Bhagya Lakshmi 17th May 2022 Written Update Love trial

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th May 2022 Written Update Love trial

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th May 2022 Written Update Love trial Rishi advises Lakshmi to work in the jewellery story once again, because he will be buying the bridal jewellery for Malishka from the same store. He tells that Lakshmi will earn a big commission this way, she will be happy and even Malishka will be happy. Lakshmi cries on hearing him. Rishi taunts her deliberately to hurt her and give her the same pain which she gave him. Rishi announces his engagement with Malishka. Lakshmi goes to meet Malishka. She tells that Rishi is getting engaged to Malishka just to hurt her/Lakshmi, not because of his love for Malishka. She tells that Rishi has feelings for her, that’s the reason he is doing this. She asks Malishka to understand why Rishi is doing so, who is in Rishi’s heart. Malishka doesn’t listen to her. Lakshmi tells that it will be proved soon that Rishi loves her. Will Lakshmi be able to prove the truth? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishi brings Malishka and her parents to Oberoi mansion. He asks his parents to give a word to Malishka’s parents. He tells that his decision will make them happy. He asks the permission of his parents. He asks can he marry Malishka after divorcing Lakshmi. He asks if he can get engaged to Malishka tomorrow. Neelam and Karishma like the idea and tell that its their yes, Malishka deserves a commitment. Lakshmi sadly watches them discussing Rishi’s marriage. Rishi asks Abhay is he okay now. Abhay tells that he is happy that Oberois have promised Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Rishi asks Malishka if she will get engaged to him tomorrow. She happily agrees. He announces his engagement and marriage with Malishka. Rishi sees Lakshmi there and feels guilty.

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th May 2022 Written Update Love trial:


Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand and takes her side. He tells that he has committed to get engaged to Malishka. She asks him how can he get engaged when he is already married. He asks her why is she getting enmity on him. She tells that she has saved him. He tells that he has also saved her, its equal now. She questions him and asks how can he get engaged to Malishka. He tells that they aren’t husband and wife, they are just room mates for three months, she has to stop showing her rights on him. He accuses her for humiliating Malishka. He tells her that he had to promise Malishka that he will marry her, because of Lakshmi’s foolishness. He tells that Lakshmi had asked for divorce and made their marriage a joke.

He knows that he lied to marry Lakshmi, but he never cheated her emotionally, he was just with Lakshmi, not with Malishka, the day when he was marrying Malishka and saw Lakshmi there, he was dying in guilt, he felt terrible. He asks her to see what she has done with him. He tells that he isn’t feeling bad, he is actually loving it, that he is getting engaged. He tells that Lakshmi has forced him to do this. He asks Lakshmi to do come in his engagement. He invites her and hurts her more. She tells him that they are husband and wife, he can’t get engaged to Malishka.

She reminds that they didn’t get divorced. He tells that they got divorced from heart when she asked for it. He tells that he is much hurt because of her. He adds that the day he gets single legally, he will marry Malishka and fulfil his commitment. He tells that nobody can stop him from doing what he wants. He suggests her to work in the jewellery store again to get a fat commission because he will be marrying Malishka’s bridal jewellery from there. He asks her if she is happy now, they both will be happy now. He doesn’t feel happy. He gets tearful eyed and leaves from there. Lakshmi sheds tears of sorrow. Malishka finds her crying profusely and enters the room to humiliate Lakshmi.

Malishka asks Lakshmi to keep crying, she really looks good this way. She tells that she is really liking it to see Lakshmi shattered. Lakshmi tells that she isn’t crying that Rishi is getting engaged to Malishka, but because he is in pain, he is stuck badly by the situation, he is burdened by the family pressure. She asks Malishka if Rishi told her that he loves her, he is just getting engaged to save Malishka from the humiliation, to save her respect. She adds that Rishi is doing this to hurt his wife, which means that his wife matters more to him.

She asks Malishka to understand the truth, that Rishi just loves Lakshmi. Malishka asks her not to have misunderstandings. She tells that Lakshmi is nothing for Rishi. She hurts Lakshmi with her bitter words and leaves. Rishi reaches there and asks Malishka what happened just now. Malishka tells that nothing good happens in a stress. She adds that Lakshmi has misbehaved with her a lot of times. Rishi doesn’t believe so. She tells that Lakshmi is deceptive, she isn’t like she appears. She makes him nod. She tells that they will be getting engaged tomorrow. He tells that he has to finalize few things and arrangements for the engagement. Malishka calls Shalu and gets into a big argument with her. They both try to insult each other by their taunts.

Moreover, Malishka informs Shalu about her engagement with Rishi. She invites Shalu and Bani in the engagement. She asks Shalu to wipe Lakshmi’s tears, Lakshmi will be ousted from the house. Shalu and Bani are shocked to know this The family discusses about Rishi and Malishka’s engagement. Neelam asks about the ring. Rishi tells that he will get it. They ask Malishka to choose the ring well. Malishka gets excited for the engagement. Dadi is shocked to know the unexpected engagement thing. Dadi tells that Rishi is still married, the engagement is wrong. Neelam tells that its not wrong, it’s a promise ring that Rishi will give to Malishka. Neelam wishes that everything gets fine now. Lakshmi remembers her moments with Rishi.

Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2022 Written Best Pranbir

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  1. You know the story began well, which most serials do.

    But there after the creator of the series doesn’t find anything creative so picks threads from other serials and purs in their present serial.

    Here in Bhagya Laxmi, now Mallishka will get engaged to Rishi.( in kumkum, rhea gets married to Ranbir who is married) who us married to Laxmi. And the matter is in court.
    Why do these people not make something more creative.

    Show The path of Forgiveness, laxmi forgives the family, She can help Ranbir with some new business Idea like setting up a hotel with authentic Indian culture in it.

    The old way of wood fire cooking, natural streams,water harvesting, food and dairy products direct from the farm , celebration of festivals in the traditional ways.

    Thus will promote Goodness, Promote Tourism, economic growth as people can pick up ideas.

    As it is todays generation is looking for places with the traditional things.

    Let the new gen see the real Indua and its beauty.

    Come on Ekta Kapoor and others Wake up and Stop these HATE stories.

    Women projected against Women.

    I know it is mere entertainment, but ask people, how they connect emotionally with the characters.

    Wake up Serial makers.

  2. rishi you know that lakshmi she is 😭 carry lakshmi she gets so fast because of you rishi please you don’t do that rishi now please try to understand that what i am saying for you rishi if you do like this plan i don’t like it stop that enough is enough rishi if you do like this plan i don’t care at all never
    lakshmi you don’t invite mailahika leave it let her do if you do if you want lakshmi you don’t think about that lakshmi if you do mind change your self but you can do it.
    lakshmi you can call mailahika husband inform that you can do it.
    lakshmi please be cool 😇 down.


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