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Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th May 2022 Written Update Dragging Revati takes Ruhi alone to get the truth out of her. She asks Ruhi if she loves her father a lot, why she didn’t blurt out the truth earlier. Ruhi asks Revati if now no one will beat her father. Revati assures Ruhi that no one will beat her father now, if she will tell her the truth. Revati initially politely asks Ruhi what happened at the school terrace on the annual function night. When Ruhi remains silent, Revathi screams at Ruhi to speak up. She threatens Ruhi that she will make her father’s condition worse, if she refuses to speak the truth.

On the other hand, Sharda, Prisha and Saaransh run to Rudra. Guilty Saaransh apologizes to Rudra telling him that he is tolerating all this because of him. Rudra asks Saaransh to not say anything after this. Sharda says police gave so much pain to her son, Rudra and ruined his condition. Rudra feels pain but still tells Sharda that he is fine. Prisha tells Rudra that he isn’t fine and much wounded. Sharda, Saaransh and Prisha make injured Rudra stand up on his feet. Rudra asks where Ruhi is. Prisha tells Rudra that Ruhi is with Revati. She also tells Rudra that Ruhi failed to see him being beaten up and agreed to tell the truth to Revati.

This shocks Rudra. He gets worried thinking that Revati may torture Ruhi to get the truth out of her. Sharda asks Rudra what he can do in this. Prisha says they can do something. She clicks injured Rudra’s pictures. Rudra asks Prisha what she is doing. Prisha tells Rudra that she will get him and Ruhi out of trouble. Prisha walks outside and meets the media. When the Media questions Prisha about her and Rudra’s arrest, Prisha uses this opportunity to get the media and public’s help. She shows injured Rudra’s pictures to media personnel and tells them that police is torturing her and her family.

Prisha tells Media that police commissioner Revati Choudhary is accusing her and family of her son Dev Choudhary’s murder. She also tells the Media that they (Khuranas) are facing injustice as they have been arrested without any proof against them. Revati’s junior overhears Prisha and Media’s conversation. He sends a female constable to stop Prisha. Prisha tells Media that Revati has arrested her whole family, torturing and interrogating even her children. She tells the Media that her younger kid Ruhi is alone with Revati at present and being tortured with questions. At the end Prisha tells the Media that Revati isn’t seeing anyone else except her son Dev.

She requests the Media to help and support the Khuranas as they are being falsely accused. Prisha requests the Media to save her and her family from police commissioner Revati Choudhary’s injustice. Female Police constable tries to take Prisha away from the Media. Media asks the constable to let Prisha speak. Prisha folds her hands and requests the Media to save her and her family from injustice, assuring that her family will fully cooperate with all the laws. She requests the Media to help her and her family get justice. Media turns to make Prisha’s statement/request reach the public and higher officials.

Prisha hopes that requesting Media will help her and her family. She also hopes that Ruhi doesn’t tell the truth to Revati. On the other hand, Rudra makes a call to someone and tells this person something about Revati. Revati on the other hand, scolds and scares Ruhi to make her blurt out the truth. Ruhi tells Revati that on the annual function night Shruti told her that Rudra called her on the terrace. She says that she didn’t find Rudra on the terrace, instead found that Dev called her by deception. After this Ruhi tells Revati how Dev locked the terrace door after her entrance. She also tells Revati that she somehow hid from Dev but at the end he found her.

Ruhi further tells Revati that Dev tried to hurt, scare and throw her from the terrace. Before Ruhi could tell Revati anything further, a constable comes and tells her that her senior has arrived and wants to meet her right now. Revati harshly asks Ruhi to not move and wait for her. Ruhi signs in agreement. Revati meets her senior in the cabin. Senior scolds Revati for arresting Khuranas without any proof. Revati tells her senior that she doesn’t have a solid proof but a clue. She says that she isn’t doing anything wrong. Senior shows news to Revati. Revati gets shocked seeing Prisha requesting media and public for help and revealing whatever is happening with her and family in police custody.

She tells her senior that Prisha is doing all this to save her husband. Revati says Rudra killed her son and she can make Rudra and his family confess the truth. Senior asks Revati what if at the end, someone else will turn out to be Dev’s murderer. He harshly tells Revati if this will happen, her actions will ruin her as well as the whole police department’s image. Senior reminds Revati that Rudra is a big celebrity and now even the media got involved in this case, so they can’t take any risk. Revati tells her senior that she has lost her son. She says Ruhi was just about to tell her the whole truth but he called her in between. Revati tells her senior that once she finds out the truth, she will find out the proof too. Senior asks Revati if she is doing all this just as a mother.

Revati tells her senior that she has kept that aspect far away, otherwise her tears would have stopped her from doing her duty. She tells her senior that she has to fulfill motherly duties too. Revati says that she will anyhow find out her son’s murderer. Senior tells Revati that he understands her condition and emotions and trusts her. He asks Revati to carry on what she was doing but be careful to not cross any limits of law and order. Revati thanks and salutes her senior and leaves. She meets and confirms that Ruhi drank the juice she sent for her. Revati asks Ruhi to tell her what happened after Dev tried to hurt her.

Ruhi tells Revati that after that Saaransh reached the terrace. She says both Dev and Saaransh started fighting with each other and she interrupted to protect Saaransh. Ruhi reveals how Dev threw marbles and made Saaransh fall. She says that she bit Dev’s hand and ran towards Saaransh. Ruhi tells Revati that before reaching Saaransh she slipped on Dev’s marbles, hit her head and fainted. She further tells Revati that she doesn’t know what happened after that as she fell unconscious. Ruhi requests Revati to trust her. On the other hand, Prisha tells Rudra that she informed the press and now they will pressurize police to release Rudra and Ruhi.

She says now the media/press will get them justice. Rudra says even he has called sir, who has reached here. He says he is tensed for Ruhi, more than him. Rudra says now Revati won’t be able to keep Ruhi captive and will have to release her. At the same time, Revati brings Ruhi to Khuranas. Ruhi runs to Rudra and the latter picks her up in his arms. Both father-daughter hug each other tightly. Revati sends everyone outside, except Rudra. She tells Rudra that Ruhi told her everything about how Dev called her on the terrace and tried to kill her. Rudra asks Revati if she now understood how cruel her son was and tried to kill his daughter.

Revati says she accepts that Dev was a very bad person but he didn’t deserve to die like this. She tells Saaransh that after hearing out Ruhi, she is sure that he is responsible for Dev’s death. Revati asks Saaransh to tell her what happened on the terrace after Ruhi fell unconscious. Saaransh feels scared, when Revati questions him if he killed Dev in his fight with him. Prisha tries to protect her son. She tells Saaransh that she is sure that he is responsible for Dev’s death after what Ruhi told her. She scares Saaransh to blurt out the truth. Rudra tells Revati that he will tell her the truth. He tells Revati that Saaransh called him on the terrace to help him and Ruhi.

Rudra says when he reached the terrace, he found Ruhi unconscious and Dev-Saaransh fighting. He says Dev hit Saaransh and made him fall. Rudra says after this he tried to make Dev understand but he didn’t pay heed to his words and came forward to hit him. He tells Revati that Dev’s foot slipped on the marbles he threw to make Saaransh fall. Rudra further tells Revati that Dev was about to fall as he was standing near the loft and yet he tried to save him. He says he extended his hand to help Dev but he still fell down. Revati tells Rudra that this means he murdered Dev. Rudra tells Revati that it was an accident as Dev himself slipped from the terrace.

A constable comes with Dev’s reports. He tells Revati that according to reports Dev was strangled to death. This shocks everyone. Revati runs to meet the forensic expert. She gets emotional seeing Dev’s dead body. A forensic expert tells Revati that Dev has an injury on the head, which can be possible from falling down from a height. Revati recalls Rudra’s statement. The Forensic expert tells Revati that Dev was alive after falling down as his injury wasn’t that severe. He says Dev could have got saved, if he would have been taken to the hospital on time. The Forensic expert reveals that Dev died as someone strangled him after he fell down. He shows strangulation marks on Dev’s neck to Revati.

Revati asks the forensic expert if there is a way to find out who strangled Dev. The Forensic expert tells Revati that it’s possible as he is in the process of taking out the finger prints on Dev’s body. Revati asks the forensic expert to give her reports as soon as possible as she needs to prove that Rudraksh Khurana has killed her son. The forensic expert tells Revati that he will send her the reports as soon as possible. He tells Revati that while checking Dev’s body, he found a button from Dev’s hand. The forensic expert hands over an evidence button wrapped in an evidence bag to Revati. Revati feels hopeful to reach Dev’s murderer soon. She thanks the forensic expert and leaves.

On the other hand, Prisha tells her family that they are innocent and didn’t kill Dev if Dev really died by being strangled and not falling from the terrace. Saaransh feels a little relaxed hearing this. Prisha says she can’t understand who could have strangled Dev to death. They realize that someone strangled Dev to death in the time Rudra took to run and check out Dev. Rudra says as far as he remembers he didn’t find anyone when he reached to check injured Dev. Revati comes there. Prisha tells Revati that now she knows that they aren’t responsible for Dev’s death. Revati tells Rudra that he told her that Dev slipped from terrace but he didn’t tell her he also strangled Dev to death.

This shocks everyone. Rudra asks Revati why he will kill Dev. He screams and tells Revati that he didn’t kill Dev and even he didn’t know that Dev died by strangulation. Revati says that reports say that Dev was strangled to death. Prisha asks Revati where in reports, it’s written that it was Rudra, who strangled Dev. She tells Revati for this, she will need to prove that the finger prints on Dev’s neck belong to Rudra. Revati asks Prisha to not worry about the simple process. She says lab reports will arrive soon. Revati asks Prisha if she has any proof that Rudra didn’t murdered Dev. She says may Rudra strangled Dev because he didn’t wanted Dev to reveal his truth to anyone.

Revati says that Rudra’s confession makes him prime suspect in Dev’s murder case. She says on the basis of Rudra’s confession, she can take him in custody. Revati tells Rudra that she is arresting him on the charges of killing Dev Choudhary. This shocks everyone.

In the next episode, Prisha will pray and request God to help her in saving Rudra. On the other hand, a young woman will be seen meeting Rakesh (Revati’s husband). At the police station, Prisha will try to make Revati understand but she will refuse to listen to anything. Revati will tell Prisha that for her, Rudra is Dev’s murderer. She will say, let forensic reports come. Revati will tell Prisha that as soon as forensic reports arrive, she will make Rudra rot in prison. The Forensic expert will arrive with the reports of the fingerprints found on Dev’s neck.

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