Radha Mohan 17th May 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 17th May 2022 Written Update Radha tells Lord Krishna that he stopped Mohan from committing a sin through Gungun. Damini overhears Radha and asks her to stop her drama. She also asks Radha what type of peace she gets by making Mohan distressed. Radha says she will get sinned if she will even think of hurting Mohan. She tells Damini that she is ready to fight Lord Krishna too for Mohan’s happiness. Damini angrily asks Radha if she thinks that Mohan got happy by whatever she did today. Radha says Mohan is just a little angry.

She tells Damini that Mohan’s anger melts quickly just like an ice candy. Damini tells Radha that she is wrong if she thinks that she knows Mohan very well. She asks Radha if she even has any idea about what she did today. Damini grabs Radha’s wrist and takes her out of her room. On the other hand, an angry Mohan is seen breaking stuff inside his room. Shekhar asks Mohan to calm down. Mohan asks Shekhar what wrong he did that his fate is repeatedly giving him pain. He asks Shekhar if loving someone and considering your lover, your everything is wrong. Mohan asks Shekhar why he is suffering all this, just because he fell in love with Tulsi.


He reminds Shekhar that he used to love Tulsi even more than his life. Mohan says in return Tulsi first left Trivedi house and then left the world. He asks Shekhar if this much pain wasn’t enough that he is being accused of Tulsi’s murder too. Damini grabs Radha till Mohan’s room’s window. Mohan tells Shekhar that his daughter Gungun hates him. He says that the court acquitted him but Tulsi’s murder charge has not freed him yet. Mohan says his daughter thinks that he is her mother’s killer. Mohan asks Shekhar that when Gungun’s friends would discuss each other’s father’s profession, then what would Gungun talk about her father? He asks if Gungun will tell her friends that jer father is a murderer.

This shocks Radha. Mohan tells Shekhar that the plant which makes Gungun remember her mother, makes him recall Tulsi’s betrayal. He says as much as he tries to forget Tulsi, some or the other things makes him recall/remember her. Mohan says the Tulsi plant planted in Tulsi Kund won’t let him forget Tulsi ever. He says he feels suffocated. Mohan says the biggest pain is to remember or recall your dead loved ones. He says he is suffering all this every moment in Trivedi house. Mohan breaks down in pain and tears. Radha feels guilty and sad. Shekhar tells Mohan that good times will come too like bad times came.

He asks Mohan to not take tension as slowly everything will get alright/fine. Shekhar tells Mohan that Gungun is a child at present but will surely understand him and his pain once she grows up. He asks Mohan to give some time and a chance to Gungun. He tries to relax Mohan. Damini harshly takes Radha aside. She asks Radha if she got happy by scraping Mohan’s old wounds. Damini leaves asking Radha how much more pain she will give to Mohan. Radha feels hurt and guilty. She breaks down thinking that she committed a sin and became a reason behind Mohan’s troubles while she came to reduce Mohan’s troubles.

Radha decides to correct her mistake. She thinks Damini is a nice person and showed her the truth. Radha also feels that Damini is a right match for Mohan as she fluently speaks english and handles Mohan’s business well. She calls herself illiterate, stupid and half-brained. Tulsi’s soul overhears Radha and says that Radha is really naive and half-brained as she is considering Damini as Goddess Sita, while in reality she is like Surpanakha. Damini and her mother overhears Radha. Damini’s mother says Radha changes her colors quickly. Gungun walks to Radha and asks her what she is doing. Radha wipes her tears and replies nothing.

Gungun takes Radha with her. This shocks Damini and her mother. Gungun makes Radha sit in her room. Radha sees that Gungun has served Tulsi’s birthday kheer made by her to her stuffed toys, whom she considers as her friends. Gungun asks Radha to have her mother’s birthday kheer/sweet with her. Radha smiles and is about to eat the kheer. Before eating kheer, she asks Gungun to let’s bring Mohan here and make him eat kheer too. Gungun says Mohan won’t come here. Radha thinks she already gave much pain to Mohan today. She tells Gungun that she was talking about her Lord Krishna’s idol (Mohan Ji). Gungun asks Radha to bring her Lord Krishna idol to her room.

Radha leaves to get her Lord Krishna’s idol. On the other hand, Damini’s mother discusses her fear of Radha’s intentions to marry Mohan with Damini. Damini tells her mother that if Radha’s intentions are such, then she will leave Trivedi house dead. She says it’s enough and Radha can’t live in the Trivedi house anymore. Kadambari comes from behind and tells Damini that she is still alive. She asks Damini, who is she to make decisions about Trivedi house. Damini asks Kadambari if she didn’t see what Radha did today. Kadambari asks Damini why she was unaware of the veneration that she performed to get rid of Tulsi’s soul.

She also asks Damini what if Tulsi’s soul will get flared or angry with her rubbish stunt and trouble Mohan. Kadambari angrily tells Damini that she can’t take any risk with Mohan’s life. Kadambari’s anger shocks Damini and her mother. She asks Damini to fully and finally settle Tulsi’s soul’s matter next time.Kadambari tells Damini that she doesn’t stake on the players who get defeated. Damini tells Kadambari that not she but Radha was at fault. She asks Kadambari to send Radha back to her home. Kadambari tells Damini that it’s not possible. Damini asks Kadambari if she is on their or Radha’s side. Kadambari replies that she is only on “her Mohan’s” side.

She tells Damini that she should be thankful to Radha as because of her today Mohan didn’t get Tulsi’s name written on his hand. Kadambari grabs Damini’s arm tightly and tells her that if Mohan would have got Tulsi’s name written on his hand/arm today, then she wouldn’t have been able to remove Tulsi’s name from her life ever, even after becoming Mohan’s wife. She angrily tells Damini that she is getting defeated as her focus is on the wrong person. Kadambari tells Damini that she should focus on Gungun, not Radha as her real difficult problem is to convince Gungun. She asks Damini, if Gungun doesn’t consider Mohan as her father, how will she accept her (Damini) as her mother.

Kadambari asks Damini to focus on convincing Gungun to accept her and Mohan as well their marriage as it is Mohan’s second condition for marrying her. She tells Damini if she will fail in convincing Gungun to accept her, Mohan and their marriage, she will never be able to become Mohan’s wife ever and lose to Tulsi once again. As Kadambari leaves, Damini blames Radha for ruining her plan against Tulsi’s soul, as well as making Kadambari humiliate and scold her. Later, Radha tells Gungun that she has offered food/prasad to God and now they can eat. Both Radha and Gungun eat kheer happily.

Gungun praises the kheer made by Radha. Tulsi feels happy seeing Radha and Gungun’s growing bond, while Damini feels angry seeing the same from a distance. Radha explains and teaches Gungun that a person who helps the other one should be thanked. Gungun tells Radha that she is making her eat her mother’s birthday kheer as she brought Tulsi plant in Trivedi house. Radha feels disappointed when Gungun tells her that they aren’t friends. Damini’s mother also sees all this and asks Damini to not worry as Gungun would never accept Radha in her life. Damini explains to her mother that Gungun for the first time let someone enter her inner circle, in between her toys. She says Radha has melted Gungun a little.

Damini’s mother tells Damini that they will create misunderstandings and differences between Radha and Gungun. Damini tells her mother that she won’t do this. She asks her mother to let Radha and Gungun’s bond grow. Damini explains her plan to her mother that Radha will convince Gungun for her and Mohan’s marriage for her sake. Tulsi’s soul overhears Damini’s plan and gets tensed. Next morning, Mohan is seen talking to Gungun’s teacher over the phone-call. Gungun’s teacher asks Mohan to focus on Gungun’s school’s extra curricular activities as parents’ involvement brings good results. Mohan tells Gungun’s teacher that she is right and disconnects the call.

He sees his and Tulsi’s wedding photograph and blames Tulsi for bridging a big gap between him and Gungun. He gets scared seeing Tulsi suddenly in between garden plants. Mohan asks Radha what she is doing with plants. She tells Mohan that yesterday she realized that he gets sad seeing the Tulsi plant. Radha tells Mohan that she was hiding Tulsi plant for his sake and happiness. Mohan tells Radha that she is a genius. Radha tells Mohan that she thinks the same about her but her grandmother calls her naive and half-brained. Mohan mockingly tells Radha that her grandmother is wrong about her. Radha asks Mohan if she ever makes a mistake. Mohan mockingly replies no.

He asks Radha what else is in the plants near her. As Radha is about to explain, Mohan, she loses her balance. Mohan’s phone falls from his hand outside the window. Flower pot falls from Radha’s hand on Mohan’s phone. This shocks both Mohan and Radha.

In the next episode, Damini with an evil plan will offer Milk to Gungun. Gungun will get angry and throw the milk glass away. Damini outside Gungun’s room will splash milk on her face and fake tears to fool Radha. Seeing Radha coming towards her, Damini will pretend to be upset and lie to her about Gungun. Radha will believe Damini’s lie and say that Gungun did wrong. Damini will ask Radha if she will help her in befriending Gungun. Radha will reply yes she will surely help. Both Radha and Damini will hug each other. Damini will smirk.

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