Radha Mohan 13th May 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 13th May 2022 Written Update Radha Mohan 13th May 2022 Written Update Radha tells Lord Krishna that she will end her friendship with him, if he won’t help her in getting her Gita back. Damini’s mother feels happy seeing Radha tense and worried. A worker puts newspapers above Radha’s Gita. Once again Radha fails to see her Gita going away from her. She places her Lord Krishna’s idol in the temple made in Trivedi house’s lawn/garden. Radha tells God that she loves her Bhagavad Gita and him equally. She also tells God that she will get very angry with him and never talk to him, if he won’t help her in finding her Bhagavad Gita.

Whole Trivedi family, Ketki’s husband and Dulari, comes outside and gets shocked. Ketki’s husband tells everyone that Radha lost her Bhagavad Gita. Kadambari asks so what? Radha tells God that she will not eat or drink anything till he returns her Gita. This shocks Kadambari, Ketki’s husband, Vishwanath and Dulari. While Radha’s words irritate Rahul and Ketki. Damini’s mother feels happy seeing Radha’s pain. Radha tells God that she will also keep chanting mantras in front of him on one foot. She takes her one foot upwards and folds her hands. Ketki’s husband asks Radha to not do this as her foot is already injured and even the doctor has asked her to not burden her foot anymore.


Radha says it’s fine as God should know how much her Gita means to her. Vishwanath asks Radha what will they answer to her family, if something happens to her. Radha asks Vishwanath to not be worried as God won’t be able to see her pain. She starts chanting mantras and ignores Kadambari, who asks her to stop her stubbornness as she will find her Gita. Damini’s mother feels happy seeing Radha’s condition and thinks that this way Radha would get fully physically handicapped. Kadambari receives a message or notification. She tells Ketki’s husband that she has an important online meeting and has to attend it urgently. Kadambari asks Ketki’s husband to take care of Radha in her absence.

Ketki’s husband obliges to Kadambari’s instructions. Ketki and Rahul feel irritated as well as entertained and address Radha as a drama queen. On the other hand, seeing the office work and condition, Mohan tells Damini that she and Kadambari have handled the business well. Damini tells Mohan that she and Kadambari are walking on the path from which he started his journey. She also tells Mohan that the entire business is his brain child. Mohan smiles and walks ahead. Damini gives some kind of signal to a press reporter, who just entered Trivedi’s office. Damini asks a worker to shred all the waste quickly and start printing work as they need to dispatch an important order the next day.

A lot of press/media personnel enter Trivedi’s office and surround Mohan. They say that they got the right information. Media personnels asks Mohan if he rejoined the office forever or for once only. Another reporter asks Mohan if it’s Damini’s efforts, which brought him back to office. They say that Mohan and Damini’s marriage date is coming near and thus they might want to handle work together. Another media personnel tells Mohan that he is very lucky as he got a good business as well as life partner in Damini. Damini tells the media that she is lucky. Mohan laughs and says one of the media personnels is from a new news channel, DC news and leaves.

Back at Trivedi house, Kadambari, Ketki’s husband and Vishwanath worry for Radha saying that Radha has been standing on one foot for the last 3 hours. Kadambari sends Dulari to make Radha drink water. Dulari asks Radha to have some water first and then continue her chanting. She tells Radha that God won’t mind. Radha doesn’t stop and keeps chanting standing on one foot. Vishwanath says if Radha stays adamant, they will have to inform Rameshwar as they would too get worried. He walks away. Damini’s mother drinks the water that came for Radha. At office, Mohan asks Damini to keep journalists away from him as she very well knows that he doesn’t like all this.

Damini tells Mohan that they need media help for their company. She also tells Mohan that media/press personnels have been waiting since morning for his one interview. A media personnel comes and tells Mohan-Damini that all of them have been waiting for them since morning. Mohan casually asks media personnel to return home. Damini apologizes to the media personnel, telling him that they understand his efforts. She also tells Mohan that for her and Mohan, their family is most important and thus they need to reach home for now. Damini further tells the media personnel to come to Trivedi house, if they feel like it.

She tells the media personnel that they can have an interview as well as dinner together. Media personnel thanks Damini and leaves to inform his team. Damini explains to upset Mohan that they can’t afford bad publicity at this time. Mohan leaves upset. Media personnel Rakesh comes and asks Damini, if he did right. Damini praises Rakesh and tells him that till now his written articles have helped her a lot. She tells Rakesh that today she will give him an exclusive interview in which her and Mohan’s marriage date will be announced. Damini thinks that once Mohan confirms her and his marriage in the media, he will never go back on his commitment.

Damini repeats printing and shredding orders/instructions to company workers. On the other hand, Gungun hits Radha with a ball to trouble her. She keeps on hitting Radha with a ball to make her put her foot down. Radha starts sweating and feeling dizzy. Gungun’s actions shocks everyone. Kadambari asks Gungun what she is doing. Gungun tells Kadambari that she is trying to help Radha as this way they can make Radha put her foot down. Kadambari tells Gungun that her intentions are right but not her way of helping. She explains to Gungun that she is disrespecting Radha’s veneration this way. Kadambari explains to Gungun that God will get angry at her, if she does this.

At the same time, Kadambari leaves to take a call asking her son-in-law to take care of Radha. Ketki’s husband says they need to find Gita as otherwise Radha may reach the hospital, ruining her condition. Radha’s health worsens. Ketki’s husband leaves to search for Radha’s Gita and Dulari leaves to make juice for Radha. Damini’s mother feels worried thinking that she might get punished for troubling Radha. She blames Radha for her own condition and asks God to not punish her for this. Seeing that everyone left, Gungun continues hitting Radha with her ball. Suddenly the ball stops in the air, shocking and confusing Gungun. It’s Tulsi’s soul holding the ball.

Tulsi’s soul asks Gungun to stop. Thinking that it’s God’s miracle, Gungun apologizes for her misdeed and runs inside the house. At the office, Mohan is seen talking to Kadambari on call. Kadambari tells Mohan about Radha’s missing Gita and her pledge too. Mohan resolutes to end Radha’s Gita drama. At Trivedi house, Radha continues her pledge, even feeling dizzy. Kadambari feels worried for Radha, thinking that she will get unwell as she is standing for 7 hours. Mohan and Damini return to Trivedi house. Mohan gives Radha’s Gita to her. Damini and her mother feel angry seeing Mohan holding Radha’s hand. Everyone gets stunned by Mohan’s act. Radha feels emotional and relaxed. She keeps her foot down.

Radha hugs her Bhagavad Gita. Mohan feels sympathetic for Radha but controls his emotions. Hungry and thirsty Radha faints and Mohan catches her in his arms and doesn’t let her fall on the floor. This shocks everyone. Media personnels (journalists) arrive and start capturing Mohan and Radha’s photograph. This shocks everyone. Kadambari asks the journalists to stop. Journalist Rakesh reminds Damini that she told the media that she is going to get married to Mohan. He tells Damini that seeing Mohan and Radha together, seems that she isn’t Mohan’s bride (to-be wife). This shocks everyone.

Mohan picks up Radha and takes her inside, shocking everyone. Damini’s mother feels angry and irritated. Damini asks the journalists to stop clicking pictures as they are in a family emergency. One of the journalists makes fun of Damini telling her that they came to see her future family but something else is going on in Trivedi house. All the journalists start laughing at Damini. She tells the Media that Radha is Trivedi house’s maid and asks them to at least take care of Mohan’s standard. This shocks everyone. Damini leaves angrily. On the other hand, Mohan makes unconscious Radha lie on her bed.

He tries waking up Radha by rubbing her hands. Failing in this, Mohan sprinkles water on Radha’s face and taps her cheek. Radha gains consciousness and opens her eyes. Mohan feels relaxed, seeing this. Radha tells Mohan that she is fine. Mohan tells Radha that she is mad/crazy. He tells Radha that he got her Gita in press waste. Mohan also tells Radha that her Gita would have got shredded, if he won’t have found it on time. This shocks Radha. Flashback shows Mohan saving Radha’s Bhagavad Gita. Flashback ends. Mohan scolds Radha for being stubborn, careless and not thinking about herself.

He leaves Radha’s room being a little angry. Radha hugs her Gita tightly. At night, Damini scolds her mother for stealing Radha’s Gita. She further scolds her mother for ruining her plan of forcing Mohan to commit marrying her in the media. Damini tells her mother that in this way Mohan would have ignored Gungun’s consent condition for marriage. Damini’s mother tells Damini that she wanted to make Radha confess that she loves Mohan. Damini asks her mother to stop her nonsense thinking. She tells her mother that stupid Radha won’t even know the meaning of love. Damini says Radha is nothing in comparison to her.

She reminds her mother that she has been with Mohan for years from morning to evening and from house to office. Damini tells her mother that Mohan has left everything on her. Damini asks her mother what will naive Radha do to her. She reminds her mother that she hates losing and threatens her to not ruin her marriage, even by mistake. Kadambari comes and asks Damini what she is explaining to her mother. Damini tells Kadambari that she was asking her mother to not say anything to Radha. Kadambari reminds Damini’s mother that she went to Radha’s room in the morning. She angrily asks Damini’s mother, how Radha’s Gita reached the press/office. She asks Damini’s mother if she stole Radha’s Gita.

Damini’s mother starts her drama, which irritates Damini and Kadambari. Kadambari asks Damini to be careful of Mohan’s mood from next time as he should not get upset. She asks Damini to take special care tomorrow as it’s a very heavy day. Damini’s mother asks what’s tomorrow. Kadambari and Damini together say it’s Tulsi’s birthday tomorrow. Damini’s mother gets scared. Inside his room, Mohan turns his and Tulsi’s photo frame. He wonders who turns the photo frame again and again. Seeing that it’s 13th May tomorrow, Mohan gets upset remembering that it’s Tulsi’s birthday tomorrow.

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