Kundali Bhagya 12th May 2022 Written Update Preeran broken

Kundali Bhagya 12th May 2022 Written Update Preeran broken

Kundali Bhagya 12th May 2022 Written Update Preeran broken Karan worries for Preeta’s injury, but stays aloof and upset with her. He doesn’t want to talk to her. He is thankful to Natasha that she came in time and got his innocent proved. He is happy to go home with the family, and also get his name cleared from the defamation. He wants his fans to love him again. Preeta senses Karan is much against her. She wants Karan to clear the misconception against her. She tells him that it was Prithvi who hired Sandesh. Prithvi gets saved in time by Natasha, who gets back to the Luthra house by winning Karan and Prithvi’s trust at the same time.

Karan asks the family to come home with him. He stops Preeta rudely and tells that the car is already filled up. Natasha tells the family that Preeta just boasted of her actions and efforts, but didn’t do anything to save Karan, just because she didn’t wish to save him from the case. Sameer gets upset with Natasha. He wants to tell Karan that Preeta had collected all the evidences to prove Karan innocent, she really worked hard to clear his name. Preeta and Shrishti go home together. The Luthras welcome Karan home. Preeta is overjoyed with his return.

Natasha makes a profitable deal. Preeta and Sherlyn also agree to keep Natasha home after the latter’s super favor on their partners. Karan and Preeta get distanced because of his arrogance and misunderstandings. Will Karan realize the truth and apologize to her? How will Preeta come clean and win back Karan’s faith? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Judge confirms that Prince has cheated everyone by implicating Karan. Mehra asks Prince who is his boss, who hired him to trap Karan. Malkhani asks Mehra not to mix two cases, they shall know about Karan’s innocence, its hence proved. Judge releases Karan. He announces Karan innocent. Preeta and Luthras get relieved. Karan meets his family. He stays upset with Preeta. He thanks Natasha for the help. She tells that she is very happy that he is coming back home. Prithvi goes with Kritika. He asks Preeta to experience the pain of losing after winning.

Kundali Bhagya 12th May 2022 Written Update Preeran broken:

Karan tells Sameer that its quite strange that Natasha got the proofs for his innocence. Kritika asks Prithvi what has happened to him. He tells that he met with an accident and got injured, Preeta has taken an advantage of his injuries and dragged him to the court, she is really disgusting. Karan and Preeta hear his statement. Kritika tells that she will take Prithvi to the hospital for medical help. Karan asks Preeta to come in another car. He leaves with Sameer, Kareena and Natasha. Kritika rebukes Preeta for being so shameless. Shrishti gets angered on Kritika.

Preeta stays silent. Sherlyn drives Kritika and Prithvi to the hospital. Preeta hires the auto to go to her home, instead Luthra mansion. Shrishti wonders why isn’t Preeta going to Luthra mansion. Natasha fills Karan’s ears against Preeta. Kareena thanks Natasha for helping Karan. She asks Natasha how did she do all this. Natasha tells that actions speaks louder than words, she has proved it, unlike Preeta, who just said she cares for Karan, but she actually doesn’t care, she didn’t do anything for Karan because she didn’t want to. She tells that she was scared to take the risk and gather proofs for Karan.

She tells that she finally managed to get the confession from Sandesh and now Karan is saved. Sameer tells Karan that Preeta has also recorded Sandesh’s confession. Karan asks him to stop it. Kareena is happy seeing the differences between Karan and Preeta. Preeta stays upset and recalls the moment when she has seen hatred in Karan’s eyes for her. Karan and Preeta see each other at the signal when the vehicles stop at the same point. Karan ignores Preeta. He comes home and rushes to meet Mahesh. Nurse tells him that Mahesh was in much pain, he wanted to visit the court, but she had to inject him to stop him from leaving.

Nurse asks him to meet Mahesh when the latter wakes up. Karan cries sitting near his dad. He wants to share his emotional dilemma. He apologizes to Mahesh that he couldn’t keep his promise. He tells Mahesh that he misses him a lot and wishes for his quick recovery. On the other hand, Biji and Janki are glad to know from Preeta that Karan is proved innocent. Biji regrets that Natasha got the proofs for Karan. Preeta asks her not to worry, its good that Natasha has helped Karan. She wonders how she lost the evidences she gathered. Janki tells that she doesn’t feel much happy.

Preeta asks them to get happy that at least their goal is fulfilled. Biji tells Shrishti that Preeta is acting happy, but she is really tensed thinking about Karan and her relationship. Karan reaches his room and misses Preeta. He loses his mind and starts throwing Preeta’s clothes out of the cupboard. Preeta recalls their good memories and gets upset. Karan arranges his clothes in the cupboard. Sherlyn meets Natasha at home. Natasha tells that everyone is so proud of her that she saved Karan. She asks Sherlyn is she also feeling proud. Sherlyn tells that time is up, Natasha has to leave the house. Natasha asks is she mad to make her out. Sherlyn asks her to just leave. Natasha asks her to talk to Prithvi.

She tells that Preeta has dragged Prithvi to the court because he is really the culprit, he had found out that Preeta had the proofs against him, so he tried to hit her car. She asks Sherlyn to know that she has saved Prithvi, she has removed Prithvi’s name from the scandal and saved Karan too, Karan and Prithvi are safe now because of her. She threatens Sherlyn that she can use the strong evidences against Prithvi. She tells that Prithvi will get jailed if Sherlyn forgets her limits. She asks Sherlyn to keep her bag in her room. Sherlyn gets angered to take her orders.

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  1. I will be very happy if Preeta leave Karan and find someone else nice trustworthy husband Karan is not good at all he only deserves criminal girls, Preeta have some self respect and leave Karan its so sad to see Preeta in this condition please replace Karan I don’t like his character

    • Exactly I think Preeta desserves someone like Rishahb, someone who believes in her and trust her someone who will put her first and that is not Karan

  2. Exactly I think Preeta desserves someone like Rishahb, someone who believes in her and trust her someone who will put her first and that is not Karan

    • Ur saying she needs someone who would abandon his family and leave them at the mercy of a vicious privation?

      • Karan is also an irresponsible son.just imagine before preeta came back he allowed prithvi to torture his family in is own father’s house, he turned to alcohol as son as preeta left.not until preeta came back things got better, the luthra brothers including Sameer have low self-esteem. When things happen and preeta decided to help them they end of jugeging her when they themselves wouldn’t have been able to do anything. Karan especially always act dumb all he does is to dress up nicely with a bunch of shades ( talk about beauty without brains🙄)

  3. Can the writer of this story be sued for defaming the Hindi law? It happened a broad day, at a reputable hotel that a man was chasing a woman. It was witnessed by the hotel manager, and the hotel manager could not inform the police about the incident. The police supposed to have safe Preeta and arrest Prithiv. But nothing like that happens. This is the 3rd time in this film that Preeta got an evidences and the table always turned around at the last minute and another person got the glory. For how long will this continues. He didn’t prove Preeta innocent on the child’ death, the films is full of rubbish just for him to continue to have the show and be creating wrong impressions and teaching bad values. Can this film be scrap please. It is a mere waste of time. It is so disgusting.


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