Kumkum Bhagya Prachi pregnancy revealed 16th May 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi pregnancy revealed 16th May 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi pregnancy revealed Upcoming News Kumkum Bhagya – Prachi reveals her pregnancy Shahana informs Prachi that her pregnancy was Ranbir’s dream. Ranbir gets bashed up by the goons and gets admitted to a hospital in a critical state. The doctors start treating him and say that he is battling his life. Shahana requests Prachi to give Ranbir a reason to survive. Prachi goes running towards Ranbir and confesses that he is going to be a father. She puts his hand on her stomach and his fingers move. Prachi cries in happiness.

Sirf Tum – Anshul stabs Suhani:

Anshul comes very close to Suhani and she asks him to let her go. She threatens him but he says that what will she do. He asks that will she shout loudly and call Ranveer and tell him that her husband is touching her. Anshul is sure that Suhani is helpless this time. Suhani breaks a glass vessel on Anshul’s head and he falls down. Anshul stabs Suhani. Ranveer breaks the door and comes inside.


Parineetii – Parineet sees Rajeev-Neetii:
Parineet gets ready and feels that now her dream of staying with Rajeev will come true. Rajeev sits on his knee and promises Neetii that he will never leave her till his last breath. Parineet fantasizes about having her husband and in-law’s support. Rajeev puts a ring on Neetii’s finger and kisses her hand. Parineet is devastated to see Rajeev with Neetii.

Naagin S06 – Pratha-Reynaksh’s scuffle:

Pratha and Seema get into a fight to acquire the vessel of Amrut. Seema attacks Pratha with a knife and she gets hurt. She challenges Pratha that if she finds the Amrut then it will be better and if she loses it then destruction will take place. Seema warns Pratha that Ichchadhari Nevla Reynaksh will prove to be a huge obstacle in her mission. She asks her to save herself.

Mika Di Vohti – Mika’s gossip with dog:

Mika Singh listens to his song Dhinka Chika. His dog is resting on the mat. He tells his dog that does he know how many marriages and parties happen on his songs. He says that lakhs of alliances and hearts get connected by his songs. Mika says that he never thought about his own heart’s connection. Mika’s dog becomes interested. He says that he will search for a beautiful girl and make her his life partner. He asks the dog about his opinion. The dog barks and runs away.


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