. Gungun asks Mohan to go behind bars. This shocks Mohan. Mohan tells Gungun that this can’t happen as the court acquitted him. Gungun tells Mohan that she will run away from Trivedi’s house soon.

Mohan tells Gungun that he will keep Dobermann in the house to stop her from leaving the house again. Gungun tells Mohan that she loves Dogs and will run away with Dobermann by befriending him. Mohan tells Gungun that he will keep bodyguards and increase the house’s boundary wall height. Gungun tells Mohan that she will run away anyhow and won’t stay at Trivedi house, for anyone. Mohan asks Gungun won’t she stop at Trivedi for even her mother. Gungun goes silent, Tulsi’s soul appears aside Gungun. Radha is seen standing upstairs and hearing Gungun and Mohan’s conversation. Mohan tells Gungun that Tulsi made Trivedi house and her memories are settled in it.

Everyone gets emotional. Mohan tells Gungun that she will leave her mother’s memories too by leaving Trivedi house. Tulsi watches Radha from downstairs. Radha decides to make Gungun realize Mohan’s love for her. She requests God to support/ help her in her first step towards bringing Mohan’s smile back.

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