Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th May 2022 Written Update Big troubles

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th May 2022 Written Update Big troubles

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th May 2022 Written Update Big troubles Revati arrests Rudra and Prisha for questioning. Rudra’s lawyer tells Rudra that he and Prisha don’t need to say anything in front of police. He also tells Rudra that he will try to get them out of prison as soon as possible. Revati’s staff handcuffs Rudra and Prisha. Revati turns to see Rudra’s lawyer challengingly. Prisha asks Sharda to be with the kids, till everything gets fine. Media comes and questions Rudra if he really killed Dev or if he is being trapped in false charges. They ask Prisha, if even she is involved in Dev’s murder, why police is doubting her too.

Police push the media aside and take Rudra and Prisha away. Ruhi and Saaransh get shocked as well as worried seeing all this in the news. They run downstairs and see Sharda coming. Ruhi asks Sharda what’s going on, why police took away her parents. Sharda tells Ruhi and Saaransh that everything will turn out fine soon. Ruhi asks Sharda if her parents will return home for sure. Sharda tells Ruhi and Saaransh that Rudra and Prisha will return home soon and all of them will stay together. At the same time, Police reach Khurana Mansion. They tell Sharda that they have got the orders to take her, Ruhi and Saaransh to the police station.

Shocked, Sharda says kids will stay at home only. Inspector asks Sharda to not make him force her and kids to come to the police station with him. He asks her to Cooperate. Sharda picks up Ruhi and walks outside with Saaransh and police. Inside the prison, Prisha asks Rudra why Revati is taking time to come and question them. She tells Rudra that she is feeling that Revati has some other plan in her mind. Rudra asks Prisha to get quiet. Panicked Prisha reminds Rudra that she asked him to not hide whatever happened. Rudra gets angry and in a lower voice tells Prisha that the police have left them alone in the prison as they are waiting for them to talk and blurt out something which can be used against them.

He asks Prisha to stay silent. On the other hand, Revati says Rudra is very clever even more than she thought. She also says that she will anyhow make Khurana’s blurt out the truth. Revati further says that Khuranas can’t even imagine what she is going to do with them. Rudra and Prisha get shocked to see Sharda entering the prison with Ruhi and Saaransh. Rudra asks Sharda why she came here and even brought kids with her. At the same time, Revati comes and says that she called Sharda and kids here. Rudra asks Revati how dare she. He also asks Revati, if she will do anything, being commissioner.

Rudra tells Revati that she can’t increase Sharda and kids in all this. He asks Sharda to take the kids home with her. Revati tells Rudra that it’s the police station, not his home. She asks Rudra to give orders. Revati says Sharda, Ruhi and Saaransh are fully involved in Dev’s murder case and thus she has full rights to call them to police station. Rudra asks how. Revati reveals that school student Shruti told Aaliya that Dev called Ruhi to the school terrace. She says Shruti also told Aaliya that Saaransh knew about it and went to the terrace behind Ruhi. Revati says this means that Ruhi and Saaransh know what happened at the terrace and who killed her son, Dev.

She also says that she will interrogate Ruhi and Saaransh too. Angry Rudra tells Revati that she can’t do this. Revati asks Rudra how he will stop her, if law can’t. She says she can interrogate each and every person involved in murder case. Revati asks Khuranas to not think of it as a family reunion as she will question each and every one alone. She says she will see if all family members’ statements and stories are the same or different. Prisha tells Revati that she is going against the law. Firstly, Revati starts interrogating Ruhi. She asks Ruhi what her mother taught her, whether speaking the truth is good or lying. Ruhi replies that Prisha taught her to always speak the truth.

Revati asks Ruhi to tell her the truth. She asks Ruhi to tell her what happened with Dev at the school terrace on the night of the annual function. Ruhi says she doesn’t know as she didn’t reach the terrace. Revati tells Ruhi that she will get punished for lying in front of police. She asks Ruhi to tell the truth. Revati reminds Ruhi that Dev used Shruti to call her to the terrace. Ruhi agrees to this. She tells Revati that before reaching the terrace, she slipped, got her head injured by a flowerpot and fainted. Ruhi thinks she told Revati, whatever Rudra asked her to.

Flashback shows Rudra explaining and teaching Ruhi what to say in front of police, if they ever question her about the school terrace incident that happened during annual function day. Flashback ends. Next Revati starts questioning Saaransh. Saaransh tells Revati that before he could reach the terrace, he found Ruhi fallen and unconscious on the floor, on the way. He says he found Ruhi badly injured and thus called Rudra in tension. Flashback shows Rudra explaining to Saaransh, what he will tell the police, while they will interrogate him about Dev’s murder. Next, Revati starts questioning Sharda. She asks Sharda where she was when Dev died. Sharda replies that she doesn’t know when Dev died.

Revati says Dev visited the school on the night of the annual function. Sharda tells Revati that she wouldn’t have known this, if she herself wouldn’t have told her. Revati asks Sharda why and when did she leave the school auditorium. Sharda tells Revati that Rudra called her and told her that Ruhi got badly injured. She also tells Revati that she went to the parking lot when Rudra asked her to meet him there. Sharda further tells Revati that after this she took both kids back to home. Sharda recalls what Rudra asked her to say in police interrogation. After this, Prisha is called for police interrogation. Revati tells Prisha that she doesn’t expect truth from her as she pretended to be her good friend.

She tells Prisha that now she is not her friend and even her drama ended. Revati asks Prisha to tell her the truth about what Khuranas did with her son. She asks Prisha how Khuranas killed Dev. Prisha telks Revati that she never pretended to be her friend and still considers her her friend. Prisha reminds Revati that she was with her during the annual function night. She also reminds Revati that she came to show her Dev’s confession video. Prisha recalls Rudra explaining to her to make Revati believe that they are telling the truth. Flashback shows Rudra explaining to his family that they won’t let themselves get punished for the crime they didn’t commit.

He explains to his family that they need to be together and stronger. Rudra further explains to his family that no one will be able to trouble them, if all of them will give the same answers/statements. Everyone will keep their hands on each other’s hands, assuring victory/win to each other. Flashback ends. Next, Rudra is called for interrogation. Revati shouts and asks Rudra if he taught his family to give similar statements. She angrily asks Rudra to tell her how he killed her son. Rudra angrily tells Revati that he didn’t do anything as he was in the school auditorium. He tells Revati that Saaransh called him and told him that Ruhi got injured.

Rudra says that he took Ruhi and Saaransh from where Ruhi fainted and sent them home with Sharda. He tells Revati that he doesn’t know anything except this. Later, Revati’s junior tells her that every member of the Khurana family gave matching statements. He tells Revati that Khuarnas aren’t professional criminals and thus he thinks that she is misunderstanding Khuarnas and making a mistake. Revati angrily tells her junior that she isn’t wrong and Khuranas are lying. She says she will see till how many days Khuranas will keep their mouths shut. Later, Rakesh meets Revati at the police station. Revati tells Rakesh that she won’t let Khuarnas go easily. She thinks of another plan to make Khurana’s blurt out the truth.

Later, Rudra is taken somewhere alone. He asks the inspector what is all this and where is his family. Rudra thinks Revati is playing some game to make either him or his family blurt out the truth. Revati calls Prisha, Sharda and Ruhi outside the room where she kept Rudra. Prisha asks Revati what she is going to do with Rudra. Worried, Sharda, Prisha, Ruhi and Saaransh try to call Rudra and beat the screen to alert Rudra about their presence outside. Revati tells them that it’s of no use as the glass is soundproof. She tells Khuranas that Rudra can’t hear or see them, only they can. Revati reminds Khuranas that she gave them the chance to tell her truth easily but they didn’t.

She tells Khurana’s that now they will blurt out the truth. Police take out Rudra’s kurta and tie his hands. They start beating Rudra. Rudra’s family gets worried for Rudra. Prisha asks Revati to stop her staff from beating Rudra. Revati tells Khuranas that she will make her staff stop beating Rudra, when any one of them will tell her the truth. She thinks that she will break Khuranas like this and make them blurt out the truth. Khuranas will get shocked and worried seeing Rudra bleeding. Revati will stop Prisha from alerting Rudra through mike. Rudra thinks Revati and her staff won’t be able to break his family and make them blurt out the truth. He thinks he and his family are one and will always remain one.

Rudra also thinks that his family will say only what they have decided to. Khuranas cries seeing Rudra’s condition. Revati won’t feel sympathetic towards Khuranas. Ruhi requests police to not beat her father as she is ready to reveal the truth. This shocks Khuranas. Prisha asks Ruhi not to do this. Ruhi tells Prisha that she can’t see Rudra, injured or getting hurt. Revati asks her staff to take everyone from here except Ruhi. Prisha in a lower voice tells Ruhi that she won’t blurt out the truth. Revati’s staff takes away Prisha, Sharda and Saaransh. Revati asks her staff to stop beating Rudra and they oblige. She pulls Ruhi towards her and asks her if she will say the truth. Scared Ruhi says yes.

In the next episode, Revati alone will be seen interrogating Ruhi about the terrace incident. Sacred Ruhi will be seen telling something to Revati. Later, Revati will tell Rudra that Ruhi told her everything about the terrace incident. She will tell Rudra that according to Ruhi’s statement, he murdered Dev. Revati will tell Rudra that she is arresting him for murdering Dev. A person will come and tell Revati that Dev’s reports have arrived. She will ask him to tell her what Dev’s reports say. This person will be about to say something.

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