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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th May 2022 Written Update New evil

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th May 2022 Written Update New evil Ruhi comes with an outfit and tells Rudra that she kept another outfit for him and now it can come handy. As Ruhi opens the outfit cover, Rudra gets shocked. He asks Ruhi if he will really have to wear this gaudy outfit. Ruhi tells Rudra that they have no other option. Flashback shows Ruhi explaining her plan to Prisha and Saaransh to teach a lesson to Rudra for selecting gaudy clothes for Prisha. Flashback ends. Rudra wears the gaudy outfit for Ruhi’s sake. Prisha also comes up decked up in the gaudy dress Rudra selected for her.

Saaransh also comes there and silently laughs seeing Rudra’s look. Prisha tells Rudra that now he is looking like her husband, Mr Chamku Both Ruhi and Saaransh try to control their laughter. Rudra with attitude tells Prisha that he did all this for Ruhi’s happiness. Saaransh teases Rudra and addresses Rudra and Prisha (Rusha) as Mr. and Mrs. Chamku. Rudra runs behind Saaransh. Prisha and Ruhi give each other a high five and go downstairs behind Rudra and Saaransh. Saaransh announces Rudra and Prisha’s remarriage.

He tells guests that he and Ruhi are very lucky as they are organizing as well as attending their parents’ marriage. Saaransh announces Rudra and Prisha’s engagement ceremony first. Ruhi and Saaransh take the blindfolded Rudra and Prisha towards the moon prop arrangements they got ready for them as a surprise. Saaransh explains to Rudra and Prisha that they will sit on the moon prop, which will be taken upwards, where they will exchange the engagement rings. Revati smirks seeing the moon prop. Everyone finds Ruhi and Saaransh’s moon prop idea/surprise awesome.

Prisha finds it difficult to sit on the moon prop. Saaransh asks Rudra to help Prisha. Rudra picks up Prisha in his arms. They feel romantic. “Shiddat – Title Track” plays in the background. Rudra and Prisha get lost in each other’s eyes. Saaransh distracts Rudra and Prisha by asking them to stare at each other, some other time. He asks Rusha to first exchange the engagement rings. Rudra makes Prisha sit on the moon prop and sits himself too. Ruhi and Saaransh walk to Sharda and sit with her. Seeing Rudra and Prisha lost in each other, Ruhi, Sharda and Saaransh feel happy.

As the moon prop is taken in the air, Prisha and Rudra hold each other’s hands. Revati sees the nut bolt of moon prop loosening. She thinks this way Rusha won’t die and will just get badly injured. Revathi thinks that she will not give Rusha an easy death, but will put them to death by torture. She smirks as Rusha and everyone gets jolted with a shaking and loosened moon prop. Moon prop suddenly loosens more and Rusha gets hanged on it. Rudra tries to pull Prisha upwards. Finally, the nut bolts get opened and Rusha falls down. This scares and shocks everyone including family, friends and guests.

Revati watches Rusha angrily. Rudra and Prisha get worried seeing that the moon prop is going to fall on them. Rudra rolls towards fallen Prisha and covers her. Revati smirks happily seeing the moon prop falling on Rusha. Rudra stops the moon prop using his arm strength. Slowly, it becomes difficult for Rudra to handle or stop the moon prop. Everyone gets shocked and scared. Seeing Rusha in difficulty, Saaransh requests guests to help Rudra. All the guests and family members run towards Rusha to help them. Some men from guests and servants pull up the moon prop. Family members help Rudra and Prisha in getting up.

Worried Rudra asks Prisha if she is fine. Prisha replies yes and asks Rudra if he got hurt or injured somewhere. Rudra replies that he didn’t get injured or hurt. Sharda asks how this incident occurred. Saaransh apologizes to Rusha and Ruhi apologizes to Saaransh saying that it was their idea and fault. Rudra explains to his kids that their parents are fine and asks them to not take tension. He sees that Prisha is scared of the accident and leaves with her asking Saaransh to take care of guests and not worry as everything is fine. He takes shivering Prisha to the room with him. After this he makes Prisha drink water and makes her believe that both of them are fine.

Prisha thanks Rudra for saving her. She asks Rudra why he saved her. Rudra stutters and tells Prisha that he wouldn’t have been able to forgive himself ever, if something would have happened to her. Prisha hugs Rudra tightly and Rudra tries to lessen Prisha’s fear. Vasudha, GPS and Sharda come to Rusha’s room. Rudra asks them to not worry as it was just an accident and everyone is fine. Revati comes there and tells Rudra that according to her it wasn’t an accident. This shocks everyone. Rudra asks Revati what she wants to say. Revati tells Rudra that her experience being a police commissioner says that someone intentionally tried to hurt him and Prisha.

This shocks everyone. Revati says because of her doubt, she has called the supervisor of decorators to know the truth. Rudra tells Revati that everyone present here are their family members. He asks Revati why their own family members will try to hurt him and Prisha. Revati tells Rudra that he finds everyone nice as he himself is a nice person. She also tells Rudra that it isn’t necessary that every person is nice. Revati’s words confuses everyone. She tells Rudra that there is no harm in knowing how the moon prop suddenly fell down. At the same time, the decoration supervisor comes there.

Revati starts scolding the supervisor, addressing him and his staff as careless. Supervisor tells Revati that he himself checked that the moon prop was fixed properly. He says it’s their daily work and they can’t make such a mistake, but accidents can take place. Revati asks the supervisor if it was an accident, the nut bolts would have opened up themselves. Supervisor says nut bolts can’t open up themselves. Revati angrily shows a nut bolt she saw fallen on the floor. Supervisor says it’s possible that someone intentionally loosened the nut bolts. Hearing this, everyone gets shocked. Revati tells Rudra and Prisha that it’s someone’s conspiracy against them.

She asks the supervisor to call his staff upstairs as someone from them would have done this evil work. Prisha, Rudra, Sharda, GPS and Vasudha wonder who/why would have done this. Revati says as per her experience mostly our near and loved ones turn out to be our enemy. She says they need to know the person behind the moon prop accident. Decoration staff arrives and acts innocent in front of Revati. Revati checks everyone’s hands. On seeing grease on a staff member’s hand, she asks him to tell her the truth. When he continues saying that he is innocent, Revati slaps him, shocking everyone. She gives this staff member another slap and threatens to send him behind the bars. The staff member stutters and says that he was paid to loosen moon prop’s nut bolts. Everyone gets shocked and worried hearing this. Rudra angrily asks the staff, who paid him to do this. Staff member points towards Sharda, giving everyone another heavy shock.

In the next episode, Revati will make the culprit staff member call the person who gave him money to loosen moon prop’s nut bolts. At the same time, Sharda’s phone rings. This shocks and confuses Rudra and Prisha. Later, Revati decides that one by one she will make all members of the Khurana and Srinivasan family enemies of each other. She will be seen plotting her next evil move against Rudra and Prisha. Later, Rudra will be seen telling Sharda what he saw in CCTV footage of their house.

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