Anupama Upcoming Wedding twist 12th May 2022 Spoilers

Anupama Upcoming Wedding twist 12th May 2022 Spoilers

Anupama Upcoming Wedding twist 12th May 2022 Spoilers Anupama episode spoiler – Anupama cancels her wedding? Anupama hugs Anuj and says that she used to feel sad that her father was not there but after marriage Bapuji became her father. She apologizes to Bapuji and says that in spite of being her daughter she could not see his pain. He says that her marriage is more important than his life but Anupama says that his treatment is more important. Bapuji refuses to go anywhere. She says that if he doesn’t go to the hospital then her marriage will be cancelled.

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar episode spoiler – Kajal’s confession:

Kajal tells Armaan that their destiny brings them face to face each time. He says that he is doing this for Diya and she asks him the way he used to do it for her. Kajal asks Armaan to not be so rude to her as he doesn’t know what is she going through. She says that she still misses him and loves him. Diya becomes furious.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode spoiler – Bhavani’s embarrassment:

The guests ask Bhavani to stop offering them snacks as the new daughter-in-law is not present in the house. They mock her saying that she praised Sai a lot saying that her elder daughter-in-law is younger in age but mature and responsible. The lady says that if this is called being responsible then what it is called to be irresponsible. They prepare to leave. Sai’s senior decides to give her a 24 hr shift.

Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Preesha catches Rakesh:

Preesha asks a lady about the man with whom Nalini had an affair. She is shocked to see him. Preesha asks a man on whose orders did he kill the lady and demands to know the truth. Revati and Rakesh are having food and listening to the news. The reporter says that Nalini Sinha has died in a truck accident but as she was pregnant the baby has been kept in a pathology lab. Preesha catches Rakesh red-handed.

Imlie episode spoiler – Aryan needs blood:

Imlie tells an unconscious Aryan that he needs blood and she will get it for him but with a promise that he will not do anything stupid or leave her. She says that if anything happens to him then she will surely die today. He promises her. Imlie gets stuck in traffic and begs the public to move their vehicles. Aryan’s condition worsens.


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