Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2022 Written Update Finale twist

Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2022 Written Update Finale twist

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Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2022 Written Update Finale twist Preeta drags Prithvi to the court. She succeeds in proving Karan innocent. She tells the judge that Prithvi is the culprit who had framed Karan, he had conceptualized the evil and brought Sandesh into picture to show Karan in bad light. She tells the judge that Prithvi is the one who hired Sandesh, they both have together trapped Karan, she has all the courts, Sandesh’s confessions, cctv camera footage and everything that proves Karan innocent. She throws Prithvi on the ground. Karan and Luthras are shocked to see the bold Preeta dragging Prithvi. Prithvi is much injured and able to defend.

Preeta prepares to show the video clip of Sandesh’s confession. She tells that Karan is innocent, he loves cricket, its his passion and he can never cheat his game. She clears Karan’s name as promised to the Luthras. Karan regrets that he was doubting Preeta. Preeta is close to succeed in getting him freed of the charges. She tells Karan that she has reached the court by much difficulty. Karan’s lawyer Malkhani asks her to give him the proof. She finds the box empty. She doesn’t find the evidences. She grows worried. She realizes that Prithvi has stolen the evidences. Will Preeta prove Karan’s innocence? Will Prithvi turn the game again? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Preeta boldly fights Prithvi. She attacks him before he hits her. He faints down. Preeta takes the evidences and also drags Prithvi to her car. She puts him inside the car, and drives to the court. Karan asks why would he get the picture clicked if he really took the money from Sandesh. Mehra tells that maybe someone was present there to click the pictures to blackmail Karan later about the illegal deal. Malkhani tells that he was right about Karan, who was innocent. Mehra asks him if he has any proof to defend Karan. Malkhani tells that Sandesh is on the loose. He tells the judge about Sandesh, who was hired by someone to malign Karan’s image. Stay tuned.

Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2022 Written Update Finale twist:

Mehra asks Malkhani to bring evidences in Karan’s favor if he can. He tells that they can fight later about Sandesh. He asks Malkhani not to mix this match fixing case with the other case. The judge tells that the court will give the verdict now, Karan is seen in the picture with Sandesh, taking the money bag and fixing the match result. He declares Karan guilty. He is about to announce the punishment for Karan. Preeta makes an entry in the court in time and stops the judge. She tells that Karan is innocent, Prithvi is the real culprit. She shows Prithvi to them. Kritika is shocked.

Preeta drags Prithvi by his hair and tells that its Prithvi who hired Sandesh and framed Karan. Kritika and Sherlyn get their hearts out for Prithvi. Preeta tells the judge that Sandesh has done everything on Prithvi’s saying. She asks the judge to see the proofs, the pictures and videos against Prithvi and Sandesh. The judge asks her to present the evidences. Preeta checks for the evidences. She doesn’t find anything. Judge asks her does she have anything or is she just doing a filmi drama. Kritika calls it a drama and tells that Preeta can’t have any proof against Prithvi.

On the other hand, Mahesh wakes up and thinks of his sons. He tells the nurse that he has to go to his sons, they need him. She asks him not to take stress. She tells him that his son is okay, his family is with him. She asks him to talk to his son. She gives him medicines and puts him to sleep. She feels helpless and prays for him. She wants the family to not shatter. Prithvi thinks how did this happen that Preeta lost the evidences. He salutes his fate. Kritika cares for an injured Prithvi. She tells that Karan and Prithvi are innocent, Preeta is taking revenge on Prithvi because of their enmity, Prithvi can never ruin Karan’s career. She accuses Preeta. Shrishti defends her sister. Kritika argues with her.

Judge asks them to go out and fight. He tells that he will give the verdict now. Natasha comes running and asks him to stop giving the judgment. He asks her to come to witness box and give her statement. Natasha tells the court that Karan is innocent. She supports Karan. Judge asks her about the proof. Natasha gives the pendrive. She tells that she wants them to check the videos once. Sherlyn thinks what drama will Natasha do now. Natasha recalls finding Preeta and Prithvi’s clashed cars. She steals the evidences from Preeta while she was unconscious. She meets Sandesh and shows him the confession video.

She asks him to do as she tells him, only then he can get saved. She asks him to record another version of the same recording, and say whatever she tells him. He asks her who is she. She tells that she is Payal, and Natasha for the world. She threatens him and convinces him to confess his crime. She records his confession. They see the confession in the court. Sandesh tells them that Karan is innocent. Preeta is relieved. Judge asks who wanted to frame Karan. Natasha points at Prithvi. Preeta asks Kritika to see, Natasha also knows the truth. She tells that she had the same proofs against Prithvi.

Natasha changes her words and tells that she didn’t name Prithvi, but the man sitting behind Prithvi. She tells about Prince, who looks like Karan, he was the one who implicated Karan. Natasha goes to Prithvi and tells that she has every proof against him, she can give the proof to the court, but she did a favor on him by saving him. She wants to secure her place in the Luthra house. She threatens him. He stays speechless. Judge confirms that Prince has cheated everyone by implicating Karan. Mehra asks Prince who is his boss, who hired him to trap Karan.

Malkhani asks Mehra not to mix two cases, they shall know about Karan’s innocence, its hence proved. Judge releases Karan. He announces Karan innocent. Preeta and Luthras get relieved. Karan meets his family. He stays upset with Preeta. He thanks Natasha for the help. She tells that she is very happy that he is coming back home. Prithvi goes with Kritika. He asks Preeta to experience the pain of losing after winning.

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10 responses to “Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2022 Written Update Finale twist”

  1. LILIANE Avatar

    let preeta tell all the story and call all the witness to testify on cour.

  2. Neeru Avatar

    What a stupid drama very disappointed will stop watching this

  3. Neeru Avatar

    Have some self respect Preeta and leave Luthra family Karan will never support you now he will running after that criminal Natasha house can find nice person who trust you and love you Luthra family and Karan don’t deserve you I feel so sad for you

  4. Amita Avatar

    Better to stop watching..what a stupid storyline. Even Samir knows everything he is silent spectators &not sharing about the confessiof Sandesh regarding prithvi.& suddenlyNatasabecame savior…it seems these serials meant to spread only negativity. .good people has to suffer .pathetic.i regret that I have spoiled my valuable time in watching this bakwaz serial ..Ekta Kapoor should stop making such type of traumatic emotional drama which adversity affecting mental condition of viewers,There is no end of negativity in her series…

    1. Aziima Avatar

      I agree 👍💯 that is stupid drama it’s going only negative

  5. Gada Avatar

    This writer is very stupid. I hate this what sense and morals are u people give .fuck u all I have stop watching this rubbish call kundili bhagya .. even the actors are stupid and foolish for acting all this nonsense because of money. They are just making this show complicated and foolish.may writer have sense the producers and actors who are seeing this and not correcting the mistake because this is lack of sense

  6. Bibijaisingh Avatar

    Crazy how can natasha get the evidence and change it so quickly.Prithivi need to get caught.Rishab should come back in the show with another wife and put sheryln out .Kritika need to see her husband evilness.Time for mahesh to gain his full senses and get his memory back.

  7. Cute.... Avatar

    What crap shit is dis same story again and again druggie aunty ektha stop ur show ur just dragging

  8. Kiruthika Janagan Avatar
    Kiruthika Janagan

    My crush kundali bhagya….
    Now karan was proved that he is innocent and came back ❤….

  9. Jyoti Avatar

    It id high time they should remove natash .privithvi should get caught .rishab should come back and get another wife and put sheryln inplace .kritika should know what is prithvi upto he is two timing.mahesh should his memory back and come into senses.its become a boring programne.

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