Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th May 2022 Written Update Prisha clued

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th May 2022 Written Update Prisha clued

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th May 2022 Written Update Prisha clued Revati tells Rudra that she is arresting him in Dev’s murder charges on the basis of his confession. This shocks everyone. Prisha tells Revati that she can’t do this. Revati says she can do this. She shows Khuranas the button she got from Dev’s hand. Prisha says this button doesn’t belong to Rudra’s shirt or waistcoat. Revati asks Prisha how can she believe her after hearing a lot of lies from her and her whole family. She tells Khuranas that it’s possible that they would have destroyed the shirt or jacket with this type of button, like they destroyed Rudra’s waistcoat earlier.

Revati says Rudra will be accused of Dev’s murder till forensic reports arrives. Khuranas tries pleading for justice but Revati doesn’t pay heed. Prisha resolutes to find out Dev’s real murderer. On the other hand, Rakesh is seen very tired. A woman comes and starts giving a body massage to him with love. Rakesh tells this woman that he wants her forever. This woman sits in Rakesh’s lap. Rakesh tells the woman that no one can stop them from being together and neither they need to worry about Dev. He also tells the woman that Rudra got trapped in Dev’s murder and now their way is cleared.

He says no one will doubt him now and can’t find his involvement in Dev’s murder. Rakesh smirks evilly in overconfidence. Next morning, Prisha goes to meet Revati and tries to make her understand the reality. Revati refuses to hear out Prisha and says for her Rudra is Dev’s murderer. She tells Prisha that she will make Rudra rot in prison forever. The Forensic expert arrives with the reports of fingerprints found on Dev’s neck. Revati asks the forensic expert what the reports say. The Forensic expert tells Revati that there is no confirmed answer and there is also no other way to find out who strangled Dev. This shocks both Revati and Prisha.


The forensic expert tells Revati that fingerprints on Dev’s dead body have lightened as they found it very late. He leaves, handing over the reports to Revati. Prisha tells Revati that now it’s proved that Rudra is innocent. Revati says maybe Rudra was trying to hide Dev’s body as his fingerprints would have been on Dev’s neck. Revati tells Prisha that she will keep Rudra in prison as according to her Rudra is Dev’s murderer. Prisha tells Revati that she can’t keep innocent Rudra inside prison. Revati threatens Prisha to leave and she leaves. On the other hand, Rakesh’s secret girlfriend Nalini visits him at his home. Rakesh immediately takes her inside.

He reminds Nalini that he asked her not to come here. Nalini asks Rakesh why he is being tense. She tells Rakesh that she knows that Revati went to the police station and Aaliya is in school. Prisha visits a temple and prays for Rudra. Nalini tells Rakesh that she can’t be conscious anymore as her biggest wish is getting fulfilled by being in his bedroom with him. Seeing Nalini getting romantic with him, Rakesh tells her that her timing is wrong as he has to leave for a party meeting. Nalini asks Rakhesh why he wants to go for a party meeting, when she is sitting with him. Rakesh explains to Nalini that elections are about to start and he needs to win this time for sure. He requests Nalini to understand that his win in politics is guaranteed if he wins the upcoming election.

On the other hand, Prisha prays to God to help her and her family in this tough time as they never thought bad/ill for anyone. She keeps requesting God to help her in saving Rudra and reaching the truth. At Choudhary house, Nalini shocks Rakesh by telling him that she is pregnant and they are going to become parents. Rakesh shocks Nalini by asking her to abort this child. He reveals to Nalini that he never loved her. Nalini tells Rakesh that she will bring his dark reality in front of everyone/ the whole world. Rakesh pulls Nalini’s hair and stops her. He tells Nalini that she means nothing to him as he didn’t even spare his own son.

Rakesh pushes Nalini on the bed and offers money to her for keeping her mouth shut. He also threatens Nalini to keep quiet and tells her that she knows what he can do to her. Rakesh pushes out Nalini from his house with money and his blazer. Later, Prisha finds a crying Nalini outside the temple. She tells Nalini that sometimes stress can lessen by sharing problems with strangers rather than known people. Prisha further tells Nalini that she can share her problem with her as maybe she can help her. Nalini tells Prisha that her world has ended and no one can help her now. Prisha tells Nalini that people come to the temples to make a new world by forgetting or solving their problems.

Nalini tells Prisha that she is pregnant but not married. She also tells Prisha that she knows how society addresses unmarried pregnant women. Nalini further tells Prisha that her child’s father won’t ever marry her. Prisha tells Nalini that she can help her as she is a gynecologist. She asks Nalini to tell her, her child’s father’s name as she will talk to him with her and make him understand. Before Nalini could take Rakesh’s name, a truck hits her and runs away. Shocked Prisha captures the truck’s image with its details. After this Prisha runs to severely injured Nalini. She takes bleeding Nalini to hospital.

Nalini is taken inside the operation theater. Nurse handovers Nalini’s stuff to Prisha, which includes Rakesh’s blazer too. A constable arrives and interrogates Prisha about Nalini’s hit and run. Prisha gives the truck’s number and details as well as her own contact number to the constable for further investigation. Prisha wonders how to contact Nalini’s family as she doesn’t even know her name. To find Nalini’s identity details, Prisha decides to take a look into Nalini’s wallet. Rakesh’s blazer falls from Prisha’s hand. When she picks up Rakesh’s blazer, she recognizes its buttons and recalls that it exactly resembles the button Revati found in Dev’s hand.

On seeing that the 2nd button of the blazer she is holding is missing, she gets suspicious. She wonders how Nalini got this blazer. Prisha decides to inform Rudra about it. At the police station, Sharda is seen tending to Rudra’s wounds. Prisha reaches the prison and shows Rakesh’s blazer to Rudra and Sharda. Sharda and Rudra recognize that this blazer has the same button that Revati found in Dev’s hand. Prisha says this blazer’s 2nd button is also missing. She refuses when Sharda asks her to show it to Revati. Rudra asks Prisha, where did she find this blazer. Prisha tells Rudra and Sharda that she met a girl, who was wearing this blazer, who suddenly met with an accident and is dying in hospital.

She says she doesn’t know from where that woman (Nalini) got this blazer, which is why they can’t take this blazer to Revati. Prisha says first they need to find out whose blazer is it. Seeing Saaransh calling Sharda, Rudra sends Shardha home asking her to take care of kids as he has Prisha with him. Shada leaves, asking Rudra and Prisha to take care of each other. Prisha narrates Nalini’s story to Rudra. She tells Rudra that Nalini is out of doubt as if she would have murdered Dev, she wouldn’t have worn this blazer so openly. Rudra asks Prisha if she has any details about this woman (Nalini). Prisha tells Rudra that before she could find anything about Nalini, she met with an accident. Rudra tells Prisha that they can find details of Nalini only through her phone. Prisha says Nalini’s phone could be in her purse, which she left at the hospital. Before leaving for the hospital, Prisha assures Rudra that she is with him every time and he isn’t alone. Rudra feels worried.

In the next episode, Prisha will meet a woman (probably Nalini’s mother). This woman will show Nalini’s boyfriend’s photograph to Prisha. This will shock Prisha. Later, she will meet the truck driver who hit Nalini and question him about who ordered him to kill Nalini. Truck driver will seem tense. Through the news, Rakesh will get to know that Nalini has died and using their unborn child’s DNA, police are trying to find out Nalini’s child’s father. He will reach the hospital to destroy his child’s DNA reports. Prisha will come out and shock Rakesh.

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