Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2022 Written Update Unexpected

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2022 Written Update Unexpected

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2022 Written Update Unexpected Shahana finds Prachi praying for Ranbir in the hospital temple. She asks Prachi why is she praying for Ranbir when he is with Rhea. She tells that Prachi knows Ranbir can never be of him, then why is she praying for him knowing its worthless. She asks Prachi to let the things go on as it is, there isn’t any need to pray for Ranbir when Prachi isn’t going to get him in return. Prachi finds this a really disgusting and selfish thing. She angrily slaps Shahana. Shahana asks Prachi to realize what Ranbir means to her. She tells that she wanted to awaken the lost Prachi in her, the one who used to madly love Ranbir.

She asks Prachi to save Ranbir’s life by revealing about her pregnancy. Aaliya meets her hired goon and tells him that Ranbir is close to his death because of him. The goon asks if Ranbir died or not. Aaliya replies that Ranbir is still alive. Pallavi hears them and asks who are they talking about. Aaliya gets tensed on seeing Pallavi. Later, doctor tells Prachi that Ranbir’s operation is done, but he is still in a critical state, he needs to get conscious in the next six hours, its really crucial time for him, if he doesn’t get conscious, then maybe he won’t wake up ever, which means he won’t be alive. Prachi is shocked to know this.

Shahana asks Prachi to give a reason to Ranbir to get a will power to live his life again. She explains that Ranbir is fed up of his life and isn’t fighting to survive, but a reason as lovely as his coming child will put back life into him. She advises Prachi to reveal the pregnancy to Ranbir. Prachi agrees with Shahana. She runs to see unresponsive Ranbir. She breaks the pregnancy news to Ranbir and finds his showing the signs of consciousness. Will Prachi’s child unite Pranbir again? Keep reading.


Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2022 Written Update Unexpected:

Prachi goes to the temple to pray for Ranbir. She has seen Ranbir in the OT, holding the mangalsutra even in unconscious state. She tells that Ranbir fell in danger because of her. Shahana comes there and hears Prachi questioning Matarani about Ranbir. Prachi defends her husband. She tells that Ranbir is her happiness, hope and the only reason for her life. She wants Ranbir to survive. She tells that she didn’t get love of her dad, and then she lost her mum also, Ranbir is her family, he is the only person who supported her throughout. She prays for Ranbir’s life.

Shahana consoles Prachi. She knows that Prachi will save Ranbir, and then she will get back to her stubborn mode. She asks Prachi why is she praying for Ranbir, when he is with Rhea. Prachi angrily slaps her. On the other side, Pallavi regrets that Ranbir wanted to leave the house and go away, when she asked him to choose between Prachi and her, he chose Prachi, when Prachi and Ranbir got married, she refused to bless Prachi, he left the house and family for Prachi’s sake. She tells that Ranbir is in this condition because of Prachi. Rhea tells that just Prachi knows what happened at the temple.

Doctor tells them about Ranbir’s condition, the operation is still going on and may need more time. Prachi tells Shahana that Ranbir is her husband, she is alive because of him, he is her life, her everything. She accepts her immense love for Ranbir. She asks Shahana how can she say such a thing. She tells that she loves Ranbir a lot, she wants to be with him, she wants to hug him and cry, she knows he loves her a lot. Shahana tells that she knows all this, but does Ranbir know this, does Ranbir know what he means for Prachi. She asks Prachi to slap her once again but answer her. She asks her to think of Ranbir, who always confesses love to her, who wants to take Prachi away and stay happy with her.

She asks why doesn’t Prachi go with him, why is she increasing his problems, why doesn’t she tell him that she loves him. Prachi tells that if she tells him that she loves him, then he will break her heart again. Shahana asks her not to worry about the future and end the fear, that is weakening her, that is making her love her guilt. She adds that just Prachi can save Ranbir’s life. Prachi feels guilty for his state. She reveals that Ranbir had got stabbed while fighting the goons, who were snatching her mangalsutra, Ranbir is still holding the mangalsutra in unconscious state. She blames herself and sheds tears. Shahana tells that Ranbir loves Prachi, knowing what the mangalsutra means for her.

Shahana asks Prachi to see Ranbir’s state and apologize to him, tell him that she loves him a lot. She tells that Ranbir is in danger again because of Prachi, he doesn’t even know that Prachi is carrying his child. She asks Prachi to reveal about her pregnancy. Prachi tells that she can’t tell Ranbir, he has done wrong to point a finger on her character and then marry Rhea. Shahana asks him not to count Ranbir’s mistakes, if anything happens to Ranbir again then she will regret all life that she couldn’t tell the truth to him. She asks Prachi not to hide the happiness from Ranbir, he will love her more knowing about their child.

She asks Prachi to give a reason to Ranbir to live again. She tells that they don’t know what would happen in life. She asks Prachi to remember the good times, if anything happens to Ranbir, then nobody can forgive Prachi. Prachi gets scared thinking of Ranbir’s life. The goons come to the same hospital. Prachi runs to see Ranbir. Aaliya sees the goons there and identifies them. The goons get their treatment done. Aaliya meets them. She asks why did they do this. The goon tells that a guy came in between and didn’t let him get the mangalsutra. He narrates how he has attacked Prachi and Ranbir.

He tells that Prachi got Durga avatar and fought back, she had cut Keshav’s hand, and then they had to run away. Aaliya shows Ranbir’s picture and asks was Ranbir that guy. The goon confirms that he fought Ranbir and asks if Ranbir died. Aaliya tells that Ranbir didn’t die. Pallavi finds Aaliya there and asks what is she talking. Aaliya lies to her. She asks the goons to leave the city, else Ranbir’s family won’t leave them. Prachi apologizes to Ranbir and cries, recalling their moments. Shahana feels she has scolded Prachi a lot and made her cry. She goes to get water for Prachi.

Rhea asks Aaliya will Ranbir get fine. She wants to trust Aaliya. She asks how did Ranbir come here when he was going to the airport. Aaliya asks her not to react and stay calm. She tells that they can use this situation in their favor, Ranbir was trying to protect Prachi’s mangalsutra and got stabbed by the goons. Rhea is shocked to know that their evil plan is the reason for Ranbir’s condition. Ranbir’s operation gets over. Doctor tells Prachi that Ranbir has to get conscious in the next 6 hours, else he won’t wake up ever. He asks her to pray for Ranbir. Prachi is in shock.

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